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Stuff about me / my bio / tl;drCollapse )

My Fic

Pretty much all my fic can be found on AO3.

Transformative Works Policy

I grant permission for anyone to create fan works based on stories I have written. Feel free to remix a fic, write a sequel, create fan art, or podfic my works. I simply ask that I be credited for my original work that inspired yours and that you link back to it.

I'd love to see what you did, so please link me to your work if you're willing. It would be great if it was posted on AO3 so I could add it to 'works inspired by this one', but that is not a deal breaker.

Podfic: if any small modifications to the words/dialog are needed to make it flow better, that's fine with me. Please do make mention that you have adapted/altered/modified the work in you podfic 'notes'.

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How many more weeks of this?

Too many hours spent on homework this week. And not because the homework was hard, but because I am so particular about content and spend stupid amounts of time on wording and colours and making the stupid flex boxes wrap just so, because lord knows, I can't just be happy with anything the first time.

But, it's done and uploaded. Yay!

Work Bitching, ahoy!Work BitchingCollapse )

In other news, being on the Board of Directors this year has been like having what is really an important job but with really crappy hours, lousy pay and no appreciation. UGH. I'm so not running for the BOD again in the Spring. SO. DONE.

Writing... my dudes! I am at 115 days of my 120 commitment for the year! And I think it was 54K for the year when I last looked - I would never have hit the 75K, so I am really happy I opted for the day count instead. This has been so great. I know it's piddling compared to what some other folks manage to churn out, but honestly! I never would have written even this much if I hadn't been involved with [community profile] getyourwordsout. I barely take advantage of all the things offered, the prompts and the discussion and the book club and whatnot, but it's such a fabulous resource. I wish I had the time to really utilize it.

Must go and sleep now.

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How was your day?

Oh, this day...

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Well that was cool!

I've never had someone ask me if they can do a thing based on my fic before - but I had someone leave me feedback on AO3 asking if they could translate my story Kiss and Tell into French. That's pretty awesome!

Also, it's so utterly bizarre. I almost didn't post that fic. It's was written on a whim at 3am, and I wasn't even sure it was that good, and it's only a teen rating, so I figured it wouldn't get a lot of attention... and it's gotten more hits and kudos in the week since I posted it that I expected it would get in six months. *shakes head*

Goes to show you there is no way to predict what people are going to like, I guess.

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Friday thoughts

STREAM of consciousness brain dump...

Thank GOD it's Friday.Collapse )

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Fuck this day

So work was rather a bitch today, but that was as expected given the current mid-migration status. And then I had a board meeting where we met with the maintenance committee and it went to absolute hell.

Holy. Shit.

I knew that the president of the board and the secretary of maintenance had some issues with each other but JAYZUS! That was some defcon 1 level shit that went down at the meeting. As in, yelling and aggression and people walking out and triggering my goddamn PTSD for the first time in years as in my hands were shaking AND I wanted to cry... ugh.

After the meeting, half of the board came back to my place and we polished off the better part of two bottles of wine. One - you have no idea how many times I had to re-type that to fix alcohol induced typos and 2 - I feel MUUUUUUCH better now.

Fuck. Me. Sideways.

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Moar things! Yay!

Two more poems for [community profile] poetic_hp!

Title: Something New
Characters: Draco, Harry
Style: Haiku
Written for: Prompt 116: Bud

Title: Working up the Nerve
Characters: Draco, Harry
Style: acrostic
Written for: Prompt 119: Dry

Now, if only I could get some words out for my actual FIC, that would be great.

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I wrote some things! Yay!

I finally got caught up with reading the lovely offerings on [community profile] poetic_hp, and man, there are some talented poets in our midst. As I was telling [personal profile] smallhobbit, I think I have learned more about poetry forms on this comm in the last few months than I ever learned in school.

So in reading them all, I got inspired and decided I'm going to try and write something for the last few prompts. I also wanted to do something different, so I tried my hand at writing a Villanelle.

Title: Oh, How it Burned
Author: [personal profile] shaddyr
Characters: Draco

Prompt 117: Torrid

For the purposes of the this poem, the definition of torrid as, "full of difficulty, of tribulation".

Read it here: Oh, How it Burned

AND! Since I was thinking about poetry, I looked back at the one I'd written for the biting prompt in January. I particularly like the last line in this set of haiku:

Above my collar
in the morning, truth revealed.
Finally, they'll see.

I had envisioned a morning after... so last night, I wrote it as a fill for my [community profile] trope_bingo card.

Title: Kiss and Tell
Rating: PG
Word count: 1091
Genre: Coming Out, Hogwarts Eighth Year, Fluff and Humor, One Shot
Author Notes: Fill for the [community profile] trope_bingo prompt, Coming out of the closet

On AO3: Kiss and Tell

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It's a butterbeer kind of evening...

So I went out and got all the stuff and made one. Ok, possibly I am on my second one.

Man, that vanilla vodka sneaks up on you!


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Cautiously optimistic...

So, littleBro called me Sunday afternoon. I needed a little time to process it. I don't think I actually expected him to call; I just figured he probably wouldn't. It was a pleasant, if somewhat nerve wracking surprise.

Very looooong post with lots of thoughts about our conversation. Trigger warning; includes vivid description of family violence.Collapse )

Ultimately, we talked for 2 1/2 hours and I think I cried for at least an hour of that time. But it was good. I had a headache the rest of the day and Monday felt kind of like an emotional hangover day. It took me a good chunk of yesterday evening and tonight to write this. It's long and rambly and I really don't honestly expect anyone to read it, but I needed to put it in words and process it.

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