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Not that this will come as any surprise to SGA fans who have been holding out hope for a movie, but today I got confirmation that they've decided to screw us over once again.

Brad Wright and his cronies have decided that there " not enough fan interest" in an SGA movie - so they're NOT MAKING ONE! I know, I know, there's been rampant speculation about this, even David Hewlett stated on his Twitter that he didn't think it would be happening. But we now have positive confirmation from a highly placed inside source. I heard today it's been decided that the fans simply won't care.

So. When they killed our show, there really wasn't anything we could do – it was pretty much fait accompli, and barring winning the lottery and buying the frickin' rights to produce the damn thing ourselves, there wasn't really a snowball's chance we'd get another season.

HOWEVER!! We *CAN* show the rat bastard Brad Wright that he is wrong, wrong, OH SO VERY WRONG about the level of fan interest in an SGA movie. Anyone around here in the mood to throw some lemons Brad's way?

Come on! If Bjo Trimble could organize a letter writing campaign in the 1960s to bring back Star Trek for a third season, and spearhead another campaign to have the first of NASA's space shuttles named Enterprise (BOTH of which worked!) then... hey. We're not asking for a whole season of our show. We're not asking to name anything! We just want the movie they promised us.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm all for writing the PTBs!

ETA: I have been asked, numerous times, about my source. Well, let me just say you can't live in Vancouver for a week without running into someone who works in the industry. I've been here for over 20 years. I can hardly go to my local Safeway without running into industry insiders. Hell, when we were building the Stargate for the parade, a woman in the neighborhood walked by and said her husband had worked on the show - a few hours later he came by and chatted with us for over an hour about the gate and props and such!

So. Call it bullshit if you want. Especially if you don't know me - use your best judgement for goodness sake, that's why you *have* it. It's not like I'm going to be offended that people doubt the veracity of the source. I grok your skeptiscim. I just happen to A) know that the source is for real and B) be telling the truth.
Tags: brad wright should suck a lemon, fandom: sga, rant
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