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7 Deadly Sins MEME

Saw this on sarah_p's LJ. Had to copy since I have not done a meme in a while.

Also, I usually don't do these types of meme's cuz, dude! Putting this shit out teh interwebs? I don't know if that's so smart.

Then again, it's not like my boss reads myL LJ, or I'm trying to become a politician or something.

7 Deadly Sins MEME

1. Post seven deadly sins in your journal
2. Fill in a act of sin you performed in your life for every type of deadly sin.
3. Tag 7 people.

Lust: Seriously? Read my latest fanfic. According to my FB, I have inspired lust in others. Hmmm. This may count under pride as well.

Greed: Other than having moments where I just WANT. EVERYTHING. OMG.(want to win the lottery, want a new house, new car, new furniture, new TV, trip to Europe, want want want want!) There is nothing in specific that stands out.

Gluttony: AYCE Sushi. Mmmm. Can't. Help. Myself.

Sloth: I have noticed a trend lately - I have been staying up till 4AM on weekends and then sleeping till noon when I should be up and doing things. I just can't seem to bring myself to care.

Wrath: Oh, I can put on my ranty pants when it come to my ex. As in, seriously would like to lay a hurtin' on the boy. Yis. Wrath, that's me.

Envy: I see all the comments and feedback some of my favorite writers get, and I find I feel jealous of their talent and ability to produce. I write slowly, and I do get feedback, but I must admit, it's addictive and I *crave* it and want more. So. I wish I could be as talented as they are and write as much, and that I could write a fic a week and get three pages of comments every time I do.

Then I get over myself. Till the next time I feel that way. Gah, I'm lame!

Pride: I live in a co-op and there are lots of families with kids around my kids ages. Sometimes I get *so* mad at the other parents for letting their kids get away with shit that I would not put up with at my house, no way, no how, nu-uh. And I can get into this vicious head space when I feel a sense of "better-than-you" cuz my kids would *never* pull that kind of shit.

Not that they are perfect, mind, because whoa. So not. But I think that a lot of parents are generally just too lazy to parent and put up with crap and ignore it where I always stomped on it and now I have reasonably well behaved children, I think.

So, yeah. Pride. I have to remind myself not to get a swelled head.

Tagging anyone who wants to share their failings with the LJverse...



Dec. 6th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)


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