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So, [community profile] firewhiskeyfic was a ton of fun! Of course, upon reading my story (even though they warn you not to) I could pretty much track when I had another drink by the ratio of typos.

We weren't supposed to correct any typos, but I know I did fix some, out of sheer habit. I see a red squiggly line and I must fix it, you know? But, eventually, I either stopped seeing them or stopped caring, not really sure.

OMG you guys, it's so very lame, I'm really glad I can blame it on alcohol. No, you can't read it.


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It's time for Firewhisky fic!

I am ready.... let the drinking and writing begin!Collapse )

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5 Hours till the concert!


Slogging through reports, can't wait to go to the the Prisoner of Azkaban at the VSO!

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Garden Goodies

I spent some time in the garden this afternoon - I had to prune so much off the tomato plants, it was the equivalent of a plant's worth of stems, branches and leaves before I was done! After trimming them back, I found the first tomatoes:

Tiny Tomatoes

And my pepper plants will actually get some sun again:

pepper plant

I had to cut a bunch of basil and chocolate mint back before I could see my Thai basil again:

Thai basil

I cut down most the spinach plants since they're all going to seed anyway - now what's left of the chard will get some sunshine again. Here's the middle child with today's haul:

Garden Harvest 7/8/2017

Herbs and spinach washed and ready

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Sunshine and green things

The garden plot is still spitting out tons of green stuff.

The herbs are bursting - I've got parsley, sage and thyme, all I need is to pick some rosemary from the bush on the other side of the co-op, and I'll be a song.


I trimmed back some of the leaves from the bottom of the tomato plants since there were so packed in - hopefully that will redirect the energy into growing some nice tomatoes. Even after I cut three bowls worth of spinach, arugula and chard last week, I still got a big bowl today.

Harvest 6.23.2017

In other news, the lovely spate of unusually sunny but *cool* weather we were enjoying has come to an abrupt halt today. It's 28 C today, far more inline with seasonal norms. It has consistently been hanging around 16 C to 19 C recently, while still being sunny, which I found delightful. Alas, summer has arrived.

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Ok, the cheap movies haven't been $1.50 for a long time, but still. It is Tuesday.

I am off to the 10:30 showing of Wonder Woman at metro with the youngest offspring.

I mean, ok, yes I already went to the earlier showing before she came home from work, but I'll make the sacrifice. I can't have her feeling left out and it's cheap seat night...

OMG it is awesome you guys!!!

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Garden goodies

I got a plot in my community garden this year. I planted some seedlings in mid-May.

Planting 5/13

It's only been a few weeks and it's growing strong.

Garden 6/10

Today, I harvested some Swiss chard, arugula, parsley and spinach.

Harvesting 6/10

I made chard rolls for dinner - mm, tasty.

Swiss chard rolls

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Yay Friday! Also, new beer to try.

In keeping with the Harry Potter theme I've had recently, I picked up something called Witches Brew.

Witch beer

22 IBUs, and none of the overpowering grapefruit flavour of too much hops. It's nice... a little toasty on the on the finish. I like this one - it's would be great with pub food, burgers, steaks. It's can hold its own. I'll buy it again

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So, I'm looking forward to the Harry Potter concert next month, and since I don't have time - or enough black fabric - to make myself wizarding robes, I'm going to go for a t-shirt and wear my time turner.

Question: which shirt should I wear?

Up to no good

Hogwarts Alumni

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Because [personal profile] yam dared me to sort the SGA. Pfft. Now of course I have to. I don't think it's at all difficult to place them.

It is absolutely clear to me that McKay is Slytherin through and through. Yeah, could have been Ravenclaw, obvs. But way too much ambition and self preservation in that one.

I dare you you to try and place Sheppard anywhere but Gryffindor. "The Gryffindor house emphasises the traits of courage as well as daring, nerve, and chivalry" Sound like anyone we know? I'd have to say Ronan and Teyla fall squarely in that house as well.

I think Radek presents as a Ravenclaw on the show, but he is often written in fic as a Slytherin, which kind of makes sense, both to hold his own with McKay and because he was a product of the cold war era Soviet Union. The whole sneaky, czar of the Atlantis Black Market vibe suits him.

Elizabeth strikes me as a Ravenclaw. She is clearly facinated by learning for the sake of learning.

Carson might have been Ravenclaw, but he had a great deal of Hufflepuff about him too. Hard call really.

Keller as a Hufflepuff - pretty sure she worked her ass off to get a plum assignment like Atlantis at her age.

Agree? Disagee?

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