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I... just. Dude. I have no words. Clint McCance, you are one seriously screwed up dude.

So I got to thinking after I heard about this... there was recently a big court case in BC where Trinity Western University fought for the right to be able to graduate certified teachers. As an evangelical Christian school, they hold to the belief that homosexuality is a sin. The BC College of Teachers argued that TWU grads would stigmatize any gay students they taught.

The TWU eventually won because the Supreme court of Canada ruled in their favour, saying, "The perception of the public regarding the religious beliefs of Trinity graduates and the inference that those beliefs will produce an unhealthy school environment have, in our view, very little to do ... with the particular expertise of the [teachers' college]". The Justices went on to say that, basically, the College had failed to prove that TWU was churning out bigots.

Now, what did vice-president Guy Saffold of TWU say about all this kerfuffle? Keep in mind, this guy unapologetically believes homosexuality is a sin: "The Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed that, in our multi-cultural and multi-faith society, people cannot be arbitrarily penalized or barred from participating in public life simply because they hold religious views. TWU students will continue to be taught to love and respect everyone, including homosexuals.

Why can't there be more people like that? Why is it so damn hard for people to respect other people, even when they have a clash of beliefs? I can totally and completely disagree with any of you on a number of volatile topics, but I'm not going to rip you apart and wish you were dead because I don't agree with a choice you've made, even if I happened to think of as a reprehensible choice. And I can say that seriously, because there is at least one person on my Flist who actually made what I consider a reprehensible choice, and I do not hate that person. I am conflicted over that person, but hate is not even part of the equation.

So. Uhm. I am So Sorry, Arkansas, that you have a turd like Clint McCance to deal with. I'm going to go home tonight and hug my kids and tell them that, no matter what choices they make in their lives, I will always, whole heartedly love them, and they will always be welcome in my home, with no reservations.


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Oct. 28th, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Right now this is becoming a huge hot button topic because of the upcoming elections in the US. The various parties are making an issue out of gay rights and playing upon the small-mindedness of voters who will chose a candidate because they support the same social issues that they do.

The mid-term elections are projected to go so badly for the moderate and liberals right now that even people who normally would support gay rights are being circumspect about saying so openly. In some cases, it's a matter of a candidate distancing themselves of their beliefs in order to win the vote.

It also seems to give free reign to the haters to come out and make a public outing of their beliefs. It boggles my mind that the NPR guy who was fired for making a public statement about fearing Muslims dressed in traditional garb on airplanes has not only been given a $2 million contract by FOX news but people on FOX can openly call for Obama's assassination and this school board guy can make these kinds of statements and no one says a word.

It is beyond messed up. I really despair sometimes for the future of my country.
Oct. 28th, 2010 02:39 am (UTC)
You know, I suspect that we see a lot more of this bigotry because people feel free to spew on FB, or Twitter, or wherever else. I don't think it's gotten worse (although the conservative backlash is growing), but people feel free to overshare. In psychology, we had a term: "social desirability bias" on surveys, where you would have to correct for people saying what they think you wanted to hear. I think a lot of people lose that filter online.

For me, as someone who has been bullied, and who knows the kinds of scars that leaves, I believe that it is NEVER OKAY to be mean to someone. Period. End of story. EVEN IF you think someone is a scum-sucking cellar-dweller who should never be allowed out in polite company, you still treat that person with dignity and respect.

But you know what? People like McCance make me wish that I could give him a taste of his own medicine.
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