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VCon 32/Canvention 27 is coming soon, to a hotel near you!

The weekend of October 19-21 will feature some fun and frolic in Richmond BC at the Radisson President Hotel. There will be fun for the whole family - panels, gaming, costuming, late night parties - all the other fun stuff you find at VCon. Being that I am the filk coordinator, I get to tell you all about the musical side of things.

We have a fantastic musical line up. We are well and truly spoiled - appearing this year will be Peter Beagle, Martin Springett, Michelle Dockrey, and Tony Fabris.

Not only do we have our first actual Filk GoH's for the first time I can remember (I love having a filk friendly con chair!) but our Author GoH *AND* our Artist GoH are both gifted musicians and performers as well. It's nice to have such a fortuitous turn of events for the filk track.

Along with his literary accomplishments, Peter Beagle is a talented guitarist and folk singer. If you don't make it to VCon, he'll be at OryCon in November, so be sure to catch him if you can.

Martin Springett, who did the illustrations for the Fionavar Tapestry, is also the composer-musician of the Kay-inspired CD Bright Weavings. He has been nominated in this year's Prix Aurora Awards for Artistic Accomplishment, and Fan Achievement (filking).

Michelle (Vixy) Dockrey wrote and sang "Mal's Song" which went on to appear in the documentary, "Done the Impossible". Formerly part of Escape Key, a Seattle based filk group, Michelle (or Vixy as she is known to many filkers) is currently in the process of completing her first solo album, tentatively named "Just a Singer". Her partner in crime, guitarist/producer Tony Fabris is an amazing guitarist and singer as well.

VCon's Friday Night concert is going to be a Musical event not to be missed. I promise there will be music to thrill and delight, and it will leave you wishing you could take it home. If you're lucky, you just might be able to! Note: No kidnapping of actual guests is permitted.

A one day membership for $30 at the door will get you in to the concert and also allow you to enjoy everything else the con has to offer all evening; if you want to come for more, you can simply upgrade to a full membership.

Filk Ghodess, VCon 32



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Oct. 4th, 2007 07:20 am (UTC)
V-Con is coming/the blog* is in the vat;
Con-ghosting means expulsion/
- dang; I got nothin', here...

Peace-bonding's canon/ ain't talking through our hat;
A weapon drawn is gone/ and that be that.

- sorry; your 'subject' got a certain Xmas carol running through my head...

(*ask an older fan the original meaning of that word)
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