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And so it begins... CON WEEKEND! Yippee!

I had this big plan to be at the border by 10 am. Shyeah. Right. Who was I trying to kid?

I was up till 4:30 am trying to finish getting my set together and find some lyrics for songs. At 9am I glared blearily at the clock as it mocked me with its cheerfully bright numbers and lilting alarm. I smacked it off with a pillow and went back to sleep. I finally crawled out of bed at 11am.

By the time I packed up the car, made the kids do the 3rd "are you sure you have everything?" run back into the house, stopped for gas (because running out in the border line up would suck) coffee (well d-uh!) earplugs (Monkey boy can't sleep with my snoring) BC Cider (for the VCon room party w00t! Come party with us!) and went to the bank, it was pushing 3pm.

Then I missed the turn onto the Queensborough bridge. GRAH! Construction confuses me! Then I missed the turn off to the Pattillo bridge too. Okay, that was my stupid. GAH! So between rush hour traffic and getting turned around, I lost another hour, and didn't get to the border till almost 5pm. So. Only 7 hours later than I planned.

Shut up.

The border advisory said it would be an hour wait, but we got through in 20 minutes. Yessssss! Peace Arch Crossing, ur doin' it right!

Traffic was good. Weather was good. All seemed right with the world, and I thought "Hey! I will pull off and go to a grocery store somewhere around Snohomish because I know there is a mall with a grocery store near the I5 somewhere in that vicinity. Easy!"

Not so much.

And lo, did the heavens open and dump out a sheet of flood water the likes of which has not been seen since the time of Noah. Yea and verily I did stay on the freeway, hydroplaning along deciding that since I could barely see the tail lights of the car in front of me, perhaps changing lanes to try to get *off* in near zero visibility might not be a good idea. I was not driving at that point; I was swimming down the freeway. I think everyone just kept driving at speed because if anyone slowed down, there could have been a multi car pile up to rival the one in Dubai.

I eventually did get to a grocery store, but that was another tale of woe. GAH!! I love you Seattle, but sometimes, you suck!

Finally - got to the hotel, got checked in, got the stuff up to the room, got the kids fed. 11:20, I left the kiddies to play on the laptop with strict instructions that midnight was bedtime and went over to find filk. And filk there was, but mostly wrapped up. Bummer.

I did get to talk fanfic and slash with some other filkers though, so that was fun. And found a fellow Rodney lover who is now thinking that perhaps she may need to write a Rodneyesque filk. Bwahahahah! My work is done here!

Tomorrow is the Jossiverese filk at noon, the Blog and Writing panel at 2, something else in the afternoon, and then the concert in the evening.

Must sleep now. Wake up call coming at 8 am. And if I knock the phone down with a pillow, I might break something.


I am so totally a kid on Christmas eve. HEE!


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Mar. 21st, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)
Sympathies on the late start. Since it is 3:47 in the am you can probably believe I feel your pain...

The cute squid I'm in the process of mounting does too. Making cards in case we have 5 million guests for next Conflikt I guess.

I wish I was there filking with you but I certainly hope you have a great time, that MB and GG have wonderful Magic moments and that you and ms happy fish get a chance to geek SGA while re-writing "this is the song that never ends"

Mar. 21st, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
Hope y'all have a wonderful time... so sorry I'm not there. :/ *coughcough*

Hugs from me!
Mar. 21st, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
Won't be there so much today [apartment repair going on], but will be there Sat and Sun. either at 'Book Universe' in the dealer's room [I'm a minion - 'Book Assistant #1'] or out in the lobby at the USS Thermopyale's table. I'll be wearing a con badge with my SL avatar on it - a tall ginger lady cat.
Mar. 22nd, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Sigh ... I wish I could be there (instead of contemplating the 10-foot snowdrifts in front and back and having to be up by 6 am tomorrow for work on weekends). :-(

Enjoy your lack of snow ... and have a good weekend filking.
Mar. 22nd, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
yeah you made it to con in seattle!!!

you are going to rock the concert!
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