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Title: Musings of the Mad: We're not dead yet
Rating: G to PG
Character: Rodney McKay
Genre: humour
Disclaimer: Not mine or the boys would be otherwise occupied…
Word Count: 416

Summary: I got to wondering if Rodney kept a journal. I rather thought that he would, since it was probably rare he would find someone who he would think was worth sharing his thoughts and private musings with. And since he would be famous as world renown physicist one day, it would behoove him to share his private thoughts with the word, if posthumously. So, upon deciding that, I wondered just what he might have to say to his journal about Atlantis… this may be the first in a number of 'journal entries', but each entry will be able to stand alone.

Personal Journal
Dr. M. Rodney McKay
CSO Atlantis Expedition

First entry, City of Atlantis

I'm amazed that we're not dead yet. This is due mostly to my brilliance, of course. And I'm sure it won't last.

We made some 'friends' - met some traders who call themselves Athosians. Their leader is majorly hot. I love blonde, and I think I am still a little bit obsessed with Sam Carter, but Teyla Emmagan could give her a run for her money. She is a little bit scary though. I get the feeling that she is quite able to snap one of the marines in two if they so much as looked at her the wrong way.

Major Sheppard managed to wake up the sleeping scourge of this galaxy - life sucking energy vampires no less! And assume the military leadership role after performing a mercy killing on Colonel Sumner. The marines are grumbling, but no one is bucking his command so far. Sheppard is obviously not comfortable with being in a position of authority. With his crazy hair and boyish flirty smile, he looks more like the kind of guy who should be waxing a surfboard on a beach somewhere. Possibly with Teyla stretched out on a beach towel beside him in a really skimpy string bikini…

There is next to no power. The ZPM is almost drained. We barely managed to not die horribly by drowning. Unfortunately, the city is now floating, completely exposed, on the Atlanean ocean, a sitting duck for any Wraith cruiser that happens by.

We are all going to die here. Soon. Likely in a hideously painful and humiliating manner. I will never get my Nobel. All the brilliant contributions that I was destined to make for the betterment of mankind will die with me here in this godforsaken galaxy as some snagletoothed monster sucks my life out and discards my withered corpse like yesterday's garbage.

I am far too sober to contemplate how pathetic our statistical chances for survival are. Rumour has it Zelenka had a still assembled within 12 hours of a successful trading foray that brought back several hundred pounds of potato like tubers in trade for some minor technical assistance with some villager's irrigation system.

Addendum to prevous entry:

Zlinka makes rea;ly dman good hooch, I'll give himm that. I don’t evne care that were all gonna die horribly. Least right now. And also, SHeppard has real;y stupid hair.
I'm drunk. That's funny. Seriously. REal;y stupid hair. Ha!


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Nov. 11th, 2007 03:34 am (UTC)
really stupid hair! XD HAHAHAHA! I know you already told me that part, but it's funnier reading it with all the spelling mistakes! LOL

k, I'm going to go read the next one!!!
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