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When AO3 is down, it reminds me of what it was like when you'd be jonesing for fic during hiatus and there would be a ddos attack.

While it sure doesn't go down often (thank the brilliant sysadmin(s) and support folks for that!) when it does... *shudder*

Well. There's a whole internet out there. I'm sure I can find something to amuse me for a little while before I go to bed.
It becomes a really good week when it also contains friends, music and beer.

This week contained chocolate (courtesy of my children - Jazzy girl picked out the JB Chili Lime Caramel, which was perfect), music (singing with u_must_b_joking and Paul) and beer (which was really a beer/apple cider blend).

It was a very good week.

WCB approved my claim; since I didn't miss any work and was only asking they cover a couple physiotherapy sessions, I expected they would. I went for physio again this morning. I certainly have noticed a difference in the strength of the muscles in my left leg - I had no idea that being on crutches for almost 2 weeks and then favouring that leg could make such a huge impact. It's not like I was in a cast for a long time or immobilized for months after surgery, but still, it really weakens the muscles to not use them for even a little while. I tried the exercises with my right leg just to see, and while I still have to work at it (because I'm not in great shape) it's relatively easy to do to sets of 10-12. With the left< I couldn't get past 6 the first day. Now I can do 10, but 12 leaves the leg feeling rubbery.

I am nothing if not stubborn; I was forcing myself to do the whole set and the last couple days my knee has been hurting again, with sharp stabs of pain when I pivot or turn ways that were starting to feel ok. Physio lady frowned at me and told me not to push it. She was going to give me a new exercise, but decided against it when I told her something in my knee feels hinky when I do it. Not bad owie, just not right. Huh. Me, pushing it too hard with an exercise? Who knew that was even possible?

It's almost time for our excursion across the line to see moosaic4 and n7cdrsheppard - less than a week away! For extra added enjoyment, we'll be stopping to see tuto and trystel on Thursday night and then down to Portland for the rest of the weekend. I will have to work a drive-by to Shipwreck Beads into that as well. If things work out, maybe I'll even manage a quick coffee shop visit with cflute on my way through. One can hope!

I will bring Canadian Cider for my dear friends, as always, and I am sure that chocolate at some point in the weekend. With the very talented people I have the good fortune to be visiting, music is almost always involved - so, next week is shaping up to be a most excellent week as well.

Here in this place, at this time - life is good.

I seem to excel at being confusing...

Reporting my work injury has been almost as painful as the injury.Collapse )

I had my first physio appointment Saturday morning.Collapse )

That afternoon was another co-op crafteroon.Collapse )

In the evening, it was time for a Harmonic Mayhem! (AKA rehearsal)Collapse )

Work today was moderately suckitudeinal due to Manager R having dumped 2 projects on her backup the day before she left for 3 weeks of vacation. My job was to update the intakes for the projects and have Manager D approve them so I could send them over for dev. After I spent a couple hours last week deciphering them, I called Manager D for clarification only to discover that R hadn't even discussed them with him and he had no idea what I was talking about. Also, they were supposed to be deployed for testing today.


I got a few emails from her today. It's been... interesting. I suspect that tomorrow will be more so. Oh, look at that, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

I totally didn't plan it that way, but it couldn't have worked out better if I tried.

Wanted: One Time Spinner

Since Dumbledore gave one to Hermione, I have often remarked to my children that I need a Time Spinner. I think I've said so on LJ more than once. Just recently, Jazzy girl saw one on line and bought it for me; unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to work for me. Too bad, really, as it would make my life so much easier - I could do all the things I want to do at the same time!

Currently, I can either write fic OR I can work on jewelry OR I can work on ATCs OR I can work on writing out music... grah. Seriously. There are just not enough hours in the day. Or, space in my house. Because crafts take up space, yo. Thank god I never seriously took up knitting, or there would be piles of yarn to go with all the other bins full of craft things around here.

I got two songs arranged last night - am just waiting to hear back from cflute about the timing on one of them, since I am not positive I have it 100% correct. The next one I'm tackling is one of u_must_b_joking's songs. We're going to do the first verses as a formal, four-part choral arrangement, slow and majestic... then into a rocky, syncopated beat for the rest. We'll wrap the song into a multi-harmony choral line at the end. Man, I am so looking forward to writing this one out, I've been wanting to write out the harmonies for years, there are just so *many* of them. Heh. I do so enjoy this particular song.

Also, I will be putting some stuff up on etsy tonight. Jazzy girl is currently into this show called Steven Universe. She's got her sister watching it too, and all I've been hearing about lately is Gem this and fusion that and plot/ dialogue/ character/ squee ad infinitum. I guess there is much discussion about pairings (naturally) and at her suggestion, I created a couple things that are related to the show. I'm not really sure I'm crazy about them, but eh. Maybe someone will like them.


Just got back from rehearsal in Bellingham with cflute, jeffreycornish, capnblackberry and motherinlawtree. Considering that the last time we really rehearsed was November of last year, I was delighted at how well we did. We surely need to tighten up some of the songs we do, but the framework is there and there are several songs we're actually really solid on. I am pleased.

I have homework before the next time - I need to create notation for a couple songs that don't have it so capnblackberry has a part in notes he can read. I also need to do some arranging to add harmonic layers that are actually written out. I forget that just because harmonizing comes to me as easily as breathing, it is not so for everyone, and I need to be cognizant of that.

capnblackberry, motherinlawtree and I stopped for coffee on the way at this little coffee shop near the UU where we rehearse. I thought they had a brilliant sign:

In other news, I'm planning to go see moosaic4 for the BC Day Long weekend. There's an Arrogant Worms joke in there. We're thinking of checking out the Saturday Market, depending on how my knee is doing. I can walk, but I have to take frequent breaks or it gets sore. I also want to take the kids to Powell's - all the times we've been to Portland, I've never taken them there. As an added extra bonus, if things work out right, I might be able to meet up with n7cdrsheppard, whom I have not seen for a couple years now. That would be awesome!

On a completely unrelated note, my daughter sent me this vine that made me double over with laughter, because JAWS. DONUTS. OMG.


Possibly a few things may have happened since my last post. More than a few even.

GirlyGirl"s course didn"t quite turn out as hoped.Collapse )

School next year for MonkeyBoy is still up in the air.Collapse )

Things for JazzyGirl went pear shaped in the last little while.Collapse )

And then there"s my job stuff, in which I have become a W@H employee, like it or not...Collapse )

In other news, I have an etsy store now. Yay, go me! I'm always leary of linking RL things to fannish things, and since my LJ tends to be heavily fannish, I try not to reference real names, or I keep the references locked to Friends Only. But. LJ is pretty quiet these days, so I'm not too worried.

So hey, if you're interested, check it out: Leather Brass and Stone

If nothing else, I can sure use the word of mouth advertising if you like the stuff I make and want to tell other people about it. I am terrible at self promotion, I would just make things for people for free because I like to.


Worst Teacher EVER

That's me. I am the WORST TEACHER.

If I had tried to homeschool my children, we'd all be dead. I would have exploded from the frustration and taken them all out in a blazing fireball.

Girly-girl is taking the HCA course at VCC. She's smart. I know she is. So far, she's gotten 90+ on the couple of tests they've taken. But the homework assignments are KILLING ME.

GG is a slow worker when it comes to homework. She has learning disabilities and is an Aspie just like her brother. School output has always been an issue for her, especially anything interpretive (which I understand, I always hated that crap, too).

Tonight, I've been struggling to help her and not say the nasty things that are on the tip of my tongue. I've already said a couple things I should not have. She doesn't remember anything they talked about in class. She doesn't know what the question means. She's doesn't remember what she did or said in the exercise and the point is to write out what she did and said and the verbal techniques and communication skills and OMG, RAWR!

I? AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON. NO, I AM NOT. I love my children, but there is a reason that I am not a teacher. I am not patient at all, I don't get why other people don't get how to do things. I have always been able to figure shit out pretty quickly and get annoyed when other people don't after I explain it to them. This is an ongoing issue for me at work, but at least they pay me to deal with the idiots there.

You would think I could be loving and patient with my daughter. BUT NO. My trying to tutor my kids is a BAD IDEA. I realized this when they were still in elementary school, which is why I paid for a real-live tutor to come in my house because me doing that would have turned into child abuse. I know my limits, and that is one of them.

Sadly, I don't think I can get her a tutor for this. Dear god. I hope I don't end up giving her PTSD in my effort to help.

Girls night achieved!

Sushi was eaten.

Beads were used to create pretty things.

Cider was imbibed.

Also, Miss Boots really wanted to be part of the moment, and while kitties are one of my favourite things, they are not so mixy with beads. Or beading wire. Or thread.

Funny how I just had to pick her up a lot.

I need to come see trystel more than once a year.



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