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Dude. I am *tired*.

So, I did get switched to the Jossiverese sing-a-long instead of Filk 101 on Friday, which was really excellent, except for the fact poor hsifyppah was sick and running a temperature and should have been drinking tea and resting, not leading a sing-a-long. Poor girl. With vixyish out for the weekend, hsifyppah and I were trying to cover the Serinfly songs to keep the Browncoats happy. It seemed to work, so that was good.

At 2pm I had my writing panel! It was awesome! Except for the part that I was the only non published, non professional person on the panel and felt totally intimidated by being there. But it was about Writing and blogging, and I *know* about that combination.

The writers and panelist seemed to be very fanfic friendly, so that was nice. The moderator asked if the interactive part of blogging as a writer was necessary. One of the pros said "not really" at the same moment I sad "Absolutely!". He asked me to elaborate, so I talked about how the internet has changed writing as we know it; 20 years ago, I was in a local writing group, limited to times people could get together and people who were local in discussing my writing and getting input. Today, I can join virtual groups, lists and blogs, read and post at my leisure, and get input from people who I might have never met otherwise (and I named you, the_cephalopod, so you made it to Norwescon in spirit!)

I was on the panel with lisamantchev, mdhenry and anghara. It is amusing that all the published writers on the Writing and blogging panel would have LJs, no? Hee! And also, I said, during the panel and in front of witnesses that I would write some fanfic for lisamantchev's soon to be released Théâtre Illuminata trilogy, coming out in 2009. So. Ya'll are going to have to watch for those to come out.

I may even have to write some filk.

I was going to help out with Kinderfilk at 5pm, but drfilk, Creed and Dave seemed to have everything well in hand. The kids seemed to enjoy it. They had played their DS games during the other sing-a-long, but they love the fun stuff. After that, we went to the games room for a bit (they could spend all day there!) and then it was time for my concert.

Apparently, it went over well, but I have little conscious recollection of the event *other* than the fact that I was playing a virtually full room.


Seriously. The hell? I am an unknown. I have no CDs. I don't get out much, really. How did I end up with a full concert room?

So, I only counted 3 major screw ups, one on a song that I should totally have down pat, but evidently need to practice more than once a year. I started with a fanfiction/writer based theme, went on a little about my fandoms, and started with my writing filk and Kathy's Beta: Threes. After that, I did 2 Buffy songs, a BSG song, and 2 SGA songs. Atlantis Shines went over well, which was nice. There was some other stuff too. I finished with moosaic4's My Knight, but my fingers were completely numb, and in the last chorus, they kept slipping off the strings because I couldn't *feel* them. But it was still good. I think the next time I do a concert (she says with maniacal laughter) I will make sure I do something acapella for every 3rd song. Fingers must rest.

Today, I did the songwriting panel at 1pm with hsifyppah, Dix and Creed. I was *really* nervous, because I write at glacial speeds, and holy frak, I am going to talk to people about writing a song in an hour?


We asked for a title from the audience - we got "Who Are You People?" and went from there. Someone mentioned the shell shocked pilots and Flight attendants caught up in the hordes of wildly costumed fans. We started with some lines, then Creed mentioned about original tunes VS filking a tune, and next thing we knew, we haz writ a song!

It is currently living in the bag that Girly Girl has in the gaming room. And I have run off to the hotel for a break and an LJ fix.

On the agenda for tonight - more filk! And possibly, the World Con room party! Maybe even the dance! Not because I have a lot over energy, but because I have very little voice left.

Tomorrow, there is a panel on fanfic I may catch before we head out. NorWes always bags out early, with no significant dead dog party that I have ever seen, so there is no point that I can see in staying another night. And since I have tomorrow off - bwahaha! I can sleep in on Monday.

Gah! I gotta make a new corset before the next con - this one chafes under the arms.



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Mar. 23rd, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
With vixyish out for the weekend, hsifyppah and I were trying to cover the Serinfly songs to keep the Browncoats happy. It seemed to work, so that was good.

Sweetie, I wouldn't have been there anyway; they scheduled both sing-alongs on Friday during the day, when I would've been at work. (Tony and I had both expressly told them we were unavailable Friday daytime, but they tried to put us on things then anyway. La la la.)

Yay full concert room! Yay swingin' concert! Yay panels going well! You GO, girl! :)

Poor Brooke-- seems like everyone's getting sick these days! (At least mine had no fever...)

Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely!
Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
Ahh, uhm - Filk; lessee... Anything written yet to the tune of Weave Me The Sunshine? (see my communities' posts) Googled the sheet music... "capo'd at the fifth"? Are they ****in' nuts? Good thing my basso's still there...
Mar. 24th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
I wish I'd been in a more functional mode this weekend, but that's what I get for having the work I brought take much longer than expected and having more work drop on top it.
Mar. 24th, 2008 01:21 am (UTC)
Glad you had fun this weekend. I spent mine staving off an allergy attack. :-p

Ooo! Corsets! You make your own corsets? We need to talk................ *g*

The whole spider bite saga seems to be winding down to a slow & dragging end - I got back to the dr in about 8 days (I gotta call in the am & reschedule appt so I don't have to hustle back from Memphis.)

Hope to see you on-line on Monday, if you're not dead yet. ;)
Mar. 24th, 2008 05:23 am (UTC)
I found my notes from the songwriting panel! So uh, I guess I was there? I hate you, fever.

Who Are You People
or: Science Game

The pilots stepped in to the hallway
The flight crew pressed in close behind
And they looked around and the things that they saw
Made them regret they weren't blind

Pirates, stormtroopers and wizards
In corsets and leather and chains
They were surround by folks dressed as lizards
and zombies out looking for brains

Oh, no, please let us go!
Who are you people? they cried
The Hilton assured us a peaceful night's slumber
in calming surroundings - THEY LIED

Oh, no, please let us go!
We're learning the meaning of fear
We won't pet your dragon, we won't sell our "costumes"
We just want to get out of here!
Mar. 24th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Hello! I've been back home for Easter (with *no* internet access!!), so am getting through my flist a bit late... It sounds like you had a great time at the con. I'm so glad to hear that Atlantis Shines went down well and that the writers panel was a success! I'm also thrilled to have been there in spirit!! *hugs* cep xxx
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