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January 25th, 2009

I'd rather be filking...

At work. On a Sunday. Blargh.

On the upside, it means I have Thursday off and can head down to Conflikt early. Aieee! This weekend!

At least I have the Songbook crossed off my to-do list. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Still gotta do hospitality shopping on Thursday night.

Ack! Back to work!


When icons fall...

When I first got into really writing fic, there was this gal I met who impressed the hell out of me. I read some of her stuff, and it was really amazing. I joined the fanfic writer group she had organized, and we got together once a month to talk about fannish activities, writing and whatnot. We put out a fanzine with fic in it. It was fun.

She took me under her wing when I was a fledgling fic writer. I thought I could write, I let her proofread, and she ripped my stuff to shreds. In that nice, horrible but totally necessary way - an honest to god critique. She was like Simon from the singing show, without the deliberate nastiness. It's a good thing she used her red pen o' doom or I may never have produced anything worth reading in my life.

She's written in many fandoms - Star Trek, Man From U.N.C.L.E., X-Files, Sentinel to name a few. I've got a bunch of her zines - she's well known in certain circles as she writes really solid stories, and she writes 'em loooong. I caught up with her on Facebook recently and of course, fandom and writing came up. I told her my current thing is SGA; she mentioned she wrote some SG1 and gave me the link to her stuff.

I'd just never got around to looking at it till today, and as I perused, I discovered she'd also written some SG1 SGA xover stuff. Well, I was so excited! I pulled it up and started reading, eagerly looking forward to the story.

I'm so disappointed.

Did she even *watch* my show? I mean, okay, she writes gen gen gen, and only gen, and I grok that. She writes friendship fic between leads and teams, and does a damn fine job of it. But seriously, WTF? I don't know *who* this guy is in her story, but it *ain't* Rodney. And I've only read the first page. Even before the Really!Bad!Dialogue! she has a Elizabeth taking Landry and Sam into the briefing room where Carson and Rodney are waiting, then says "after introductions were made"... what? Hello? After introductions? It's set season 3 so again, WTF? They all know each other.

I'm afraid to read more. My illusions are shattered.

Is it just that she is writing an xover from her preferred show (SG1) and doesn't really know her x-over material as well as she should? Which means lazy research. Which I've been guilty of in the past (Buffy/Pretender xover anyone?) Or is it that she's really not as wonderful of a writer as I remember?

I can't believe how disappointed I am. What a let down.

Okay, I'm going to read the rest. Maybe it was just a bad start.



Not that I'm opinionated or anything.

ETA: Having read all 8 parts, I would now say that she's just as awesome a writer as she ever was, except I don't think she's been watching the same SGA show as me. Cuz seriously. THAT is NOT Rodney. But I really like her John. Hee! He's awesome.



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