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So, at work there was this thing with a re-org and this new Sr. Director added to be head honcho of our department, and it's all very corporate bullshit nonsense as far as I can see, but it is what it is, and I just keep my head down, do my job and nod and clap at the appropriate places. Dear god, I've never been so glad to be a remote employee who gets to attend meetings via teleconference so no one can see me roll my eyes at the ridiculous bits.

Anyway, despite my misgivings, the new BossOfAll asked us to do this "Get to Know Me" thing. Which I thought was asinine and I was absolutely not going to do it, except the managers who have done it so far are actually interesting. And they are saying silly things too, like "I have a really big thumb" or "I wear a size 11 shoe" or "I bet I could out-eat anyone of you in ice cream." Of course there is the totally intimidating stuff too, "like I taught school in rural Nepal during the Maoist takeover" or "I have hiked the Nā Pali coast on the island of Kauai" and "I have run 2 half marathons and 2 Ragnar Relays over the past 18 months".

GEEZE! I am the most boring person on the planet!

Anyway, after seeing their lists, I thought I would take a shot. And, you, my dear flisties, get to see it first. I keep taking things off, especially the most fandom related ones, but one of the guys who already shared talked about Star Trek and being a gamer and sounded like a total geek, so maybe it's ok...

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I think about posting fairly regularly. I hear funny or interesting things, or I have a deep thought - I can have them - but generally, after working in front of a computer all day, I just want to work on bead stuff or paper crafts or something that is not computer related.

I've been reading FB more because so many people from LJ have moved over there. I generally don't like to post there because the idea of having my real name associated with fandom stuff in a public forum makes me panic. I've had work people ask if I can add them or they can add me on FB and then I start twitching...

Back when the interwebz were new, mumblety mumble years ago, the number one thing that everyone drilled into you was NEVER, NEVER USE YOUR REAL NAME and also never share any identifying information about yourself. Not ever. Nope Nope Nope. That way lies madness, don't be crazy. I just can't get past that.

If I made a FB page under a pseudonym, I wouldn't mind posting fandom and filk stuff, but the idea of having to maintain two account makes me want to roll my eyes, say urgh and reach for the power off button.


Still trying to catch my breath...

So, I'm not up on the latest videos and memes and vines and things. I usually see them months after they came out.

My dear sgamadison, I saw this dubsmash battle between Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. today and thought immediately of you. When I could breathe again, I had to share on the off chance you had not already seen it.


SGA Santa assignment received!

YAY! SGA Santa stories again this year! I'm so happy!

And I, apparently, am stepping outside of my normal writing zone for SGA as I've been tasked with writing a pairing I don't normally write. I've got several options, all het, and there are only a handful of fics I've ever seen with these couples. I like them, but this will be a stretch for me to think about why they would be together and what story they might like to tell us.

The lovely and talented outsideth3box is my normal go-to for all beta duties, but these particular pairings are really not her cuppa. While I will still bounce all my ideas off her (because she's AWESOME like that) I was wondering if anyone else might feel up to being a beta for an uncommon het pairing SGA fic?

If so, lemme know. I've not even started it yet, but hope to get working on it soonish. I'm foreseeing not more than 5-6K words.

Of Beads and Business...

As I mentioned a few months back, I've got an Etsy shop. To say I'm not very good at the whole marketing thing would be like saying a 4 year old is not very good at driving a race car - an understatement of epic proportions.

In an effort to pretend I am doing something akin to advertising, I present you, dear flisties, with my pitch. I've got a Summer End special running till the end of the September. The deal is 20% off any purchase of $50 or more till the end of September with Coupon Code SU2015.

If there's anything you like in my humble little store, now's the time.


You know when that thing that you thought wasn't going to happen actually *does* and it's AWESOME?

Yeah, that. WHEE!


That is all.


Wait, does this mean I get super powers?

I posted this on (as filkerdave calls it) the book of faces earlier. I know there is some crossover, but not everyone here is there, so at the risk of repeating myself, here I go again.

The (funny?) things they *do not* tell you before a medical procedure...Collapse )


Why do people who come for appointments in hospitals assume they are the only person waiting and think nothing of budging to the front of lines?

Why does it take 30 minutes to prepare an injection? Srsly.

Why is the main floor is called the 3rd floor? What!?

Why is hospital cafeteria food is so terrible - and terribly overpriced?

I am currently sitting in the waiting area for nuclear medicine, while they prepare radioactive isotopes to to shoot in my veins. Sounds crazy that this is medicine, no?


I had a hankerin' for blond, Russian spies tonight, so Jazzy and I headed out to see the new Man from UNCLE movie. She'd never seen an episode, didn't even know that it had been a TV show. She just knew I'd talked about it and had MFU zines, so she wanted to go to.

So, overall? Really fun! I loved the period style font used in the credits and scenes, I loved the comic style action scenes with the screen splits - all very 60's. It just felt right.

I wasn't crazy about the Napoleon backstory, but I can live with it. The interaction between the two of them was great; I loved the first meeting!

Illya wasn't the same character from the TV show, but that didn't make it bad, just different. There was an interesting article about it, arguing that Illya had been dumbed down. I do see what they're getting at here, but still - it was fun. I think the hardest thing for me was seeing Illya towering over Napoleon - he's supposed to be slender and wiry!

Overall, I enjoyed it. I'd *totally* jump on the UNCLE bandwagon if they put out more movies. Sadly, I don't think it's going to do terribly well - I don't think it's had the advertising it could have had, and I suspect many people under 40 won't even have heard of the show. I suppose only time will tell.

Now I have a yen for MFU fic. *looks at flist hopefully* Anyone have an recs? I already own most of these, but other than AO3, I'm not really sure where else to look.

Familial relationships; do genetics matter?

I got a message from LilBro's yesterday morning. His opening gambit was to say, "Hi, it's LilBro, your half-brother."


Completely aside from the fact that I'm not sure what (if anything) he was trying to say by emphasizing that (did he think I would forget him just because we haven't talked for almost 10 years? Does he think I regard him as a less that a 'real' brother? Does her regard *me* as less than a 'real' sister?) I've always had an issue with the whole concept of "half-sibling".

From the time he was a baby, I thought of him as my little BROTHER. Emphasis on BROTHER. I've never thought, "he's only my half brother". The fact that he has the misfortune to be genetically linked to the stepmonster isn't his fault. Brother. Full stop.

My dad remarried about the same time as my mom; he and his wife had a baby about the same time as my mom had LilBro. I didn't meet him till I was in my 20's, and then didn't really get to know him until years later. While I'm a little more aware that he's my half brother simply because I wasn't raised with him, I still call him my brother, every bit as much as LilBro and AlabamaBro.

So... is that weird? Am I alone in feeling that way? I never did put much stock into the idea that the percentage of shared genetics material is the deciding factor of who is family. Don't see why I need to call out the fact someone is "only half".

As for LilBro - he didn't sound hostile, just stiff and polite. We'll see where it goes.



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