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May 6th, 2009

Time to brush up the CV

We had a sudden, unexpected, mandatory meeting at work today. Speculation was buzzing through the center; every single person in the entire building was required to be there, *and* they were calling people to come in on their day off.

Those of us who had been there long enough already knew it meant layoffs. This is what happened two years ago. And boy, we called it.

I had posted on my Twitter when I noticed the meeting notication and heard the speculation start, wondering if we would have a job an hour from now. When I came back to my desk after the annoucements, I went to update my Twitter. And the BASTARDS had locked out everything. Twitter. Facebook. Live Journal. Insane Journal. My Space. Every social networking and blogging site I thought to try brought up a "Blocked by the network" error.

They were making damn sure that we weren't able to post anything publically about it until the official release went to the media.

Like there weren't 300 cellphones in the room that people could use to update via text applications.

Well. In any case, it wasn't that I didn't see it coming - it's just that I hoped it wasn't coming for a while yet. I kinda like having a steady income and this sucks hard.

I do have a job till August 7th. And I went over to hsifyppah's place tonight - she fed my Lumberjack Smoothies to help easy the pain and looked at my severance pack because I couldn't make heads or tails of it - and she thinks it looks like they're giving me a decent deal, so that's better than a kick in the pants I guess.

I think I'm still a little stunned because I was really hoping that this job would last at least 5 years. I wanted my damn sabbatical! Eh. What can you do?

Start job hunting, I guess.



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