How much do I hate month end?

Man, I would not wish month end on the Wraith.

I was working on tallies for billing till almost 11 on Wednesday night. I'd blocked out my calander as BUSY from 9am till 4pm, but answering emails, troubleshooting various crisis and managing a freaked out HR guy (who needs his surveys done NOW NOW NOW must deployed on monday OMG!!) meant that I didn't actually GET to it till almost 2pm.

Then at around 9:30 that night, I figured what the hell, just finish it instead of letting it carry over into Thursday - which I spent trying to catch up with the everything else I'd been ignoring this week while working on the HR surveys.

yeah, I didn't actually get caught up.

Then I had to finish this thing for the big boss today that I promised him on Wednesday - he was very understand which is one of the many reasons WHY I LOVE HIM FOREVER, and that took about 4 hours longer than it was supposed to because, once again, BUSY means nothing to people in my company. IMs still roll in, people still panic and CC 7 people on email requests that should be sent ONLY TO ME YOU MORONS, and then I get the 6 people who were CCed emailing me to ask if I have responded to the moron...

*head desk*

Can it be Friday?

Oh right.


I am going to finish modifying this godforsaken HR survey that someone thought would be really good on a 6 point scale (OMG NO ONE DOES THAT! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!) and then I am going to... not drink the beer I'd like to drink because I have to go pick GirlyGirl up from work (she got called in for a shift today, yay!)

And later I will... STILL not drink the beer I want because I have to go to the CHF BC Education conference tomorrow.

BAH! Beer TOMORROW night. HA!


FIC: Very Art House (PG13)

Up to No Good
Title: Very Art House
Rating: PG13
Pairing: John/Rodney
Word Count: ~5K
Note I:There was this video that made the rounds recently that caught my attention. It turned out that it was an advertisement for women's clothing of all things, but I never would have known. The kisses had me entranced.

The premise was 20 people who have never before met and introduced for the first time and then kiss for the camera. It's supposed to be all unscripted and the real, true and honest reactions of the people doing the kissing.

Was it really all genuine? Were they just acting? Hell, I don't know. Some were sweet, some very loving, some were shy, some were wild - but they were all amazing and lovely.

Of course, *I* started wondering what would have happened it John and Rodney had met this way...

Note II: Thanks to outsideth3box for the encouragement and beta work – she is FABULOUS!

Teaser: “This isn't a commercial for underwear, is it?”

Very Art House @ AO3

Very Art House @ LJCollapse )

The girl will be coming home soon...

Area 51 sucks
So, due to the insanity of the trip down, Jazzy has decided that she is going to fly most the way home. Only most because she only has and enhanced ID at the moment, not a passport, and you can only cross the border by land with the Enhanced ID.

I am very grateful for my wonderful friends in the Seattle area who were so willing to help out. Originally, the girl had thought she would need to fly in Monday night and bus out on Tuesday, but she was able to book something for the same day, so now just needs to get from the plane to the bus, not stop over required.

Her biggest fear was having the same thing happen on the return trip; getting part way home and then being told by some agent in some town that the rest of the her itinerary is invalid because they don't have bus routes to those towns.

I am still stunned beyond the telling of it that they sold her a ticket for a route that *doesn't exist*. How can you call yourself and international company and take people's money, promise to deliver them somewhere and then just... oops? Sorry, no such service? What even? HOW can they do that?

Greyhound sucks!

I just posed this on Facebook, but am posting here as well. CUZ I AM MAD!

Greyhound SUCKS rant!Collapse )

First Kiss...

Up to No Good
I saw this video, and I was intrigued.

And, of course, instantly thought of a certain snarky couple, who could have easily been in this.

And now I want a story where said snarky couple meets via this project, is asked to participate in a "First Kiss" and then become enamored of each other.

First Kiss: 20 Complete Strangers Asked To Kiss Each Other

Man, I think I need to add a tag - "Obsessed with McShep".

So, apparently I *AM* that mom...

I dropped JazzyGirl off at the Greyhound station this morning at 5am. The bus out was at 5:50, and even the very early run of the #19 bus wasn't early enough to get her there on time. Plus, it sucks to take transit with luggage - been there, done that on too many business trips. Bah.

I came home and went back to bed, but it took a while to fall asleep. She's gone on short trips alone - out to Abbotsford on the bus to see Roommie, or to the Island to visit pondside - and once she did fly by herself to Alabama to visit the grandparents (for her 16th birthday) but when she got to Seattle, fenchurch met her at the bus and took her to the airport. This time she's all by herself and IT'S MAKING ME TWITCHY!

When I woke up, I had a text from her - someone had gotten off the bus just before it left in Vacnouver because they forgot something; then, at the border crossing, they discovered that the people had taken her bag and left their own.


Then, when she got into Seattle, the guy at the counter told her that the itinerary she had booked and p[aid for on the Greyhound site didn't actually exist - no buses actually go that way. They had to rebook her entire trip, delaying it by about 6 hours, which means she'll get into Denver around midnight Sunday instead of 6 in the evening like she'd planned.

*rolls eyes*

Greyhound. When you really want it done right wrong.

I am, however, appreciating text messaging in a way I never have before. I am so glad she can just text me and tell me what's going on. I reminded her to get the Bell add on for US travel before left; it's only $30, and while it won't cover 5 dozen phone calls and a bazzilionty texts, at least it won't cost an arm and a leg for everything.

I feel kind of OLD today...

Geek by Shaddyr
Jazzy girl turned 25 today.

WHOA. HOW did this HAPPEN? Dude. She was 4 yesterday, I SWEAR!

She has been talking to her best girlfriend here in town about looking for a place this fall after she finishes paying off her student load and credit card. And I have been very understanding and asking all the right kinds of thoughtful questions about getting bills in your name and how to save money and working out issues that come up between roommates, and all the while have been feeling the first bit of that 'empty nest' feeling I've heard about.

Yeah, ok, I know she's 25, but *I* am not ready for her to leave. What do you mean I have to let her go and have a life of her own? AUGH!

Also, the boy graduates this year. Officially no more kids in high school. He's going to Langara in the fall. He even won a kind of scholarship/bursary that will cover part of it - how awesome is that?

The GirlyGirl has been getting more shifts at work recently, and just upgraded her First Aid ticket so she can get into the course at VCC she wants to take (or, at least, the one I have told her she should take)

The younger two will be with me at least a couple more years. THEY WILL, THEY WILL I TELL YOU!

I'm not ready for them to move out yet...


Sometimes I wonder why I do these things...

I really am kind of crazy. I am in one of those periods where I think I haven't a single ounce of creativity left in my entire body, and I despair of coming up for an idea to base a story around. Plus, I've been out of touch and would have missed putting in a request for artwork at ALL if mific hadn't sent out the reminders.

And then I think about it and remember, right! I love John and Rodney - I love Atlantis! That's why I keep signing up for sgareversebang.

Everything already had at least one claim on it by the time I got there (that will teach me for losing track!) and all the stuff I would have normally asked for was already double claimed; I did see a lovely piece that was all about TEAM though, and that really appealed to me. Turns out that I got it, too. I hope I can do it justice; it already feels more complicated than anything I've written in a while.

I think I need to plot this baby out. I downloaded a trial copy of Scrivener on mischief5's recommendation, so I think this will be the perfect test to see if it works for me. Now, I just need to find my motivation. If anyone sees my muse hanging around, please tell it to go home, 'k?
Geek by Shaddyr
There is a conference coming up in Florida in May. The Big!boss thinks I should go and said if I want to, one of the spots is mine, but if I don't want to, he won't make me.

I like that about him.

I told him I was torn; I really have kind of a knee jerk reaction to the idea of flying after my encounter with the asshole!from!Hell! on my last flight. On the other hand, I've been flying for a number of years and not ever had someone treat me like an utter piece of garbage because of my size before, so hopefully it was an anomaly, not a trend.

On the other hand - it looks like a good conference. On the original hand, It's in Florida, so all I can think is HOT AND MUGGY GAH! but I figure it won't be as bad as it was in July (ahh, memories of Tampa Vulcon) and it would be kind of cool to have work pay for me to go to Florida.

Upshot is? I guess I'm going to Florida in May.

Sadly, I just don't see it working out to go down early and spend a few days with my dad and brothers in Alabama first. But. I dunno. Maybe. I will have to see if I can work something out - it seems like such a shame to go all that way and NOT work a family visit in there somehow, you know?


BEER! I totally deserve it, honestly!

I would tell you about the last few days at work (crazy, frustrating, interesting) and about the meeting yesterday (wherein I was grateful old!manager and new!manager were not in the same STATE because the vitriol on the conference call was bitter enough the melt the phone lines) or about the meeting today (during which, pointed questions were asked by Big!Boss to new!manager about WHAT he does, the answer to which seemed to be, "uhm, dunno!") but why should I go on about that boring stuff, when.... BEER!

Seriously, this is the best blogging topic, ever. Beer is awesome, and when it's not, it's usually awesomely awful, so pretty much a win either way.

Behold, the BEER!Collapse )

Today I had to share with Jazzy Girl, as she is no longer sick. This is a new flavour (for us) from Steamworks, a microbrewery here in Vancouver. I love how Steamworks is going going for a Steampunk style bottle.

The Pretty: Nice colour. The name is Imperial Red, but it was closer to an amber, I think. Lots of bubbles and a nice head.

The Smell: Sharp and grapefruity, a little yeasty.

The Feel: Medium body, smooth, almost velvety in the mouth.

The Taste: Started lightly sweet, but followed up with the grapefruity. Bitter finish, even more so that the previous beer. At 75 IBUs, I understand why.

This one is a little bitter for my taste. It's kind of hit or miss for me on bitters; there are some IPAs that have higher IBUs that I really like them, but I'm not really crazy about this one. If you LIKE the bitters, you will probably like this.

Steamworks also makes a nice Raspberry summer beer (Frambozen) that I will have to review when it's in seasons again.


CONTENT ALERT! Also, beer!

Geek by Shaddyr
This is all [personal profile] melagan's fault. Well okay, not really. It's also [personal profile] sgamadison's, because I have read many of her posts wherein she bemoans the fact that people don't post anymore. And I agree. I know I don't post much, I apparently have a life or something. Which is annoying. Because I'd probably rather be reading LJ (or DW).

I was thinking a while back (enough with the snide comments! I can think from time to time!) and wondered what the hell I could talk about that was interesting that hadn't already been discussed by everyone else on my flist, and often in a more intelligent way that I would have been able. And I thought – BEER! Because, everyone likes beer, right?

Jazzy girl and I will sometimes go to the liquor store and buy 4 or 5 micro-brew beers that we've not seen before. It's nice to be able to buy one tall bottle – just enough for two people, and if you hate it, no great loss. And sometimes you find some fabulous stuff along the way. And, far be it from me to allow my flist to possible make the mistake of buying bad beer. For this reason, I have decided I must take one for the team and TRY ALL THE BEERS so I can let you know if they are fit for human consumption. I am so thoughtful, aren't I?

Last time I went shopping for beer, this bottle caught my eye:

Corporate Beer Still Sucks. LOSERCollapse )

I totally had to buy it, for the name and caption alone!

The Pretty: Nice amber colour. Some bubbles. Not too much head, which is good for me. I hate it when you pour it and half the glass is foam!

The Smell: It has that nice, "Mmmmm, beer!" smell. I dislike the overpowering ones that can knock you out from 10 paces.

The Feel: Medium body, smooth. On the flat side; I like a little more fizz.

The Taste: Grapefruity. And caramel. I would not try to eat a grapefruit while I was eating caramels, but somehow, this worked. Beer is weird. It finishes with a little bitter kick in the back of the throat.

Not a bad beer. I totally got this for the label; might not the best beer in the world, but not bad. I would buy it again. Partly because of the label. I think ingenious marketing that appeals to me and makes me laugh should be rewarded if that is contained within is a reasonably tasty product.

Also, Jazzy girl is sick today (like, threw up and came home from work sick) so I had to drink the whole thing myself. It was such a terribly thing. The SACRIFICES I make so that I can provide actual CONTENT for my flist that is more than whinging and fandom.

But there will be more. Whinging and fandom, never fear. I'm not suddenly writing only about beer. AHAHAHAHA! I HAZ A RHYME! Also, possible, a beer buzz. Maybe.


True Stories - Memories of Churchill

Geek by Shaddyr
I have been trying to excavate my room the last few weeks. If you saw it, you would realize that excavate really is the only word that applies. I am in a very small room; since there are 4 of us in a 3 bedroom unit, the girls share the master. I think that's only fair they get the bigger room, but it means I have a lifetime of stuff - and all the stuff of my mom's that I was never able to let go of - in a very tiny room.

I was going through some of her papers and pictures this past week, and I found something she had written as a submission for a book on the history of Churchill. I don't know if the book was ever printed or what it would have been called, but I really enjoyed my mom's story, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Memories of ChurchillCollapse )

ExOfMine. Unbe-fucking-lievable.

When I went to family court in January, one of the things the judge told ExOfMine was that he did not get to make the decision to stop paying support, the court did. The last thing I did just before we adjourned was to specifically ask if the current order was still in place. She said the original order was in effect until the court says otherwise. I took this to mean he is to continue to pay support for his children in full until the court says it changes.

I just got the child support check from the ex for this month. He only sent half, just like the previous 6 months.

Goddamn fucking asshole bastard.

That is all.


Area 51 sucks
We have various business meetings at work. Some are actually fun and I look forward to them (like my team meeting with my Sterling team). Most are mind numbingly boring, extremely tedious, or both. Quite often, there is really no practical reasons for me to be at them at all, but I am requested and required to be in attendance.

During the vast majority of these meetings, I often give thanks to the programmers who created IM programs. Because I spend half the time IMing with my team members. Comments are sometimes innocuous like, "Hey, do you have doc X," or "Can you help me with project Y," because multitasking during meetings is a given. Boring meetings are where you get the stuff you can never find time to complete done, because no one can bother you when you're IN A MEETING.

More often, though, there are entertaining conversations. Comments like, "OMG, did he really say that out loud?!" or "Wow, so much spin doctoring on this - v. dizzy, must barf now," or, "I swear we need team t-shirts "Hello, my name is Inego Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

My favourite to date was one I got last month from KansasG33k. The BigBoss had just asked BossOfMe for something, which he immediately turned around and passed on to me. Seconds later, KG pinged me with the following message:

"Um, Shaddyr, can you do all the stuff they just asked me to do please,
1. I don't know how
2. I don't want to
That's in my BossOfMe voice."

I cracked up *so hard*. I should mention here, that I am also very grateful to the people who invented the MUTE function on phones. Because whoa. SO MANY TIMES has that saved my bacon.
It's been a while since my work life and fandom intersected. But today, I had to fix something for someone very demanding, and his name was Meredith.


I KNOW! I am SUCH A NERD! It would be sad, really, except that it makes my ridiculously happy. I was grinning Like. A. Loon, and no one knew why.

Even when I had to tweak the thing I fixed three times before he was finally happy.


*is amused*
Had stupid court with stupid ex yesterday. BAH. He did not provide adequate docs for the judge (AGAIN) so we have to go back April. AUGH!!

moosaic4 was providing long distance support via text right up till I had to walk in the courtroom - ok, so I guess I am starting to appreciate what texting can be good for after all - and I finally got out of there just before 3. The docket was fairly light, thank goodness.

I think I got to the border by about 4ish, and WHOO HOO only a 15 minute wait at the Peace Arch! Last few times I went down to the states, it was a lot longer than that (on the order of at least an hour, minimum!) Got gas, acquired noms, headed to trystel and tuto's place.

I love these people, I really do. It is SO GOOD to see them and spend time with them and talk and laugh and I just needed it so badly! *is HAPPY*

We (the ladies, we left tuto behind) went for sushi (NOMNOM) then shopping (whenever they say Kohl's, my Canadian mind thinks 'Coles' and it is real cognitive dissonance to walk into a department store with NO BOOKS let me tell you) the back to BEAD BEAD BEAD. HAHA! I love them lots, but spending time drinking Okanagan cider, talking and laughing and making pretty, shiny things is MADE OF WIN. I hope the people at the interfilk auction in the UK appreciate all the lovely jewelry and give interfilk lots of money for it.

Hmm... I think I need to donate a couple of pieces I made to the Conflikt interfilk auction. Must give pondside shiny things to try and sell. I wonder if a "Custom Made piece of Beaded Jewelry" would be an item that would sell? I would totally do that!

Will be seeing cflute later today, which will be lovely, then meeting up with mercury973 to hang out and catch up. Then? MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge 2014 - DAY 15


Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

I did this Challenge last year - and really enjoyed it - but I totally missed even seeing it till about day 9 or 10 this time around. I plan to go back and fill in my responses for the previous days, but I can at least get the last one in on time!

Day 15

In your own space, create your own challenge. What’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? Is there something fun you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? Dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

Huh. Well. I am, essentially, pretty lazy. I have to give myself goals to meet or I'll just put things off till forever. Ask outsideth3box about my writing style sometime. It's an interesting and unique style by the name of "OMGLASTMINUTEINSANITY". Yeah.

My personal challenge, as I mentioned in a post a few days ago, is to try and post some damn CONTENT. So in this context, I guess my challenge to everyone else would be the same - post some fandom related content, at least once a week. This would include any of the following:

- episode commentaries (there are always new insights to be had upon re-viewing an old ep)
- character essays (like the classic "My Spike" from days of yore)
- finish that mothballed project languishing on your hard drive (you *know* what I'm talking about...)

Personally, I would like to finish a podfic of a SGA Bigbang story that I started recording YEARS ago, but never finished for (REASONS). It's gotta be at least half done, and I really liked doing it - it's just LOOOOONG and finding that much time to read out loud when no children are in the house is next to impossible. BUT. It should be able to happen sometime this year.

There it is. Nothing wild, really. JUST DO EEEEET!
Yeowl by Shaddyr
Most of last year, GirlyGirl did various volunteer gigs, but she never landed any paid work. I think she made it to a couple interviews, but managed to spectacularly blow even more (getting lost on the way, getting lost again, oh yeah getting ONE MORE TIME) In the fall, JG got her an interview with the housekeeping dept where she works. I thought that sweeping, moping and wiping tables would be something she could manage fairly easily.

Yeah, not so much. *sigh*

GG is a rather odd duck. She has a good heart, and she can follow instruction; IF she stays on task, she actually does a really good job. She's meticulous and has a bit of a perfectionism streak in her, strange as it may seem to anyone who has ever seen her room. On the other hand, she's very bad for whining and has the bitter 'they're out to get me' attitude that was the hallmark of her father. GAH!

Bottom line - while she could do the work, she was too slow. Also, she whined to her boss, complained to JG's co-workers, and generally had a lousy attitude. After a few stern conversations following her 2 weeks of training shifts, she whined and moaned about how she could never do anything right, that she was a failure and would never amount to anything - FAUGH!

I just cannot handle that stuff. Her dad used to pull that shit - it's NOT about being depressed, because I KNOW from depression. Yes, it's depressing to be out of work and feel stuck. Yes, she's in a funk. But this "woe is me, my life is so hard, how horrible it is, the world would be better if I was dead" crap makes me want to scream and hit things.

There was bit of yelling in my house, and I don't apologize. Bullshit thinking perpetuates bullshit thinking. As soon as that crap starts dribbling out, I bark at her to can it, think about the things she needs to be thankful for, and that she needs to go look in the mirror and say "I am lovable, capable and acceptable and I deserve good things in my life."

My girl has one essential problem, I think. She's lazy. I know this problem intimately, because I AM LAZY TOO. Like can recognize like. I have let things slide too many times. It's easy to not push her, but that's not doing her any favours to let her slack off and not keep looking just because it's a tough job market out there. Kicking starting her and keeping a fire lit under her ass is hard work (also, see previous comment where I am LAZY) but if I don't, she'll never get motivated on her own. JG, she's got internal motivation. So does the boy - they take after my mom, who was the most motivated person I ever met (even if it was for messed up reasons) GG is NOT. She needs external stimuli, just like I did.

In ANY case... while she didn't land a full time job, she did retain the on-call, casual position for the times they needed someone for a sick out-call or extra help. So far, she's been called in twice - once when they needed help with a big function, and then another time when the dish room gal got sick. She liked working in the dish room a LOT more than general housekeeping.

Monday she got a call to come in - someone bailed at the last minute and someone else was sick. She got called again yesterday and she's at work again today. I'm not happy someone else is ill, but I'm sure glad she's getting some hours. It's good for her to have a few bucks for spending money and bus tickets. Plus, the more success she has, the more successful she will feel and that can only help.


Conflikt Songbook COMPLETE! Mwahahah!

Dandelion_conspiracy by Shaddyr
I have been crazy busy lately, but the Conflikt 7 songbook is now complete, albeit a little light on content this year. I didn't have the energy to go chasing after people trying to wrestle up entries like I have in the past, so what people sent was what I used and that was it. I think it will still be good, though - there is one song in there about the horror of sitting through and endless that PPT presentation that is near and dear to my heart, possibly my favourite song this year so far. HA!

Next on the horizon:

- Crafternoon at the Co-op Next Saturday!
- Conflict the weekend after that!
- Romancing McShep fic!

Crap! I gotta get writing! When am I going to have time!? BAH!

2013 Round-up

Up to No Good
Overall, I didn't do a whole lot of writing in 2013. It was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 22K words in total. HA! There are other writers out there for whom 22K is the low end of what they write PER STORY!


Feb: Trope Bingo Square fill (VACATION) - Hot

June: SGA Reverse Bang - Smoke and Mirrors

Sept: McShep Match - A Rare Opportunity

Dec: SGA Santa - Reindeer Games



I would like to write more, but it seems like the only time I actually get any writing done is when I SIGN UP and have a DEADLINE! I meant to do more squares on my Trope Bingo card, but... bah. I have so many unfinished fics and filks sitting in my "UNFINISHED" folder... It's sad, really.

At the urging of both outsideth3box and melagan, I signed up for Romancing McShep...

banner_pimping copy

Because stories about the boys NEVER GET OLD!!!

Also, I have signed up for SGA Reversebang again:

Because hey, this will be the 5th year, and I've been in all the previous ones - I can't break my streak now!

I will miss the McShep Match, but I plan to sign up for SGA Secret Santa again.

Now, if I could just get my arse in gear and finish that POI/SGA fic that is languishing on my hard drive... I keep envisioning the immense heaps of confusion that could be created with Carter and John and Finch and Carter and John and McKay, and I understand POI is really quite serious, but the potential for humour is just fantastic, especially if the Machine and Atlantis got into a conversation...
Shut up
Geeze, it's been 5 months since I posted on here! What the hell, RL? You are interfering with things I like to do!

Sometimes people say, "Hey, what you been up to?" and usually I reply, "OMG, so many things, crazy busy!" But the last few months before the holidays were a special kind of insanity.Collapse )

So, back in September, Jazzy Girl and I decided to get a table at the Christmas Market this year. I've been (half-assedly) trying to get my jewellery business off the ground and we both make candles. We're also avid bakers, and since the Market was under the Farmer Market rules for foodstuffs, we thought we try selling baked good as well.

Between co-op events, my business trips and the relentless grind that has been completing the launch of various things at work (always something else new on the horizon) it was pretty nuts. Going to Nashville was, in my opinion, a HUGE waste of my time and company resources, but it was the flight back that was truly horrific. It left me feeling shaken and upset for days afterwards.Collapse )

At least my son came to meet me at the airport, which was nice. I ended up saying FUCK IT when we started to walk to the Skytrain - I just could NOT face being on a packed train and then a packed bus and then walking home with all my crap. I got a cab and expensed it to the company.

AND THEN I got sick for a week when I got home (nasty can't-keep-water-down, pass out for 16 hours sick). It was just wonderful. AUGH!

I am never going to Nashville again, no way, no how.

After I got better, Jazzy and I managed to get everything finished the week before the Market (by which I mean I made jewellery and beeswax candles and she baked 4 kinds of shortbread, made pumpkin squares and candied citrus peel AND made tea scented candles in vintage teacups)

While doing the market was a good experience - we've never done anything like that before - and we did sell enough to pay for our table at the market and our baking ingredients - unfortunately, we didn't sell a single candle or piece of jewellery.

The weekend after that we did a big cookie bake & swap event at the co-op, bringing down pans, measuring cups, bowls, spoons, cutters, parchment paper, you name it - and invited others to come out and do some baking with us, or just join in the swap after. The turn out was low, but that was ok, we filled the room with those who came. About halfway through the day, I get a panicked call from Monkey Boy that a pipe burst and he's just managed to turn the water off. I ran home to deal with that - turned out a pipe that burst a few years back had burst again right below the repaired point. The good thing was it was the OUTSIDE store room and so there was no damage to my unit. The bad thing was that just about everything that was not on the shelves - including an old silver screen for home movies that was my grandfather's - was destroyed by the water. *sigh*.

Well. It could have been SO MUCH WORSE, so I really can't complain. But I am sad about the things that were wrecked.

A couple days before Christmas, the social committee (and by that, I mean me and Jazzy girl) did a huge dinner for the co-op. We put in many hours. Jazzy Girl de-boned the turkeys ahead of time and stuffed them so they would cook more quickly and slice more easily. She made a stunning array of fancy appetizers and hor d'oeuvres (Cajun Crab cakes; Salmon canapes; mini tuna-melts; Tarragon Chicken puffs; Roast beef popover bites) plus we had all kinds of veggies, smashed potatoes with creamy goat cheese and chives, cabbage rolls, etc.

And moosaic4 drove ALL THE WAY up from Portland with kids in tow to hang out with me while I rushed madly about getting everything ready! She also let me press her into service (which I did) and make slaves of her children (which I also did) MissA and Girlygirl made meatballs (another appetizer) and helped a lot with fetching, carrying and setting up.

On the Monday morning after, moosaic4 and her brood had to head back down. I in turn packed up my tribe and went to the island to visit pondside and solomons_pond for Christmas. It was lovely and relaxing and low key and really what I needed - a week away from my regular life.

When we got home it was back into the swing of things pretty quick with planning and shopping for the New Year's Day brunch at the co-op; people on the social committee don't grok. They can't figure out why I would do all this work, and I try to explain that hey, I used to do hospitality for conventions, which is like to the power of 10 more complex and also, for a whole weekend instead of just one meal, but... I don't think they get it. *shrug*

Was back to work Jan 2, and have pretty much been underwater ever since. When I was talking to my previous manager (the one I like who still does my time card) I told her I was already at 38.5 hours this morning, and not authorized to do OT (which would have meant leaving at 10am) and she just said, "Screw that, I do your time card, I'm authorizing it!" So. I ended up with about 7 hours of OT today - it's going to be interesting to see what my official boss says about that.

Man, I need to post more often. I don't, and then I have so much to blab about, which maybe I shouldn't bother because really, who wants to read this crap anyway - but whatever. S I go to post, then I think, "Man, it'll take a while, I'll do it later," and then poof, where the hell did the time go?
The last couple of posts I made where pretty heavy - massive ire and the ex, and then yesterday, grief over the loss of a dear friend.

I wanted to thank everyone who responded and apologize for not replying. I've just felt so buried lately - under work, under bills, under co-op responsibilities, under worries - I was trying to connect by posting, but having a hard time with the interacting part.

I've been isolating a lot in the last few months - I usually chat with outsideth3box almost every day, and lately, I've been going offline for weeks at a time. I'm just having a hard time reaching out to people; the only regular social contact I've had in the last few months is getting together with wonderbadger and purplefuzzyfeet on semi-regular Monday nights to sing. If it wasn't for them, I'd mostly be living under a rock.

Anyway. Thank you guys, for your words of encouragement and comfort. I may not have responded, but each and every comment hit me in my heart and made a positive impact and I *thank you* very much. It is so good to know that I'm not alone even in the times I'm feeling isolated.


I'm really tired of losing people I love...

Spinny_confused by Shaddyr
I found out this morning that my dear friend Andrew (who went by breklor on LJ) just died.

I've known Andrew forever. He's been a friend - and more - over the years. He was actively poly and pagan, so we didn't often run in the same circles, but we had been very casually dating for years. More important than that, though, is we'd been friends for a very long time, even if our busy lives and children meant we didn't get to actually see each other very often. We usually managed to snag some time together at various conventions or filk gatherings, and he's been my main squeeze/date for all my work Christmas parties for the last 4 years.

There is a massive outpouring of grief on Facebook from everyone who knew him, but I absolutely hate Facebook with the passion of 10 thousand fiery suns, and I loath posting there. But I needed to say something about him; he was an amazing man, funny and punny, sweet and intense, playful and silly, intelligent and articulate. We could talk about everything from children to politics to religion to sci-fi to co-ops to music, and more. He had an amazing voice. He was sexy as all get out, and made me feel like I was too. He made me laugh.

The last time I saw him was Conflikt - he made a point of coming all the way out to see me before he headed off to Portland, just so we could spend a couple hours together.

Oh my god, I'm going to miss him so much.

McShep Match - DONE!

I am done my entry for the mcshep_match, YAY!

But, I am sad at the same time, because this will be the last year that it runs.

I look forward to seeing everyone's entries.

Uhm. That is all.

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