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Harry Potter and the Vancouver Symphony

So, dovetailing nicely with my recent Harry Potter obsession, the VSO is doing symphonic accompaniment with the Harry Potter movies. I missed Chamber of Secrets, but I just saw that the tickets were on sale for Prisoner of Azkaban, so I bought some.

Decent seats too! There was nothing left in center orchestra or dress circle, but I got some in right orchestra, right on the aisle. The Orpheum is a pretty good venue as long as you aren't at the back of the mezz.

I find myself wondering if Tom Felton will show up for this like he did for the last one. I cracked up at the instagram pic he posted - it was like Draco and Zabini, slumming with muggles.

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HP re-watch, the final chapter...

I was replying to a comment from [personal profile] popkin16, and then I realized, hey, this is exactly what I wanted to post about.

I finally finished my re-watch this week with Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2. Now, since I have been reading so very much HP fanfic in the last few months - and of course, different writers have very different views on who Lucius, Narcissa and Draco are and what is going on in their heads - I found myself paying careful attention to who they were on the screen. I think I got a lot more out of he movies this time than when I first watched.

Draco, for instance... I didn't really see his reluctance the first time round. I had him pegged as this whiny coward, very two dimensional. This time he seemed to have so much more substance to him. He was clearly conflicted, posturing as though he was proud and defiant, but actually regretful and quite terrified. I think I kind of glossed over Harry telling Ron and Hermione that no, Draco was lowering his wand, he wasn't going to kill Dumbledore - that really changed the flavour of all the future appearances of Draco for me. I loved it when Harry confronts Draco, demanding to know why he didn't tell at the Manor when he clearly *knew* it was Harry, and how Draco stumbles over that and that it's actually his friend that goads him on and pushes it into violence. It was painful watching Draco reluctantly cross the courtyard at Hogwarts to his mother and father - he didn't want to, but he didn't feel like he had a choice. I didn't *see* this Draco the first time. I see him now.

And Lucius. I don't think I noticed how disheveled and terrified he looked when Voldemort was in the manor, when Voldy took his wand, when he berated him. For the first time I saw a man who was coming to realize the full depth of his folly, the meaninglessness of wealth and position in the Voldemort hierarchy when it meant his family was at risk. He wasn't any less of an arrogant, bigoted racist, but he grokked the evil in a way he never had previously - mostly, I think, because now he had a son being affected by it.

So. Yeah. So very interesting. I think I could read volumes on the post war Malfoy family coming to terms with everything. Oh wait - I AM!!

In other news, it is Friday and there is beer in my fridge, calling my name. I've got a new one to try, from my favourite Geek Nerd Brewery, Fuggles and Warlock. With a motto like "Keeping Beer Weird", it's hard to go wrong. Today, I'm trying a seasonal wit called The Last Mango. I love their strawberry wit, so I am anticipating this will be nice as well.

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Boooring this-is-my-life post

I think the hardest thing about taking a couple days off is how unbelievably LOOONG the next week feels.

Worky, worky, worky...Collapse )

In other news, I ended up on the freaking board of directors again. WTF is wrong with my brain?Collapse )

The boy child is done at school. Today was the last day - he has officially completed the software developer course. His team did an industry project for Hootsuite, which he was pretty excited about. Also, during the last week of his course, he was creating some kind of online game as part of a job application for some local tech company - considering he had a week to build and deploy while he was working on his industry project, I was pretty impressed he got it out the door before the cut off. Even if they don't get back to him, it's something else impressive on his github page.

I'm still working on the HP movies. I re-watched Order of the Phoenix with the middle child last night. I wanted to smack Fudge. Luna made me happy - she really is a delight. I was incensed on Harry's behalf when he finally lost it and yelled at Dumbledore to look at him. I laughed so much at the Weasley twins antics and hissed with rage at Umbridge. How much do I adore these movies? THIS MUCH!

I'm tired. I should sleep, but what I'm probably going to do is read HP fic until 5 am and then sleep in ridiculously late. Then coffee. Then I HP marathon Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hollows 1 & 2. It's been really good re-watching the movies after reading all this fic. So much stuff from the books ends up in fic, and it's made things I never noticed before pop out. I'm going to be sad to be done.

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Talk about hit the ground running...

Gah. Started the day with 160+ unread emails and a weekly project meeting with a dozen questions on updates that I don't have yet. Yargh.

Well, at least it's not boring!

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I just checked my work email. Which, I know, I should not do when I am off, but there it is.

I have 117 messages, some of which are high importance.

Do I leave them, because I BOOKED MON-WED OFF, DAMN IT! Or, do I log in and answer some of them, knowing full well that if IM shows me online, I am going to have people pinging me left, right and center, so I can save myself the headache of the insanity that Thursday and Friday will become?

The struggle is real.

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And the weekend is heeeeere!

In a few minutes, moosaic4 and trystel will be arriving to kidnap me and we three will make our way over to the Island to visit pondside and solomons_pond, as well as seeing the eldest offspring.

There will be tea, beading, knitting and much laughter. And likely some Canadian cider, because that's a thing we do.


Doctor's delays and human interactions

Seriously, man... I go in knowing that I'm going to have to wait to see the doctor, but the last couple of times have been ridonkulous. My 10:50 appointment ended up being at 12:15.

Oh well... at least it was a legit reason to play hooky from today's meeting. As much as I'm getting better (as in less terrified and choking for words) at running the Tuesday and Thursday morning meetings, they are on my list of favourite things to do somewhere between mucking out a a barn and having dental work done. I can, but I would really rather NOT.

Interesting observation in the waiting room. There were quite a lot of people, all ages - young moms with babies, 30 somethings, people closer to my age, and a chunk of very much elderly people. I'd say that anyone who was 50 or younger (sometimes hard to tell) was on a mobile device. All of the folks I'd deem as elderly were either reading the magazines/newspapers or chatting with each other.

I waffle back and forth about our connected culture. On one hand, I get very annoyed when I am out with friends (the few times I am , since I have no life) and they are always on their phone, always on facebook. SO AGGRAVATING. I have actually asked people, "So should I leave and email you? IM you? Post on FB? Will you talk to me then?" If I am actually crawling out of my self-imposed hermit cave to spend actual, for realz time with you in meat-space, then interact with me real time.

On the other hand, when used properly, it is amazingly useful to have the mighty Oracle of Google tell us ALL THE THINGS when we are out. How far to a location? What are the hours for a store? Is that restaurant vegetarian? What was the name of that actor in that show? Oh right, and people can actually call you on the thing, too. The list goes on. I do love having all the reference materials I could ever want at my fingertips. It's like that SG1 episode, Revisions, where everyone is in the link and has instant access to all the knowledge at a thought. Of course, it's a little creepy thinking about how the link 'revised' reality. Kinda like the current US government is trying to revise away climate change, the EPA, Russian interference in the election, etc cetera ad nauseum ad infinitum...

If life imitates art like this, I want my Stargate and transporter, please.

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Goblet of Fire

Watching Cedric Digory die never gets any less painful.

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I've had a hankering to re-watch the HP movies for almost 2 months now - maybe the primary reason I started reading the fic, not sure. The boy put them on his computer and turned his desktop into a Plex media server, so I can just sit here with my tablet, click and play. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, we just watched The Philosopher's Stone, and I had to laugh because...

Hermione went to unlock the door and I said, "Alohamora!" at the same time. He looked at me and asked,"How did you know that?"

When Harry was under the cloak, covering his mouth so Snape could not hear him breathing, the boy mentioned that it's too bad the cloak didn't muffle sound. I said, yeah, he'd have to cast a muffiliato. This time, he looked at my with bemusement. "How do you know that?"

When Hermione stunned Nevill, I shouted "Petrificus Totalus!" along with her. This time, he looked at me with amused consternation. "HOW do you KNOW all these SPELLS!?" he demanded.

I just rolled my eyes at him. I *told* him the other day I'd been into the fic. Turnabout is fairplay sez I. I get him making all sorts of MLP and Fallout references at me from fic he's reading, and it's kind of funny to be able to flip the tables while watching a movie.

Next up, Chamber of Secrets. I think it's going to be a Very Harry weekend.

HA! I just said that, out loud even. The middle child groaned and said , "WHY must you DO that!?" Heh. That was why, right there. Sometimes, I just have to express my Slytherin tendencies.

Speaking of houses...

I am reasonably sure my eldest progeny would have been sorted Slytherin. Not really so much ambition in that one, mind you, and in many ways, I think Gryffindor would fit, BUT... when it comes to cunning and resourcefulness, I think that would be the best house fit. The middle child is a Hufflepuff, no question. And my youngest, a toss up to be sure, but I would lean toward Ravenclaw over Gryffindor.

Me? I am honestly not sure. I don't think I would really have been brave enough to be Gryffindor, not sure I think I am smart or studious enough to be Ravenclaw. I may have been a Hufflepuff. I'd be interested in what people who know me think.

But I'm also curious... what house are you?

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Ok, so I may have been there a while...

I have, apparently, been a full-time employee at my current job for 6 years now. I was hired almost 2 years before that on a renewable contract that had to be re-upped every 3 months. I kept expecting to be let go, but every time my position went away, they found me a new one.

Today, my manager sent out an email to the team, with congrats on hitting 6 years - my jaw just about hit the floor, and I literally laughed out loud.

See, a few months back, we had to do an updated version of the "Know Me" intro thing that has been going around my company - 25 facts about you. So I mentioned instruments I play or am learning, people I have met, cats, karoke, the aurora borealis - stuff about me.

This little thing he made shows very clearly that he read my list.

6 Years

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