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Minor heart attack at work today...

Fell asleep on the couch last night; staggered up to bed at 3am.

Woke up at 6:30AM with headache - decided to go back to bed for another hour.

Woke up at 9:30AM with no headache and no memory of turning my alarm off.

Got to the location of work at 9:50, and of course, found all of the stalls filed. Spent 20 minutes looking for a spot that had only 2 hour parking.

Walked in the door to have the office manager grab me and tell me Boss Man was panicking, trying to reach me.

Booted up computer and tried to send the three .mp3 files that I recorded of bad service calls for bossmans's meeting with the bigwigs this morning - the ones I was going to send him at 8am. For his meeting that started at 10.

Ignored Outlook when it yelled at me and said the 9 meg files were too big, and used 'send to mail recipient' function instead.

Got paranoid that wouldn't work and uploaded all the files to megaupload just in case.

Worried all day long that I embarrassed my most favorite, bestest boss EVAR in a big meeting with bigwigs that make more money in a year than I do in a decade.

Just got an IM from the bossman that the emails came through just fine, and that the bigwigs have decided to do this biweekly and I'm to be setting these up from now on.


ohthankgod. I was looking at job listings on Craigslist again. I get so paranoid. I really like this job and I don't want to lose it and also, I need this job cuz I may slit my wrists if I have to go back to what I was doing before. Also, have I mentioned how much I like the people I work with? I really do.

And it's just frickin' COOL that I got to use my music software for work purposes - snipping out dead air with GoldWave, encoding the .wav as an .mp3 with LAME. It's a such a small thing, but it's nice to be trusted to take care of these important things for my boss. And to know it went well for him when I was freaking out that I screwed up.



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Jul. 13th, 2010 10:21 pm (UTC)
Many congrats. It's delightful that you were able to come through in a crunch ... especially on such a "lack of sleep" situation like that.
Jul. 14th, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)
Glad it worked out. Anything for me there? I would like a change. :)
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