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OMG!!! GRADUATION!!! She**DID* it!!!

Okay, so anyone who was on my friends list three years ago remembers the insanity that was my life when my mom got really sick and I was flying back and forth between here and Saskatchewan only to then get very sick and end up in the hospital myself.

Yeah. That really sucked.

Anyway. Further to that, after my mom died and I got everything squared away on her estate with the help of AuntOfStress, there was even more fallout on the end when I realized that JazzyGirl had been skipping classes and not doing any school work, blah blah. Totally screwed up her Grade 11, and she did a lot of the same last year. It was a complete write off.

So *this* year they let her repeat grade 12 with the solemn warning if she so much as glared at someone the wrong way, she was out-out-OUT and would have to go to adult ed to get her Grade 12.

I mentioned in the fall that I bought her a laptop to help with assignments, some of which she was able to do on line, and papers, since her writing is so atrocious and she actually has some school acknowledged written work output deficiency for which they actually allow her to do work other students are required to write out with the benefit of a computer. Yeah, it only took them 6 years to realize what I had been telling them since elementary school... *sigh*


My baby did it. She graduated. She walked across the stage, and it's all over but a few finals. Even better than that, she started her new job as the apprentice to the pastry chef at the fancy upscale restaurant on the beach the same week. As soon as school is out, she'll be there full time. And when she has enough hours to qualify for the apprentice whatsit, she'll be headed to VCC to take the pastry chef training.

It's been a long, hard road for my girl, but she did it. And it was her choice to do the work this year, to show up, to be in class - she could have blown it off again, but she didn't. She's gone to school 5 days a week and worked every weekend at her part time job (except for maybe two of three) since Christmas.

Wow. This kid? This is not the same kid from a year ago.

Graduation Pic Spam!

The school banner. Kinda nice, I thought. The school motto is nos quoque exploreums - We Also Explore

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We were downtown for dinner before the Grad, so I got a few pictures of Jazz in her Grad robe with the Law Courts in the background. *sniff* She's almost all growed up!

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Here's a close up - her hair matches her grad robe!

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Jazzy with Kent, our old roommate. Okay, so Kent hasn't been my roommie for, oh, almost 12 years. And yet... we still end our phone conversations with, "Bye, roommie!" It's cute. And he is the closest thing that Jazz has to a father in this world. He was at her Elementary grad, and he promised her then that he would be there for this.

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Jazzy and me. I look very bleh. I actually woke up with something just shy of a migraine that morning and called in to work to take a sick day. I slept till noon and felt much better for it but I still look like crap. Really, that's just an excuse. I would have looked like crap anyway. I really need to make myself some nice, classy top for formal-ish occasions.

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Kent, Jazzy and Me. Doesn't she look happy? Yeah, I know, not so much. She was so tired - up late the night before at a friend's school performance, then missed he bus and got stuck in Surrey for another hour - she didn't get home till after 1am. And then she had to be at work at the new place by 9 am. The only reason she didn't duck out on this grad thing was probably because I would have killed her.

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Jazzy and her friend Rinaldi.

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Here are the Grads, standing facing the audience before the ceremony begins. Jazzy was close to the end, and consequently, I was able to get a somewhat decent shot all things considered.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Very fuzzy and grainy, but not bad considering I was 24 rows back in a dark theater. You can actually make out that it is her! Jazzy, getting her folder from Ms. Braeder.

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Jazzy and her friend, Lily, after they handed in their robes.

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Jun. 2nd, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
How wonderful! I would be very, very proud, too! Congratulations!


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