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Crazy beaders are CRAZY

So, I dunno if I ever mentioned this before, but all three of my partners in crime this weekend are crafties.

tystel is an avid beader; this woman has more different kind of beads than I had ever seen one person own before. Organized in little plastic boxes, with labels, stowed away in drawers of wheeled craft carts - wow. She is AMAZING. And she has SO MUCH SHINY!!

moosaic4 is a knitter. She makes socks, handbags, clothing, toys - she made a Loch Ness! and Angler fish! So cool! She's also a beader.

pondside is a knitter, a stamper, a beader, a card maker, a scrapbooker - well, you name the craft, she's probably done it. She has this WONDERFUL craft room called Craft Heaven and I could die happy there.

So, all three of them pulled out beading stuff and I jumped right in with them. I think by the end of today, we had collectively made 5 necklaces, 11 bracelets, a lanyard and I dunno what else. Tourmaline, lapis lazuli, amber, moonstone, mother of pearl, quartz - yeah, I shudder to think about what the price tag *just for materials* would have been on any of the stuff I made today.

We talked and beaded and sang and beaded and went for Thai food and then came back and beaded some more. I am sad that we have to go home tomorrow. I am so glad that pondside was willing to graciously open her home so we could invade her and we all had the chance to hang out. I love being a cons with these ladies, but it's just so nice to NOT have to worry about anything - no programming, no guests, no hospitality, no NOTHING, just friends.

Side note; if I ever acquire another cat, it will be a Devon Rex. Because OMG, they are best cats EVAR!!!

**hugs gorgeous, oh-so-sweet, tortoiseshell Devon rex**

Emma is almost the noisiest cat I have ever met, and I adore her.

Hmmm. Must sleep.



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Apr. 29th, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
I'm jealous! It sounds like you guys had a great time.
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