Shaddyr (shaddyr) wrote,

I'm in ur county, watchin' my show - SQUEE!

I am currently in Snohomish.

Man, I love the Pacific Northwest SO. FREAKIN'. MUCH. I'm just sayin'. If I wasn't in Vancouver, I'd be in Portland. *sigh*

Anyway, I am spending the weekend hanging out with trystel and tuto. They graciously invited me and the kiddies months ago, but this is the first time that it has worked out for all of us. YAY!

I switched shifts with a guy at work so I could take the 5:45am start this morning and get out by 2:15 - and as much as I am NOT a morning person, I really MISS working that shift. Seriously. I'd give up my Saturdays to get that shift back, I kid you not. Anyway. I was hoping that I would avoid the worst of the border traffic by getting their earlier.

Dude. There were like 5 cars ahead of me. Suh-weeeet!

Poor trystel has a miserable cold. Ironic. I have been fighting a cold all week as well. It sucketh. Or as pir_anha so succinctly put it once upon a time - it sucks very large boulders through very tiny straws. We hope that we are both of sufficient voice to do some singing tomorrow, because she has been working up an accompaniment for my filk "Atlantis Shines" and I am really looking forward to hearing it. She's so talented!

On Sunday I am going to head over to see cflute and run some songs with her before heading back to Vancouver. We rarely get a chance to sing together. I wish I could make it down more often.

I think that the Conflikt songbook is coming along nicely. We have some lovely submissions for it (OMG GEEKY songs and MATH!! ::flails::)

So I was just sitting and chillin' with them this evening, discussing books - tuto was totally trying to sell me on George R.R. Martin, who I have heard good things about, trystel was pimping Robin Hobb to me, who is someone on my 'to be read' list, and I was spouting off about David Webber and LMB. This lead to the Fantasy v.s. SF discussion, and that they are BSG addicts, and I brought up the SGA because duh! Best show on the air right now! and hey! It was almost 9pm and THEY WATCHED SGA WITH ME!!


Oh, the fan girl SQUEE of watching my show as it AIRED instead of having to WAIT! Goddamit. It's going to make next week SO much harder to face. There were TEASERS! Ev0l bastids!

OMG I love Teyla. And Sheppard! And RODNEY OMG!! ::loves::

I know there are people on my Flist that think Season 4 sucks. Well. Sorry. I love this show. I love it ALL! Every episode, even the cringe worthy moments. I don't dissect it the way I did Buffy and spend time wanting to beat the SGA version of Marti Noxon to death for what she did to my characters. I love my Rodney and my inconsistent John - because I think that's consistent with his character, actually. Hee! Mostly, I LOVE ALL THE AWESOME FIC I AM GETTING! NEVER NEVER STOP my PRECIOUS FIC WRITERS!


Now that I am done with the insane obsesso-SGA-fangurl portion of the post...

Oh. Actually, that was it. Kthxbi.
Tags: conflikt, fandom, filk, sga
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