April 4th, 2009


Creation Con - Joe Day!

So, I am heading out to the Hilton shortly to meet up with n7cdrsheppard before she heads off into the wilds to meet up with the other con people who are actually going to go and see Joe today.

I, having not purchased a ticket, will simply read some fic, take some pics, drink a beer and wait till they come out and tell me all their stories. And I will steal their pictures. Stuff like that.

Later this week when I have time and three brain cells to rub together, I will actually put a report of sorts together. It will mostly consists of a crazy hijninks I got up to with n7cdrsheppard as we ripped to and fro around the lower mainland.

OMG she's still here and I already miss her in anticipation of when she's leaving.


Okay. Gotta go!

At the Metrotown Hilton and Joe is speaking even as I type...

Of course, I'm not actually *in* the auditorium. I'm in the lounge... where I just watched them set up a little private area for the Flan and 9 very special guests are going to have a private drink. For a very public sense of the word private.

This is where Joe's going to be hanging out with the high paying fans in just a few hours...

There is a wee little black corded rope between Joe's private party and the rest of the lounge. I'm debating about moving closer, but it's going to be frakking INSANE in here when word gets out and I do not wanna be between the rabid fans and Joe when people realize what's the what.

Last night, after a beautiful day driving up to whistler (more about that later), n7cdrsheppard and I bombed over to the Hilton to see what was shakin'. And almost ran smack dab into Connor Trinneer completely by accident. And a few minutes later in the lobby, we saw Paul McGillion signing some autographs (at lewast looked like he was) for some pretty girls. He smiled at n7cdrsheppard. She smiled back. I was trying to call sgamadison to let her know that we were at the hotel and I totally missed it. Then he walked back through and I smiled at him. He smiled back. It was all very smiley. I thought that perhaps it would be bad form to start snapping shots at the guy, so I just watched him trot off to catch a cab.

We headed over to the lounge to hang out, and a little later itsjustgwen, pa_fangirl and Kim came by and I waved them down. We got to hear everyone's exciting stories about Andee Frizzell and Teryl Rothery. Apparently Danny Shea is a spitfire and Won't. Hold. Still. EVER.


So, it was a really good day and is shaping up to be a great evening and dude. I'm *so* happy that n7cdrsheppard is finally gonna get to meet the Flan and have a photo op with him. The only thing that I regret is that I don't get to go through the autograph line up with her and emberass the crap out of her by asking Flan if he lost a cousin or a sister somewhere along the way, cuz seriously, the HAIR. Dude.

I mean, come on, check this shit out...

Or this one, I actually like it better...

Try telling me that is not Flannigan hair? They are related. I know it.

Up to No Good - John

Drive by creation con Post - Joe is in the house!

So. Joe? Is having drinks. At the back of the bar. But I'm not taking pictures because it would be to obvious. Also, itsjustgwen n7cdrsheppard pa_fangirl and manserk would probably kill me if I stood up and started snapping photos.

6 cups of coffee is NOT ENOUGH!!!!


A little something to make you happy, courtesy of manserk...

Also there is a classical guitarist right near us who has played Solitary Man for us 3 times already. Heh.

Back later.

Photo Op with Joe. Sort of. In a back assed way...

So. Joe stopped to talk to some folks after he finished his drinks.

n7cdrsheppard just happened to take a piccy of Kaliope and me at the same time.


I'm in a picture with Joe Flanigan. And this amuses the crap out of me.

Okay, because that one really is quite crappy, here's another one for you, courtesy of Kim.

ETA: Joe Flanigan does not walk. No. He flows. Seriously. There are no bones. When he walked in the bar RIGHT BY ME he did this hip swaying, sashaying, ooze into the room thing...

He looked over at us and said, "Hi girls" and just kept going to the back for the private meet and greet for the people who paid something like $1000 or more each for a chance to have a drink (or two) with him for an hour.

You may return to your regularily schedueled browsing.