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My Fic

Pretty much all my fic can be found on AO3.

Transformative Works Policy

I grant permission for anyone to create fan works based on stories I have written. Feel free to remix a fic, write a sequel, create fan art, or podfic my works. I simply ask that I be credited for my original work that inspired yours and that you link back to it.

I'd love to see what you did, so please link me to your work if you're willing. It would be great if it was posted on AO3 so I could add it to 'works inspired by this one', but that is not a deal breaker.

Podfic: if any small modifications to the words/dialog are needed to make it flow better, that's fine with me. Please do make mention that you have adapted/altered/modified the work in you podfic 'notes'.

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So, I am on break in class. We're talking about json objects and nested objects within arrays, and we were supposed to make our own.


Right. So you KNOW what I had to do....

var hogwarts [

{ "houses": [
"name": "Gryffindor",
"colours": {
"primary": "red",
"secondary": "gold"

"name": "Slytherin",
"colours": {
"primary": "Green",
"secondary": "silver"

"name": "Hufflepuff",
"colours": {
"primary": "Yellow",
"secondary": "black"

"name": "Ravenclaw",
"colours": {
"primary": "Blue",
"secondary": "bronze"

you're welcome.

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Monty Python was right

Between work 'restructuring and realignment', school frustrations and now co-op committee drama with the local drama llama, I was SO FUCKING READY to tie one on last night. So I did.

Some of my friends seem to think I'm funny when I am spewing forth a vitriolic diatribe about the things and people that piss me off. Judging from how many times I had AH doubled over laughing and gasping for breath, I was apparently downright hysterical.

I don't recall everything I said, but I do know that, quite possibly, up to 17% of my word count was variations on the word fuck. It was therapeutic.

Monty Python was right. Fuck is a most versatile and satisfying word.

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JavaScript is kicking my ASS

I did really well in my web design course last year. HTML and CSS make sense to me.

JavaScript and I are not getting along so well however. I like rules. It does not have the kind of rules I like. I am fond of the idea that there is one RIGHT way to write the code. HAHAHA no. JavaScript mocks me and laughs at my pain and whispers, "and you can also do it like this, I don't care, but watch your console log because I'm gonna throw an error about something!"

I have amused myself by using Hogwarts houses to create arrays and then loop through them to change the link to house colours onmouseover.

Geekiness in practical application, always a favourite.

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Send vodka.

This meeting.


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The shit people say out loud

6:30 am start today. Yawn.

I am virtually at the big semi-annual review right now, listening to these new people talk about what they do. I am really missing my old team.

Someone just said, "There is a new chief in town" in reference to my new big boss / old team being gone. Out loud, on purpose, no word of a lie.

WHO ON EARTH thinks that is appropriate in a business meeting in this day and age?

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Believing survivors

My typical reason for frolicking on LJ or DW or Tumblr is fannish escapism. I am, unabashedly, here for the fanfic, the pretty pictures and all things fannish and shiny.

But sometimes. Sometimes, I hear something, and I can't keep my mouth shut. I WON'T anymore. This is, as they say, my soapbox.

I read a post recently from someone who experienced the hell it is to live with an abuser who was very good at presenting a lovely face to the world. She went on to described a narcissistic, sociopathic, violent abuser who no one would belive was anything but charming and wonderful. This story is intimately, painfully familiar to me. So. Here's my $0.02.

Discussion of abusive behaviour, may trigger.Collapse )

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Spoiler warning? PSA Use a CUT TAG TOO!

Fucking hell! I appreciate spoiler warnings, but seriously! There are these things called CUT TAGS, people!

Use the them for fuck’s sake!

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Fic: A Cure for Boredom (PG) HP

Title: A Cure for Boredom
Rating: PG
Word count: 1402
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author Notes: Written for [profile] tropebingo fill EXTORTION/BLACKMAIL. But not a terribly angsty or heavy sort.

Summary: In which Draco is bored, Harry played pranks, Draco wants payback and there is a bargain.

Find it on AO3 or on DW

A Cure for BoredomCollapse )

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They did it AGAIN.

Fucking hell. Ranting ahoy!Collapse )

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