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October 29th, 2009

Dentist trips, rain and U2

Work was good today. Have I mentioned that I like my job? It's so rare that happens. I'm going to miss this contract when it's over. Will also miss the regular pay that goes along with it, but it's nice to have a job that I like.

My dental from my old job covers me till October 31st, so I had some work done lst week, before I went away to Ohio for OVFF. $1800 worth of work actually. I only had to pay for 50% of it. But still. Ouch. Needed the final bits today. Made another payment for $200. Owe the final $230 at the end of November. Man, between my car last month (that was $1600+) and my teeth, I could have almost paid off my credit cards. Again. That sucks.

It's Vancouver. In the fall. Which means (as my daughter puts it) it's the season that all Vancouverites turn into fish. Ahh, liquid sunshine.

Tonight was the U2 concert at BC Place Stadium. The one that n7cdrsheppard flew into town for, the one I was supposed to be meeting her at. Which meant insane numbers of people downtown and no parking. So, of course, rain means that the taxis are backed up. Like HOURS. And my dentist appointment, scheduled for 5:30 didn't actually take place till 6:30. Concert started at 7pm.

I gave up on the taxi and drove as far as Broadway skytrain and parked there. The lots are only $2 after 6pm! From there, it was 2 stations and a three block walk. I had actually been really worried about getting crushed in a crowd and swamped with people - the older I get, the more I realize that I am actually an introvert and I don't like huge crowds (I could never tolerate Comic Con, I'd lose my mind) - but it was all good. I'm actually glad I didn't get there till late. There was a steady trickle of people showing up when I did and getting in was a breeze. n7cdrsheppard spotted me when I walk in and peered around looking for her, and ran down to tap me on the shoulder. Turns out she had the most perfect seats - right at the top of the section with no one behind us, right at the top of the aisle. And there was an empty seat beside me. SWEET!

I generally don't do concerts. Not since I was a teenager. As an adult, I've gone to Billy Idol at the Orpheum (smaller venue) because OMG BILLY IDOL! and I saw Peter Gabriel at GM place 5 years ago or so (and ducked out early to avoid the crowds on the skytrain going home) but mostly I just have no interest.

However. n7cdrsheppard has likened attending U2 concert to something akin with a religious experience, and informed me she was "Worshiping in the House of Bono". And she sure was. Watching her groove to the concert was actually more fun than anything. She was totally immersed in the Bonoverse.

I was kind of a dud as a fellow concert goer (sorry n7cdrsheppard!), and I managed to pull something in my calf when I stepped down the stairs from our seat. I think it already started on my flight bck from Ohio, cuz I noticed my calf was sore then, and I figure I just exacerbated it. So she had to put up with me limping back to her car so she could drive me to mine.

Anyway. U2. Lots of lights. Decent music. Really frickin' loud. I wish I'd brought earplugs. BUT. She was totally right, it was fun, and different, and got me out of my tightly wound headspace for a little while.

This weekend is a SciFi meetup group Halloween party. She's going as Sheppard. Kaliope is going as Zelenka and me? Well, you can just call me Meredith.

Bed now.


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