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In Vino, filters dissolve...

So, [community profile] firewhiskeyfic was an absolute blast, just like last time. I had *so much fun* you guys.

Also, I went to a friend's party afterward - I warned them all that I'd be showing up a little on the tipsy side - and then, we played Quiplash.

Dude. BAD. IDEA.

Or, according to them, who now have reams and reams of blackmail material on me, it was a great idea. Because I kept writing shit that I would NOT NORMALLY WRITE. Not in front of non-fandom people. Not in front of mundanes. I foresee spending the next few months saying, "I have no recollection of that event," or "I blame the wine," when they bring up my much more shocking than normal responses.


I'm going to go back to hiding in my homework for the next few weeks and hopefully they will have forgotten by then.

I doubt it.

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it's time for firewhiskey fic

So. I found out last night that it was the next round of [community profile] firewhiskeyfic today.

I worked on homework till 0-dark-30 last night. It's time for some fun.


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Oh, dear flisties, how I have MISSED you! I was starting to get back into the habit of writing in my DW/LJ, reading posts, commenting. feeling like I had a life outside WORK again...

Aaaaand then school started.


And, as previously mentioned, I made the foolish decision to accept the nomination to the board at the co-op, so between that, work and class, my life! I do not have one! But, I must say, at least I get out more.

Anyone else W@H? Because, while it is delightful to roll out of bed, press the button to boot the laptop and have it waiting for me when I come back from brushing my teeth and getting coffee, the TRUE EVIL is that I can waste time faffing about during the day because I get a text / the cat distracts me / the eldest comes to visit on her day off etc... so I work a little later to make up for the extra half hour or 45 minutes. And I finish a spreadsheet but then update an account while I'm at it and then I decided to write just one more email and the NEXT thing I know, it's 8:30 and I've put in 3 extra hours. So then I think, ok, I'll stop early tomorrow...

*sarcastic eyebrow*

Yeah. THAT never happens.

On a positive note, I got to listen to HP podfic for three hours yesterday while doing something mindbogglingly boring (click, acknowledge, delete, lather, rinse, repeat - 948 times I'm not even kidding) so that was kind of a bonus, actually. I'm looking forward to the next time I have some inane task that would allow me to mentally check out.

I HAD A SAD because I have not written anything (other than HTML, CSS and a wee bit of java script) since I started school. I was entirely correct when I said my fic would not be ready before Christmas. BUT, OH FLISTIES, I HAVE BEEN BLESSED! The so talented and wonderful [personal profile] danceswithgary has created for me an image of most wondrous beauty that illustrates one of the favourite scenes I've writing in this fic so far, and it fills me with HAPPINESS to know that she made this for ME ME ME ME and ok, I will share it with all of you because such AWESOMENESS SHOULD BE SHARED but alas! You must wait until my story is finished, la la la!

My course is done Nov 29th. Considering the fact that I have had between 10 and 25 hours of homework each week (and my son keeps rolling eyes at me and saying MOM IT'S FINE, YOU'RE BEING NITPICKY AND PARANOID and I come back with SHUT UP, I'M GETTING PERFECT MARKS BECAUSE I'M PARANOID, MR. A-70%-IS-GOOD-ENOUGH) I am not likely to get any writing done until December. But I still have a dream! Of getting it done, and posted before Christmas!

Mostly because the next course starts in January, and it looks like even MORE homework, so if I don't get it done before that, it's not getting finished till summer for sure.

Side note regarding school and HTML and such: I never knew, back in the late 90's when my chiluns were little and I was messing about on the interwebs with my 10 hours of dial up a month (think back, now... can you all hear the crsssssh bxt whrrr handshake of your modem connecting? Ahhh, memories...) I had a copy of HTML 4 for dummies, a book on basic javascript, another HTML reference book with a quick reference page full of colour swatches and hex codes, and I set out notepad and Netscape composer to building my fanfic archive on geocities. I remember sitting there, swearing and refusing to give up till I figure out what I was doing - and sometimes, the sun was coming up and the kids were as well... but the things I taught myself then and still the foundational building blocks of this course. I've never had something that I taught myself end up being so useful for school and work before.

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School daze and troubleshooting

I've been in front of my computer all day but have had no time for reading or writing fic. Instead, I set up a bunch of things that are part of my student developer's pack.

I set up my DigitalOceans webspace, my domain, my GitHub; installed Atom, which took FOREVER; I love Sublime text, but Atom is an IDE, so it has more functionality. Once I learn how to use it...

I had no end of issues. The DO console kept resetting and going back to login - it was too much of a PITA trying to set up SSH, so I downloaded putty. Troubleshooting can eat up your entire day.

BUT! everything is finally set up and redirected and working and THANK FREAKING GOD BECAUSE I AM SO DONE.

And I haven't even looked at my homework yet.


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Since someone asked...

I got my daughter to do my hair recently, but only now got around to getting some pics.

Can you guys see these?


Back view 2

Adding a third...

Back view 1

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Where the heck is my time turner?

The eldest has moved back home from the island! But only temporarily! Yay!

After searching from one end of the city to the other for apartments, they finally found a place - literally across the street from me. She and a roommate move in at the end of the month. I imagine I will see her often, as laundry is not included in their rent.

I got her to re-do my hair. Meaning, bleach out the 5 inches of roots since she last bleached and coloured it. We decided on just Arctic Blue and Plum this time - I wasn't crazy about the Forest Green. I am pleased.

As I've mentioned here numerous times, I am currently working on a fic. I really hoped to have it done by now, but alas, that did not happen. I have been very busy last couple weeks:

- planning for a friend's 50th birthday (surprise party w/lasagna dinner for 16)
- the aforementioned eldest moving back home from the island till she moves to her new apartment
- covering for my manager for the last 2 weeks, who will now be further delayed due to storms in Japan
- being on the BOD is more time consuming than expected - more correspondence than I anticipated
- I started my 12 week course this past Wednesday

So... best I can figure it, depending on how I divvy it up, I've got about 8-15 chapters right now. I'm a little iffy on where to draw some of the lines. I asked you, my wonderful flisties, and you told be what you thought of posting a WiP. There was definitely a lean toward waiting till it was done.

WHICH MAKES ME SAD because I really wanted to post it. The only writing I've done so far this week has been HTML and CSS. Maybe I can get some more story done this weekend and come up with a gameplan to get it finished before Christmas. I live in hope.

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When I started writing this thing, I said that it was going to take 30-50K to really tell the story.

I just hit 29K, literally an hour ago. Aaaaaaand yeah. I'm nowhere near done. So it'll be 50 at least.


Seriously, most the stuff I write is between 2-6K. Geeze, I sure hope it doesn't suck in the end.

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There is something I don't understand...

Maybe this was explained in the books - I never read past the third one, even though I love the movies and have watched them infinity times.

WHY exactly was it that VOLDY had to kill Harry?

What would have happened if he'd died as a child - like, acute appendicitis? Or been killed by someone else - like knocked off his broom during Quidditch and broke his neck? No coming back from that if you're brain dead.

Not trying to be morbid, just asking - what would have happened to the horcrux in him? Why did it HAVE to be Voldy?

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I saw the funniest thing on Tumblr. Someone started out filking "Let it Be" with AO3, and of course, a number of others jumped on board. Made me cackle with laughter. And of course, I had to add my own couple of verses:

AO3 (ttto Let It Be)

When my fandom's long gone cold
Nostalgic longing calls to me
I go and find some fics on

Late at night when I should sleep
Subscription emails come to me,
promising new chapters,

AO3, AO3, AO3, you will see,
Find all you could want on

Edited to add MORE VERSES:

Fanfic based on shows and books
or anything you'd dream there'd be,
Sports or bandom, all on

Gen and Teen and NC Seven-
Teen the ratings plain to see
Read what makes you happy,

AO3, AO3, AO3, come and see,
Many fandoms, all on

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Shiny artwork / self absorption

Fan art. I do so adore it. I always wished I could draw, but alas, I cannot. Barely stick figures. And they're not pretty.

I have felt blessed by the vast array of fan art out there for me to enjoy, and have counted myself lucky to be part of the [community profile] sgareversebang several times. It was always a treat to be able to go through all the wonderful art submissions and then get to write a story based on one of them.

I have generally been satisfied with knowing that my talents lie in other arenas, but there have been a few times when I wished, oh how I wished, I could draw! Because I saw a scene in my head so clearly, I wished I could put in on paper (or in pixels) and show people what was in my brain. I can see it when I close my eyes, exactly the expression and placement and colour of the sky, I know *exactly* what I want. I just have zero skill in translating it into art. I've been trying to last few days to find images to see if I can make a collage of sorts, but it's hopeless.

I've started dabbling on Tumblr these last few days (dangerous, and how!) and of course, there is much beautiful and gorgeous art. And I saw some folks do commissions, but it's overwhelming to try and figure out where to begin. So, I screwed up my courage and reached out to someone who creates what I consider magnificent art - there may be a little fan-girling going on there - and it's certainly not cheap, but the quality! You get what you pay for.

But... is it just the ultimate massaging of my own ego to ask someone to make art for a story simply because I want to see a picture of it? I am torn. I think my word pictures are worth reading - some people seem to agree since I got some feedback on AO3 after all - but I want this so much. I really, really want this picture. Am I just being foolishly self indulgent? But I WANT it. Like make a print and put it in a frame and hang it on my wall want it.

Perhaps I will justify it as an early birthday present to myself. I mean, you only turn old as dirt once, right?

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