January 11th, 2008

Geek by Shaddyr

Conflikt is a comin'

GAH! Conflikt is almost here! How did that happen so fast??

to do list:

for con:

- finish collating songbook
- send off to John
- finalize shopping list/amounts for hospitality suite

for people:

- buy awesome sugar free dark chocolate for figmo from Purdys
- get some Canadian whiskey for mandelbear
- get some Lush massage stuff for cflute

for chiluns:

- ear plugs for da kiddies at da con
- haircut for monkeyBoy
- make doc appointment and dentist appointments

for me

- finish Ancient Circle filk (Yes, yet another stargate filk)
- finish drunk!Rodney fic
- finish poll!ficlets for John and Rodney; Topic - Food


- seek professional help.
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