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At FKO. Finally awake and sufficiently caffeinated. And supposd to be at a concert right now, just ran up to get my note book because *SONG IDEA* that is demanding to be finished, but then I thought, hey, I could post...

I did what I *always* do the night before a con - stayed up too late doing laundry, packing, trying to find 6 different filk songs that just refuse to be found, and got distracted by fanfic because the McShep is so pretty, and also, that Pendant of Ultimate Power! Inspired fic and discussion and that was distracting too...

Got to hsifyppah's place about 15 minutes late to pick her up, then we headed off to the airport. Traffic was good. Parking was easy. Check in was relatively painless. The lack off coffee we were both experiencing was *not*, so we quickly rectified that before getting on the plane. And I'd forgotten how easy domestic flight's were! Wow!

The flight was actually relaxing because a) exit row seats = leg room, YAY! and b) sitting with hsifyppah on a flight is higly recommend because she is fun.

By the time we collected luggage, caught the shuttle, checked into the hotel (where I just happened to run into Kathy in the lobby! OMG! Timing!) we still had enough time to get changed and into garb and be early for the wedding. Which was cool.

Then I got to meet jhayman and OMG that woman has so much energy, she makes me tired! And then, I saw Urban Tapestry in concert for the first time - yay! They are amusing and wonderfully talented and I may have to come back to FKO again. This could be addictive.

Stayed up too late, slept in, and here I am. Proving, once again, that I am a Live Journal junkie.

Must go listen to people make pretty music now. And try to finish these two songs before the weekend is over. GAH!!


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Apr. 5th, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you're having fun. I'm jealous. :)

Are you going to post the songs when you finish them?
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