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*blink* Where'd my weekend go?

And it was a HOLIDAY weekend for us Canucks. That'll teach *ME* to bring work home.

On the other hand, on Friday night I was still 2 days behind from my business trip the previous week. So, it really was worth it. I'm mostly caught up now, and can hit the ground running instead of a week behind before I even get started.

Plus, I plan on billing for the hours. Works for me.

I'm going to a Women's Retreat in Abbotsford this coming weekend, so I figure I'll ditch out of work by noon. The Trans Canada is always such a nightmare at rush hour, and doubly so on a weekend, I want to BE there before it starts. From my office, I figure it's an hour or an hour and a half, so if I'm outta there by 1pm, I should be laughing. I can just telecommute from the hotel and finish there, relax in my room, and avoid rush hour.

I may end up retreating from the retreat. I have a half a mind to hole up in my room and record the podfic that I have piled up to finish. I'm half way through a couple different stories, and I may have to start from scratch if the sound is really different in the hotel room. I just never find a moment alone to record at home - I don't want to be in the middle of recording a steamy Mcshep scene when I child comes downstairs at night.

I love my kids, but MAN do I need a completely ALONE TIME break from them. I have travelled a lot in the last year (a lot for me) and been busy at events and cons and stuff - but I have always had people around. I haven't had any true time to myself in longer than I can remember. This coming weekend might just be the thing. Or, I could end up at all of the talks. We'll see.

I just made about a zillion bran muffins. I usually cheat and buy the granola bars or the cereal bars or other stuff like that for the kids school snacks, and I keep thinking that I should be baking healthy stuff for them. But time - I never seem to has it. Also, I made homemade pizza pops again. Bake, not fried, pizza dough, not lard based pastry crust - yeah, it's still sausage and cheese, but I made them and know it's the good stuff. Of course, they eat them in two days, and I think why do I bother, but they're better than the store bought ones.

Luckily, Monkey Boy likes making the pizza pops too, so I foist that job off on him sometimes. He likes to cook, that boy of mine. He could be the next Rob Fennie. Except that he wants to build robots and write machine code. Hmm. Maybe he'll design robots that will run restaurants. Or something.

I was up till 5am reading Feed. Finished it. Cried. If you haven't read it yet, why are you still here? You, go now! *snaps fingers*

I know that Seanan said this is supposed to be the more mature novel, not so much for youth as Rosemary and Rue, but I m passing this one directly onto GirlyGirl as soon as she finishes Haze.



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May. 25th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
That "You, go now!" *snaps fingers* I so totally heard in Rodney's voice... isn't that just a little bit scary?
May. 25th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Sounds kind of like how things have been here. It's been *crazy* and I went away last weekend for some alone time/retreat/get freaking sloshed time and only accomplished one of them (though I must say that was a reeeeally good bottle and a half of wine I shared with my friend.)
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