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Reflections on Consonance

D00d. Long trip was looooong. And pondside drove the whole way, there and back. She's amazing.

We stopped in Redding, California the first night cuz the weather was iffy. We left about 9am and stopped in Portland to see moosiac4, have nummy Indian food for dinner and then drove the rest of the way home.

The border was a breeze - I love coming across into Canada. In my experience, the border guards are always great, even when they are not.

[mini US Border crossing rant]

Going down this time, we have a grumpy, growly US border guard. He made a comment about not caring about what the American was doing (me - I have a US passport) but she was a Canadian, so he had to... and he left it hanging. Had to what? had to be an asshole? Had to growl and look menacing? Had to meet his quota for harassing innocent people? Seriously, What?! pondside had related she was pulled over and asked a zillion questions in January before coming for Conflikt, and I think, had I not been with her, an obviously 'upstanding American', he was totally ready to pull her over just on a whim. It was STUPID.

Coming back up, I apologized for not having a new PR card yet, and the three border guards talk for a second before looking at us speculatively and wondering aloud if they should make us sing to get back into the country. HA! I asked them if they wanted to hear something on the guitar or the dulcimer. pondside totally would have played them a song. Hee!

[/rant mini US Border crossing rant]

We rolled in about 1:30 am IIRC. Or, maybe that was when I finally got to bed. Something like that. It was laaaaate.

So what did I do at Consonance? I got to hear some great concerts. I got to sing with some awesome people. Kathy Mar taught me a harmony for this song she and cflute usually sing so that she could slip in a third harmony - that was *cool*. I got to hang out with pondside and judifilksign. I got to see n7csheppard and she got to hear some filk stuff! I got to hear the parody that my way-too-laaate night conversation about fanfic and messing with established story canon inspired moshez to write about one of hsifyppah's songs. And I finally wrote a Vorkosiverse song.

It was a good weekend.

Now? I just need to sleep for a week and all will be right with the Universe.


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Mar. 11th, 2010 12:47 am (UTC)
Oh, don't get me started on the border guards. I've informed my VanCon carload to be prepared for getting pulled over and checked as we try to come back into the country, just cause we got a lot of people crammed into the car and stuff. I went up with itsjustgwen for the last Gate meeting and the guard going into BC was cool, but I'm always so scared about the guard coming back into WA.
Glad you had fun! NorCal is the place to be!
Mar. 11th, 2010 05:47 am (UTC)
It was good. Yeah that crossing guard ( I like to think of them that way -- visualizing them with little red and yellow outfits helping little old ladies across the street makes them less menacing) he was sincerely a "nasty man"

Luckily we didn't have to sing to get back into the country cause I was warming up "Men Don't Clean Toilets" by James Gordon, another fine upstanding Canadian :)

loves you

Mar. 11th, 2010 06:31 am (UTC)
You has a US passport? Me sometimes wishes me had a Canadian one.

Would that song by any chance have been "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her"? I heard cflute and Kathy singing it in the hotel restaurant at Conflikt with a third -- pocketnaomi maybe -- and it had been so long since I heard the song I had to ask what the name was. It was one beautiful song.

And if it wasn't, well I'm sure that will be a beautiful song too. :)
Mar. 11th, 2010 07:54 pm (UTC)
I remember, back in the days of 'Detente', January, 1977, when we ('we' meaning 'they') weren't mad at Iran, Afghanistan, were merely a little leery of the USSR, hadn't heard of Grenada, El Salvador, whatever, when I crossed the border the first time to go to a US Con - my first con ever, actually - the white-haired, already-keeping-his-teeth-in-a-glass guard's reaction to us. I wish I could do it again, just so I could do the talking, or at least re-phrase just what it was we were coming across to attend.

The person driving answered the guard's demand of just why we were were Seattle-bound with "We're going to a convention" To his further query of "What kind of convention!?" she replied "A Star Trek convention.", to which the response was "Whazzat!?". I remember thinking that, even if the show hadn't been his cup of tea, how could he have been unaware of it?

Whatever. I guess we might have fetched a little less of a Scooby-Doo " - uuurrgghnnhh!?" take from this Gomer if we had said "a Science-Fiction convention.", instead, as it probably would have been easier to define that noun to him by simply saying " - that Buck Rogers stuff", rather than trying to explain what folks watched Mondays on NBC from '66 to '69.

I just wonder if there would be any purpose to surreptitiously video-recording one of these inquisitions and sending it to a high-ranking liberal in power down there with the query "Why is this happening? Do we really look that dangerous?". Or would that, if passed back down the line just make it exponentially worse the next time you get a jones* & head for Blaine for for, I don't know, Jack In The Box?

(*I had an acquaintance, back in 1982, tell me how he'd once, with a straight face, told a Blaine border guard that he'd driven some 30 miles from North Van because of a McNugget attack, said comestible not yet available on our side of Checkpoint Charlie, there)
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