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Pondfilk 2009, The Prequel

Recently, when trystel and moosaic4 drove up for drfilk's memorial, we made a plan; I would go down Thursday June 25th before Pondfilk and visit with the two of them in Snohomish before we headed up to Victoria. As the day grew closer, it was apparent to me that it wasn't going to work out, so I expressed my regrets and told them I'd see them on the weekend.

I sincerely and grievously underestimated the determination of my friends. After contacting me almost every day for a week, moosaic4 called me up on the Tuesday and informed me if I would not be getting onto a bus, she was driving up *from Oregon* to pick me up on Thursday afternoon, and what time would I be off work, thank you very much. And then we would drive back down to Snohomish.


Needless to say, I ended up in Snohomish that night. OMG. I <3333 my spectacularly awesome friends. They are made of win and l33t sauce. Seriously. I mean who the frack *does* crazy shit like that??

::looks at moosaic4::

So, I took a few pictures...

Beading! Beading!

moosaic4, making a necklace. Or a bracelet. Or both. Or several. I lost track.
Beading! Beading!

trystel, working on a cider. I mean, on a bracelet! Erm. Both!
Proof in the beading... Proof in the beading...

Even *I* can be induced to beading. All it takes is two (2) excellent friends who love beading to whine at me a little bit and the liberal application of (1) glass of Crown Royal. Of course, if the Crown gets refreshed now and again, I'm not going to complain.

Also, who the hell's idea was it to make these bead so frickin' tiny? RAWR!
More Beading! More Beading!

Seed beads galore! I ended up threading so many of those tiny little things (grrr) but it was a pretty result. And, I got to hang out with two of my favorite people. So, win all around.
Packin' up Packin' up

Hey tuto! Don't fall in!
Road trip! Road trip!

Teyla trying to give Rodney a hand up while tuto grins over his shoulder.
Movies! Movies!
"Aww, c'mon McKay! It's a great movie!"

"Oh my God, you *know* how much I hate that movie! No!"




On a mission On a mission
After Colonel whiney-pants worked himself into a pout (all because of McKay's very reasonable refusal to watch the scientific drivel in the movie about time traveling Deloreans) Rodney is grateful to see they are almost at the Ferry. It's time to get out of the car and secure some coffee.
Recon Time for Recon

Sheppard and McKay try to make a plan of attack for getting in, getting coffee and getting out.
Teyla has other plans... Teyla has other plans...
"We shop."

"Uh, Teyla... we have to catch the ferry-"


"Uh, right. Shopping it is."
Boys hanging out... Boys hanging out...

While Teyla is off terrorizing shop keepers into submission and deals!deals!deals! Sheppard takes a moment to look out over the water and sees the Ferry is fast approaching. Time to saddle up!
Place your bets! Place your bets!

As Sheppard considers the screen and places his bet, he has a strange sense of Deja Vu - feels like he's in Vegas, and perhaps there may be a Wraith nearby...
ZOMG! Death from CUTE! ZOMG! Death from CUTE!

Someone, quick! Give me a shot of insulin! Throw a saving roll against teh cuteness, OMG too late aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Seriously though. Holy shit. Aren't they CUTE? There should be a LAW or something. CUTE!
Not quite Bantos sticks... Not quite Bantos sticks...

It's hard to tell exactly what provoked them, but the boys seem to be having it out. Maybe it's the coffee, which Sheppard seems defending from McKay's frontal assult. Looks like maybe Teyla's going to get in on the action as well...
Caffeine intervention? Caffeine intervention?
"Hey! I need this coffee! I've already had a full day and you're all going to be sorry if I fall asleep in the middle of some crucially important life or death situation because I'm caffeine deprived!"

"Allow me to demonstrate several techniques involving strenous physical exertion via unarmed combat to help increase your wakefulness, Dr. McKay."

"Ahh, Teyla, we don't want to *break* him, just get him to easy up on the coffee a little bit..."

"Yes! YES! Listen to the Colonel! I've seen the error of my way, honestly, and I'm wide awake! See? Not sleepy at all, here..."
Best seat in the house Best seat in the house

Rodney hitches a ride with this hot chick who picked him up over coffee on the Ferry. Lucky dog!


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Jul. 3rd, 2009 07:13 am (UTC)

People who love you and have running vehicles do things like that...

Love you, even if I don't have a reliable vehicle, I wish I could kidnap you myself...miss you muches.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

PS: Hubby DID work on Lady though..until he got a call from work, that he had to come in, because the place caught major fire and they needed help cleaning up the mess the fire, fire sprinklers, and fire department left. There is hope yet!
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