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November 7th, 2018

Work: Still crazy, but the end is in sight. We're going to hit the migration date or crash and burn in a spectacular fashion, but either way, the end is in sight. Sadly, crazy week lines up with the week I wanted to take two days off to prep for my co-op Christmas party. Pretty sure I won't get those days.

School: Good. Busy, challenging, but good. I think that using jQuery makes a little more sense to me than plain old JavaScript. I still prefer to avoid it entirely if there is a CSS option to do the same thing.

BOD: I will be very glad when my term on the board of directors is up. In the spring. Just a few more months. Thank all that is holy.

Writing: So I did complete and post my [community profile] sgareversebang fic - it is weird. I like fluff. I write fluff. I DON'T LIKE BUCKETS OF ANGST! So why the heck have several of my recent stories gone fully over into angstville? I do not know.

Also, GO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING NANO! WOO! I will sit on the sidelines and wibble. I think about nano. And laugh at the idea of me writing 50K in a month. I can barely hit that in a year.

Oh! I did hi my goal for [community profile] getyourwordsout, so go me! Yay! I can accomplish writing things from time to time!

Writing Meme:I saw a meme on DW and LJ and tumblr about list the names of what is in your WiP folder. LOL! I got a huge kick out of what some folks name the things in their WiP folders - much more creative than I am. I was giggling for a while after reading a few of those.

Mine are things like this:

HP SGA Xover_V11.9.9.2018.docx (HP/SGA)
No Objection_V3.4.28.2018.docx (HP/SGA - outtake from main WiP)
Jenny Sheppard breaks an arm.docx (SGA)
triads.docx (SGA)
Cooking With Rodney McKay.doc (SGA)
Matter of Faith.doc (pretender)
What you sow you shall also reap.doc (pretender)
Visiting the millers fic.docx (SGA)
SGA - POI xover - Conspiracy.scriv (SGA/POI)
Running on Empty.scriv (SGA)
Freefalling.scriv (SGA)
Small Matters.scriv (SGA)
Touch Therapy.scriv (SGA)

I could not find them in the folder, but somewhere on my hard drive is a SG1/BtVS xover and a POI/Scorpion/SGA xover idea.

It's not a WiP, but I have an excel spreadsheet where I charted the SG1, SGA, POI and NCIS timelines compared to each other with key events noted along the way. I need to add HP to that.

I possibly have a thing for crossovers.

Plus I pulled out a notebook a few weeks ago to write down school notes and found at least a half dozen Buffy fic ideas in various states - some were just notes, some had pages of dialogue - man! it's been a long time since I used to write out stories longhand and then type them up.

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