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August 8th, 2018

*tap tap tap* is this thing on?

I've been meaning to make a post for weeks, but every time I log into DW and go to do so, I look at the screen and think, "I have nothing to say of any interest, so why waste everyone's time?"

I'm in a negative headspace and have been for a while. I could bitch and whine about it ad nauseam, but I won't. Suffice it to say that work stuff, co-op/board stuff and kid stuff are all varying degrees of frustration right now.

In other news, I just passed 40K on the HP/SGA fic. It's not done, but it is officially the longest thing I've ever written. Previously, it was the Buffy/Pretender crossover at just under 33K. I joined an HP discord server and had a chance to bounce some story ideas around with some people - I forgot how much I MISSED doing that!

I'm also well on track with my [community profile] getyourwordsout goal. I signed up for 120 days and I just hit 99 writing days this year. My total word count for the year is just shy of 47K, so even though I feel like I've barely written anything, I have. I just haven't posted a lot of it. I have 2 other HP stories in progress right now along with the crossover. I also signed up for sgareversebang so I need to get working on that as well.

Mid-September, I am back at school for Web dev 2. I did pretty well in the first class and really enjoyed it - unlike javascript, ugh - and I think I'm looking forward to it. I am hoping that being in classes will make it untenable for me to attend the October business meeting. I can pull the, "Sorry, I have assignments due, I couldn't POSSIBLY fly down there for a week!" card. *crossing fingers*

I was hoping that I would be able to finagle some time off in September before I started school, but it looks like the migration schedule at work is a computer clusterf*ck and that's not going to happen. So, that means the next time I will have off will be Christmas.

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