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January 17th, 2009

Last Saturday, alsogater and I went over to itsjustgwen's house to watch the SGA finale.

My SHOW!! *sob* How I'm going to MISS YOU!!!

I'm not going to review or spoil it; suffice to say that I agree it should have been MORE MORE MORE dammit. That finale really ought to have been 2 hours just to flesh out what was there. Overall, I wasn't horribly disappointed, but I think it's awfully interesting that the fanbase, regardless of ship, has an entirely different take on where the characters are really at than the producers.

Just goes to show you that once you release something you have created, quantum realities abound. Very appropriate for this particular television show, n'est-ce pas?

I saw on the noticeboard that Mikita is directing the Atlantis movie, so I went to read that. Then I made the mistake of looking at the The Characters of Stargate Voyager 90210 Universe even though I have been studiously avoiding anything and everything to do with since the outset.

Man, I *wish* I had stuck to my guns.

Whiskey tango foxtrot batman!

Matthew Scott = John Sheppard
Eli Wallace = Rodney McKay

Why are they tanking *our* show for this one, exactly? When they are using the same characters with different names? And some other brilliant piece of work tried to say

John Shepard = Jack O’Neill
Rodney McKay = Carter

SO NOT. John and Jack have some similarities I'll grant, but totally different motivations and driving factors (dead son and retirement VS black mark and forced assignment at McMurdo).

But comparing McKay and Carter? That's like comparing apples to Maple Syrup. And it's not just man/woman, American/Canadian. She's career military, sweet, respectful, able to follow freakin' orders, very chain of command. He's an arrogant hot-headed prick with delusions of godhood (but not grandure, he's right about being right and being smart) who is incapable to doing what he's told. And also, he's an asshole. And he *knows* it. Proud of it, really.

McKay is *not* another Carter. This Eli guy seems like he's a McKay protégé.

WTF is wrong with those dumbass twitly producer types in TV land? GAH!!


Must go back to working on songbook. Am ready to kill whoever designed the Word 2007 plug in that is supposed to let you import PDFs into a word doc. Could not import XMS files either, WTF? Microsoft help is no help. The guy told me these are not MS files. But the MS site stated XMS is a MS file protocol. I don't know. I'm confused. *kicks program* WHY won't you WORK you #$%^&*@$^ piece of ^*)#^*@????


Songbook, why do you hate me? I only want to fill you with pretty music and lead sheets so all the lovely filkers can pick you up, caress you and sing to you. Why are you making my life miserable?



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