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Stuff about me / my bio / tl;drCollapse )

My Fic

Pretty much all my fic can be found on AO3.

Transformative Works Policy

I grant permission for anyone to create fan works based on stories I have written. Feel free to remix a fic, write a sequel, create fan art, or podfic my works. I simply ask that I be credited for my original work that inspired yours and that you link back to it.

I'd love to see what you did, so please link me to your work if you're willing. It would be great if it was posted on AO3 so I could add it to 'works inspired by this one', but that is not a deal breaker.

Podfic: if any small modifications to the words/dialog are needed to make it flow better, that's fine with me. Please do make mention that you have adapted/altered/modified the work in you podfic 'notes'.

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It was a delightful tea party...

So, thank you, dear flisties. Your answers really did help a lot. And I thought you might like to see some photographic evidence of the event you helped me plan...

Tea sandwiches and brownies and lemon tarts and more!

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I got my [community profile] homemade2homemade prezzie!


I got a knitted Stargate!


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Tea Time!

I am hosting a tea at my place this weekend. I always like to make sure I have plenty of options. Except, sometimes, I have too many and then - PARALYSIS! I need some opinions on what to make and on what teas to buy. I have to stick to a budget. I was going to offer 6 tea options and make 6 types of sandwiches. The deserts are already covered - I've made Brownies, Blueberry Lime loaf, Banana Bread Blondies - I still have to make the lemon curd and tart shells, but I have everything for that.

But this - I need your help, flisties! Come and take my poll!

For reference, you can find descriptions of the teas I am considering here:

Assam Harmutty
Blood Orange
Blue Flower Earl Grey
China Rose Congou
China Green Clouds and Mist Organic
China Lapsang Souchong
Darjeeling Monteviot Organic
Morning Dew
Pink Rose Green Tea
Pure Refreshment
Rest & Relax
Strawberry Temptation Organic
White Pearl of Fujian
Yuzu Matcha

And, uhm... that should say, What 6 sandwiches would you choose?. Derp.

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A meandering muse...

I am 5000+ words into an unplanned story. It's sort of started off as Harry/Pansy except not - it's really Drarry underneath, it just hasn't gotten there yet. Right now, Harry's on a quixotic quest to defend Pansy from some Gryffindors who were being utter shits.

Anyone interested in giving it a beta-read? I'd like an outside opinion as to whether it's even interesting, or just utterly self indulgent drek. It's barely rated PG, mostly because of some language.

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Craft post!

I participated in the first craft exchange on [community profile] homemade2homemade and sent my package off to my recipient when I was down visiting my friends in Oregon. This is what I sent:Collapse )

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On vacay... bliss!

Am currently hanging out with [profile] moosaic4, drinking coffee, beading, nibbling on various tasty treats, and otherwise having a truly delightful time. I'm not enamoured of being South of 49 given the current political climate, but if I have to Hand into the Trumpster fire zone for work, then damn it, I'm going to go see the people I actually want to see too!

Since I'm down here anyway, I mailed off my [community profile] homemade2homemade package. Much cheaper than mailing in Canada. I hope that my recipient likes what I made - I'm both excited and nervous to find out.

I have a plan to get some writing done when I get home, but not while I'm in Portland, so I'm going to miss making my target minimum writing days this month for the first time since I joined [profile] getwordsout. Next month, I hope to do at least 20 days

We have decided to head up to Beacon Rock this afternoon. [profile] moosaic4 tells me that the hike up is about mile up and quite steep. I'm a little leery since I am a fat person who is in suboptimal shape, but they are willing to go at a slow pace so I'm going to give it a shot.

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There's no place like home

This month, I tell you. It hasn't really been a total shit show, but it's been hella busy.

School: I'm going to have an Associate Certificate when this is all over...Collapse )

Work: Projects and work trips and so much booze!Collapse )

Next week, I work M - W, then I am taking of June 28th to July 13th. Seems somewhat mad, considering how nuts things are at work, except: we have an IT freeze during part of that time; the vendor I work closely with will be gone for a week in there are well; I have almost 7 weeks of PTO backlogged and I'm taking some of it, dammit!

I am hoping that I will get some writing done. I say this every time I am going to take some time off, but I really want to get this fic done. I'll be pretty busy the rest of the summer between work, my garden and the Social Committee and BOD stuff and then I start school again in mid September. So. This damn thing has been in the works for a year now. It's time to get it DONE. I want to damn well know what happens.

Plus, to be honest, I really, really want to find out what people think of it. I hope it appeals to both the SGA and HP crowd. I'm trying really hard to get a good balance between the fandoms. And I've got a couple OCs in there that I'm a bit fond of. They don't have huge roles, but they're important.

Pfft. I really needed to take a month off, but my boss would have LAUGHED in my FACE. As it is, he's already asked me to write him up some documentation on how to cover for me. It's kind of cute how he's... not exactly panicked, but a little apprehensive? I'm amused.

And now that I have told you of all my adventures and plans, I must sleep.

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Fic: In Deep With the Devil (R) HP

Title: In Deep With the Devil
Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating/Category: Explicit
Word Count: ~16,000
Disclaimer: The characters herein belong to JK Rowling and Scholastics, lucky them.
Warnings/Summary: Violence; dubious consent; seriously bad muggle criminals who are evil; Draco Malfoy has the worst timing in the universe. Fill for [community profile] trope_bingo: handcuffs

Author's Notes: This story has been many months in the making. It was supposed to be a quick fill for a [community profile] trope_bingo prompt that I would have done in a couple days, just a little scene… except, I have discovered, I can't seem to write just a scene in this fandom. Everything wants an explanation, it demands a resolution... I guess that's why I have something like five WiPs going at the same time. Ugh. What a demanding bunch of characters!

[personal profile] smallhobbit for the britpick – she is most awesome!
[personal profile] neevebrody for the MOST AMAZING HEAVY DUTY BETA! Guys, she totally kicked butt and took names and pointed out the 743 times I wrote in a passive voice and was redundant and need to think about who was speaking… I think I wrote a really decent fic, but she tightened the screws and stripped off the crap and made it all sleek and sexy.

Also, I want to point out that I blame [personal profile] alisanne for encouraging this madness. No, seriously. She is at least somewhat responsible for my current level of HP fandom involvement.

So. I hope that you guys like it!

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Slytherin loot!

The last few months, I read [personal profile] alisanne's loot crate posts with glee and a bit of jealousy. And so, since I have only a middling amount of self control, I totally caved and signed up.

I have a lovely new locket!

It's actually quite nice on. It has a secret double life as a pocket watch.

There were some suprisingly nice school socks!. There are a pair of house themed socks as well.

I am pleased. I am totally wearing this locket to the next HP VSO symphony show.

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