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Relaxing weekend at the Pondside

Have had a lovely weekend being mellow and geeking at Pondside.

Saturday was very relaxing. I watched pondside make many beautiful beaded creations from various semi precious stones. solomons_pond alternated between making music, reading webcomics and serving as a kitten playground, as most of the cats seem to think that he is there simply to serve as a high point from which to observe the goings on in the household.

Me, Jazzy and pondside headed out to Opus in the afternoon to pick up some art supplies. I expect JG to have a number of pieces for the VCon art show this year. I am even thinking that with how much better her work is getting, I would like to see her show at OryCon or NorwesCon. I think she would be terrified about being in the midst of such wonderful artists, but I think she's getting there.

We also stopped at Skanda, a bead shop in downtown Victoria. Girly Girl like to make beaded necklaces and bracelets, so I bought her a few assorted beads; amber, tiger's eyes, smoky quartz, hematite and tourmaline. I got Jazzy two pieces of rose quartz that were carved like little skulls - they were on sale and she begged. It's sad that I am such a soft touch. When we got back, pondside made them into earrings for her.

Girly took the puppies down to the beach for a walk while we were out. She loves going down there, and went out again today by herself to collect sea shells and whatnot.

We went out for dim sum this morning. Girly was fairly adventurous, willing to actually try some odd looking things. She liked almost everything, so we may have to do dim sum at home some time.

The kids really love being here. I wish I could take a week off so we could just stay longer, but alas, work, school and life beckon and so I must return. But refreshed.

Time to get packed up and headed out to the ferry.


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Feb. 18th, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
Can you come back now please? We didn't want you to leave, you missed TJ and... we miss you!

soon eh?
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