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I like to do costuming for SF conventions, SCA events, anything like that. I was looking in *vain* for months for a pattern I could modify for the Atlantis civilian jacket. After finally coming up with something that seemed to be a reasonable compromise - well, you've all seen it. They changed the style of the jacket from the coloured triangle inserts on the front to that diagonal strip of fabric across each side.


So now I start the search again, trying to find a pattern. I'm sure this will be an easier alteration than the triangle insert was going to be - but does anyone out there have a suggestion for a pattern? I've been looking on some of the costuming forums, and so far I got nothin'.

On a related note, because I thought someone else might appreciate the humour in it - my son wants a SGA team costume, so we went to Dave's Surplus on the weekend. I was trying to find the right kind of BDUs (like Sheppard's black ones in Season 4) and a guy came to ask me if I needed help and what I was looking for. I kinda stuttered that it was for a Stargate costume, and asked if he had ever seen the show. You never know, non-fans sometimes get weird when you mention fannish things like costuming.

He kinda smirked at me, then took me down the aisle and pointed at a pile of pants.

"These are the ones they buy for the show. We supply them."

OMG. I looked around and realized there was a HUGE MASSIVE signed SG1 poster up above the change room. It was like an Stargate costumer's nirvana. Duuuuuude. They. Have. EVERYTHING! They have the BDUs, the boots, the tac vests, the gun belts - simply everything. It's a thing of beauty.

So. My son is now the owner of a brand spankin' new pair of black BDUs and a set of dog tags. I looked again when I got home, and those pants are *exactly* the same ones that Flannigan is wearing in a picture where he is skateboarding across the studio parking lot.

I've got Joe Flannigan's pants! *snort* It's really sad how much that amuses me.

That is all.


Nov. 26th, 2007 10:28 am (UTC)


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