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Stayed up waaaay too late yakking with roomie then reading SGA fic when I should have been writing But the Big Bang fics! OMG! I could not help myself!

So. Today I made Cinnamon Oat pancakes, western omelet and sausages for brunch. And coffee. Ccoffeecoffeecoffee, mmm... After that, I teased Jazzy girl, teased Kent, got teased in turn and generally laughed my ass off.

Once everything was cleaned up, I drank more coffee, read for a little while (more Big Bang fics, yay!) and then took Girly Girl and Monkey Boy shopping for school clothes. The boy needed new shoes too; got them both a couple pairs of jeans and a few new shirts.

When we finally came home, we ordered pizza and set the kiddies up to watch movies on the upstairs projection screen TV. Me, roomie and Jazzy went downstairs to the home theater and watched some other stuff. Man, it is *so* cool to watch movies in roomie's home theater!

When we finally came back upstairs, it was 1am. The kiddies were done with their movie; I thought they might be in bed. Nothing doing. The little brats had gone outside and were jumping on the trampoline. Quietly, mind you - they were smart enough to realize it was really late and they couldn't go out and start shouting - but they were on the trampoline!

I called them in and told them to get ready for bed. They asked for hot chocolate, and I totally caved - because wow, getting nippy outside at 1am here in late August, and hey, I've already completely let them have pop twice today and no veggies at all, so what's a little more sugar - and now they've gone to bed. Sounds like they are pretty much out like a light, sugar high notwithstanding.

I am going to read a little bit more now that roomie's friendly neighborhood unsecured network is little me in again. Because roomie wimped out on me and crashed. Hmph. I'll just have to harass him tomorrow when we go out for Chinese.



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