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I was supposed to go to the 13th Colony's meet up tonight - THE END - "Daybreak" Pt 2 & 3, or "The Biggest, Best Frak Party Ever!". But I didn't. Cuz n7cdrsheppard called me about 10 minutes before I was going to leave, and that was that.

I mean, BSG finale with the ultimate group of BSG fans - that's frackkin' awesome let me tell you. But talking to n7cdrsheppard for 2 hours is FTW. Hands down. It's not like it was SGA, after all. *grin*


raishaan is up to visit for the weekend. I hope he's not bored, cuz mostly I was planning on sorting through crap that needs sorting tomorrow. He made Jazzy girl happy cuz he brought her cheezits. BTW? Anyone who ever comes to visit me from south of 49 must bring cheezits. It's the girl's new rule.

Am still getting organized for the 80's party next week. Made up a colour invitation to distribute to co-op members. Whaddya think?

I hope we get some good turn out. The social committee puts a lot of time and effort into planning and decorating for social events that we hope will draw our housing co-op together. People just don't participate and come out like they used to. I moved in here 12 years ago, and events used to be packed with no room to turn around and dances and community dinners. Now, it's like pulling hens teeth to get anyone besides the kids out. It's kind of disheartening.

We've done movie nights, crafts for kids, bingo, dance classes, sewing demos, games days, theme dinners, dance parties as well as the holiday stuff. We've done Rock Band recently -that had pretty good success with the kids, but not one single adult from the co-op came out.

I don't know what to do to get people interested in taking part. I don't know what else to propose. We have a multi-cultural community, but multi-cultural events don't seem to fly. Maybe people really just don't want to *have* a social committee, I just don't know.

In any case, I really hope that this party brings some people in. Otherwise, I think I might just have to agree with our chair and say frak it. Feh on all the poopers.

But on to more exciting things... OMG it's only 10 more sleeps till n7cdrsheppard comes to town for SGA/SG1 Creation Con! I'm not gong to attend myself because, well, it's a little rich for my blood and hey! Hewlett is not going to be there! It just figures that he was there *last* year when I was going to Toronto for FKO on the same weekend! Raar!

ANYroad... wheeee! So, I need to figure out what are the coolest things in my town to drag her around to when she's not busy goggling over Joe Flannigan (and lets face it, he is truly worth goggling over, nummy treats even!) but we plan to cause trouble and generally be shit disturbers of the very best kind.

First, on the Wednesday night, I'd like to get her out to see Marian Call at the Media Club. I'm not personally familiar with the other performers that night, but Marian was fantastic at Conflikt so I'm sure it'll be worth every penny of the $10 cover.

Hey, if you've never heard anything by here before, do yourself a favour and *watch this vid* - not only is it a great FIrefly vid, it showcases just how stunning her voice is.

So, besides getting her out to a great concert, I've got to come up with some other plans. I mean, I'm actually a pretty boring person outside of fandom. I read. I take the kids to the park. I make the kids ride their bikes. I take the kids swimming. I rent a movie for the kids. Uhm. I'm sensing a trend here.

Maybe I should get her to play Munchkin-Fu with us. Or even better, Star Munchkin! Because, first of all, those games totally rock, and second, she's got geek blood in her, and I think Star Munchkin would crack her up as much as it cracks me up.

After that? Well let's see. Last time she was in town, we tooled around here and there; we went to White Rock for breakfast, then took a walk out on the Pier. After that, we wandered around Granville Island for a while, and cruised by the Public Market where we scored smoked salmon for her and fudge for both of us.

So, we've had some fun. And she's been here before, and has done the whole North Shore/Lynn Canyon hike thing (thank GOD, because I'm seriously not interested in dragging all over hell and creation to go HIKING of all things - just call me Meredith)

There is:

The Vancouver Aquarium - haven't been there in a while.

Science World (though my son would kill me if I didn't take him along)

CN IMAX - haven't ever gone there.

Bloedel Conservatory - man, I haven't been there for years! I actually really liked that. And it's right at QE Park which is nice too, even if it won't be full of flowers yet.

The Vancouver Art Gallery - girly girl went there with her school group this weel, and she said that it was a good show.

Driving the Sea to Sky - driving to Whistler and back can be a day long adventure. It's been years since I did it, but I've loved it every time. Though I usually did it with kids in tow. Hmm. Would be different to do it without children along.

I particularly like Brandywine falls. IIRC, it's a couple klicks walk to the falls from the parking area, and the view is spectacular.

Also, the BC Museum of Mining is up that way too. It appeared in several episodes of The X-Files


Is late. Gah! Should be in bed. Going to sleeeeeeeep...




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Mar. 24th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC)
So I need to get some time off... Hmm... I've got my WA ID now, but only a copy of my birth certificate still... Hmm... But I can try. When do you get in, Raven? And when will you be leaving? And if I can't make it, can you guys come see me? *sniffles* I really wanna make it up there, though, because I've been craving some Broken Down Golf Carts like you wouldn't believe... ;P
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