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HEY! PODFICCERS ON MY FLIST! (or anyone interested in Podfic, or even anyone who has no idea what it is and might want to know more...)

I'm doing a presentation on Podfic at writercon in a couple weeks and I have some questions for you. Does attending a Podfic panel interest you? What would you want to learn? What would you want to share?

Assuming that there is a mixed audience (newbies and old hands) what would be the ideal subject matter for presentation? Hand outs with URLs to find instructions? Archive URLs? Tips and tricks? Podfic recs? Is there a Podfic FAQ that you would recommend?

My proposed outline for this presentation:

- a 15-20 min "What is Podfic" intro

- aprox 30 min Q&A/discussion

The completly uninitiated scarlettgirl gave me a great list of questions that I am going to use as the basis of the presentation part:

1. What the heck is it?
2. Why is it so popular all of a sudden?
3. What's the deal with recording stories that aren't yours (author permission, etc.)
4. How do I record it? Read it? Edit it? (Software options, support communities, etc.)
5. What do I do with it once I'm done?
6. Is there podfic protocol that you need to know before tromping in and getting muddy boot prints all over the furniture.

- remainder of time will be used to allow folks to have a chance to do a reading (maybe bring a selection of drabbles, or invite participants to bring a drabble) so they can try out reading into a mic, see how Audacity works, see how easy it is to edit a sound file; possibly find several volunteers before hand to do a multi voice reading and convert it to mp3 right there and them so if people want, they can upload a fresh podfic right onto their iPod by the end of the session.

What do you think? Suggestions? Comments? Discussion? Bueller?

BTW - who on my flist is attending Writercon? This presentation is on Sunday afternoon, and the person that I was supposed to be moding the panel with apparently has a timing conflict, so I am on my own. (Eeep!) I wouldn't be adverse to having an experienced guest who would be willing to field some questions.


Jul. 19th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
Okay. Step one. Dowload Audacity. No, I;m not kidding! Seriously, do it.

Once you've done that, we'll talk. It's really very user friendly.
Jul. 19th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
Um, okay. DL complete. :-)
Jul. 19th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
Step two is, once it's installed, test it out a little bit. Seriously. Create a new project and just say test, one two three and play it back to check the levels and such, get a feeling for your mic and what the back ground noise is like.

Now, I figured out how to use it on my own - like I said, it's pretty user friendly - but I found this great podcast tutorial that was everything I had to figure out for myself in simple, following along video lessons of a couple minutes each.

Only difference is, I think, that the newer version of Audacity (what you likely downloaded) has the "Preference" in the EDIT menu, not the FILE menu.

The lessons are;

-Recording Setup
-The Editing Tools
-Basic Editing and Trimming Your Audio
-Adjusting Levels
-Importing Audio and Adding Music to Your Podcast
-Saving Your Project and Exporting the MP3

And we seriously need to find a way to chat. Are you on YIM or MSN?
Jul. 19th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Argh. I'm not even sure I have a working microphone. Is there one built into the PC or do I need to plug in an external one? Do you see the depths of ineptitude you have to deal with? :-)

And I only barely just learned how to use my ipod. You might have to be patient with me for a few days while I check this out. As for YIM and MSN, um no? I don't think so at any rate. I used to have AOL IM, but I'm on gmail now.

Give me a poke in a few days if you haven't heard back from me--I'll get D to walk me through some stuff so it will go faster--I'm also in the throes of DL a tweetdeck and I sense tech overload coming on. Normally I love to work things out for myself, but I might need to cheat and get the expert geek involved.
Jul. 20th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
Usually you have a mic built in, at least to a laptop. And don't sweat it - the cheap, plastic $10-30 mics you can get at any computer store are sufficient. Skype mics, gaming mics - it's all good.

Gmail huh? I sent you a ping - is sgamadison at gmail dot com?

No worries - take your time, it's not going anywhere. I would love to co-read a fic with you. Hmm. I think that I do a reasonable Rodney. OMG, I wish I could get n7cdrsheppard interested in reading one - with her laid back, California accent and the way she puuuulls out the vowels on "Rodneeeeeeeeey", she'd be *fantastic* to co-read with as well.

Have fun with tweetdeck!
Jul. 20th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
hee--that would be good, because I'm pretty sure I could never speak that fast. :-)


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