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May. 3rd, 2016

I have mailed out over 20 postcards and cards in the last few days. I've heard back from a couple folks that they got them, but I had one returned - unfortunately, the Canada Post automated scanning picked up the postal code on my return address tag instead of the addressee. I dropped it back in the mail - I've never had *that* happen before!

In completely unrelated news, I'm doing something new this weekend. I will be going on a cruise with a bunch of my girlfriends.

Ok, it's a mini turn around cruise - just to re-position the ship. It's one night, so less that 24 hours on board - Vancouver to Seattle and then we're catching the bus home. But it's a taste of what it would be like. I already think I'd like to go on a longer one.

One of the gals I'm going with has never been to Seattle even through she's lived in Vancouver her whole life, so she wants to go to the Space Needle before we go home. I've always wanted to go to the EMP, but our bus leaves at 1 and it doesn't really feel like enough time to fully appreciate it.

I am hoping that it will be a nice break after the hectic craziness of life with renos.

NEW FIC: Just Another Thursday (SGA, PG13)

Finally done and posted - with many thanks to melegan and outsideth3box for feedback and suggestions. Those ladies *rock*!

Fic Title: Just Another Thursday
Author: shaddyr
Pairing(s):Could read as Gen or McShep
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Summary: "...well, I have an idea that might possibly save the town,” he said. “Or it could just get us killed and not make any difference, I’m not sure. But at least… well at least, we’d be trying to do something that might help.” He huffed in annoyance. “And just so you know, I fully blame you for this cultivating this, this *need* to try to do something to make a difference instead of just running off to go hide in the safety of a cave like a normal, sane person would-”

“Bitch at me about how I’ve destroyed your self-preservation instincts while we’re moving,” he said as he gave Rodney a nudge to start him back down the trail.

Link to fic: Just Another Thursday on AO3

Link to art: Will supply URL once I have it. For now, the preview:
 photo sga300x300.jpg

And we're off...

7 Postcards sent - whoo!

Anymore takers?


In the process of packing up some craft stuff, I found a bunch of old Vancouver postcards. There are a couple that are more recent - maybe less than 20 years old - but mostly they are from the late fifties, back when the aquarium was first opened. And wow, talk about changes to the skyline!

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My day started with a couple of work emails, an easy question from a manager on IM, followed by a knock on my door from the piping guys (who are very friendly) coming in to insulate the pipes.

Which means getting back into all the holes all over my walls and ceiling to insert said insulation...

I am so confused as to why they didn't just insulate them when they were in here installing them. Two birds, one stone, n'est-ce pas?

So, I made the piping guy show me how to disassemble the new tap assembly (we used to have 2 taps hot and cold, now it's a combined tap) so if it ever starts leaking (they always do), I can fix it myself. He said there were instructions, I made him show me anyway. I do better if I see in practical application rather than just read instruction. I am now confident that if that sucker starts leaking, I can replace it myself like I did with the old taps.


Seriously, you have NO IDEA. NONE.

Bliss is a long, hot shower IN MY OWN BATHROOM.


It's the little things that bring me joy...

So, I'm a HUGE NERD which is no surprise to anyone who has known me for more than 8 seconds.

I'm a huge SG1 and SGA fan, which only takes about 15 more seconds to figure out.

Since most people I work with know nothing of fandom, and part of what I do involves E2E testing using dummy customer data, I often slip in fandom names and data for my own amusement. Well, today the vendor made some changes to one of the surveys and sent me some test samples for the changes using the dummy data I had in there from a previous test.

Which means I just got a bunch of fake surveys for John Sheppard and Meredith McKay.

I've been snickering over that for the last half hour, but laughing even harder because I'm about the send the test to the program manager for approval. LOL!

My house, a work in progress...

So, were you wondering what I’ve been doing the last few weeks?

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