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I think it's time for FILK...

Sadly, I'm not going to Orycon. Several reasons - a) I still haven't gotten my a$$ in gear and got my new PR card. I'm lazy. Shut up. Also, b) it's money that I can't afford to spend right now, as well as c) time I would need to take off work and really shouldn't since that turns into unpaid days off.

BUT! I had a great time at VCON and now I am craving FILK! Also, I haz a new Bodhrán and I got a lesson at VCON from Heather and now I WANT TO PLAY WITH IT!!

Therefore, I am having a House Filk on November 13th. That way, I get my filk fix, and anyone else missing out on Orycon who wants to filk can come out and play with me!

WHEN: 4pm (or whenever) till LATE
WHERE: Casa De Shad (git yer direcshunz here...)
if you can't see the directions, it means you're not in the filter; let me know so I can add you
WHAT: Filk, Food, Friends, fun...

- munchies to share (if you want)
- people you like
- instruments to play
- music I can steal copy
- chocolate

Don't bring:
- Snow
- vampires (Spike is an exception)
- zombies
- aliens (Asgard are okay; Wraith are not)
- stuff that makes you cranky



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Oct. 19th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
Sigh. Sadly, I'm just too far away from the Casa de Shad.

As a consolation, let me supply you with some Instafilk, ttto "Tiny Bubbles" (inspired by a new non-fiction book). I also mailed a copy to figmo, since this is more her vein than mine.

Future Babble,
tossing the dice,
Asking the "I Ching":
Will opportunity knock twice?

Future Babble,
trying to see what's next;
oh, it's what is unforeseen that has us so vexed!

Future Babble,
trying to see ahead,
reading the entrails,
what will come when you're dead?

Future Babble,
predicting forward,
oh, why do we want it so much now till the end of time?

Future Babble,
Nostradamus claims,
crystal gazing, pyramid games.

Future Babble,
it's prophecy all over;
But the truth is, we won't know what happens till it happens, anyway!

Oct. 19th, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
Err, that's "tried to e-mail a copy to figmo ..."

Her mailbox is apparently full -- I got an error message from the other end. :-/
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