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The wacky hijinks of Jazzy girl

Jazzy girl has been going to her culinary course Since July - 7 months now.

This block they are doing service - all of them have to work in the school's 'fine dining' restaurant as servers, waiting tables, taking orders, being the bartender - all of it.

Now, Jazzy has Social Anxiety disorder, and while she is perfectly functional in terms of getting on a bus and going to the store (because it's not agoraphobia) she doesn't do well in situations where she has to interact with people in a high pressure/stressful situation.

She had to take care of a table last night for the first time ever, and she had a panic attack before class even started, and another one just before she went on the floor. Shaking, trouble breathing, tears, the whole 9 yards.

She told me that her classmates were really supportive, and that her teacher was really wonderful and understanding. They all knew she was terrified of this - she's been dreading it since she started the course.

Well, everyone was so proud of her, they took her out drinking after class.


My daughter, who will be 22 in a month, has never been out drinking. She's never been to a bar. Oh, I've taken her to the pub for a drink and an appy, just the two of us, but she has never gone drinking with friends. She usually enjoys mocking her classmates when they come in hungover on Monday mornings, telling them they're idiots, and asks me why people think it's fun to get stupid drunk and then stumble through the class in pain the next day.

She was HILARIOUS when she called me from skytrain to come pick her up, whispering in that too loud "I'm trying to be quiet and stealthy but failing" voice - "I really need to pee!"

*giggles madly*

She informed me that Justine kept filling her beer glass -

"It was empty, and then suddenly it was full again, I don't know how that kept happening, I told her to stop that but she *wouldn't* and it's not my fault!"

and how she told the bartender not to bring them any more beer -

"I told her, mom, I told her not to bring us any more beer, but she wasn't listing to me, oh my god, I think I'm drunk, it's not my fault, why did they do this to me?"

and how she told Cameron, the class asshole, how she really felt about him -

"I don't like you. You're an asshole. I know you can't help it, but don't be an asshole to me, or next time I'll cut your fingers off!"

and how she thought, maybe, she could sort of understand now why her classmates did this all the time -

"This is actually kinda fun, but oh my god! Its EXPENSIVE! All our tip money, gone! But, whoa, the room, it's spinning! It was still kinda fun. I need to pee again, why do I need to pee again? Oh god, I'm drunk! Why did they do this to me?"

and then she mentioned that she hadn't bothered to EAT anything before they went out -

"...and I realized after one beer when I started getting tipsy that maybe I better eat something, cuz I didn't eat anything cuz I was so nervous, but the bar was such a dive and all they had was wings and OMG so gross! I'm so HUNGRY!"

but mostly, it was just a very stream-of-consciousness ramble. I sat, and listened and laughed a lot.

I made her eat something, drink a lot of water and stay up for another hour. I wanted to be sure she was on the down swing, not still peaking - nothing worse than going to bed when you're still metabolizing alcohol and still haven't even hit your full-on drunk. I also made her take some ibuprofen to help with any potential headache. She should be waking up soon, and I hope that she's like me and doesn't get a massive hangover. I had more than my share of benders when I was young, and I'm lucky that I can count the times I was actually hung over on one hand.

I did tell her that I found this hilarious BECAUSE she doesn't do things like this - usually, her good time is hanging out with friends online. This is a first. But I know how easy it would be for it to become a regular thing given opportunity - and since she's never had a lot of friends, having a group of crazy people she's going to school with who actually like her and want her to come with them could be very tempting.

I was pleased, though, to find out she called the house three times to try and let me know she would be out late, but I was working late so I didn't get them.

Heh. Man, you should have seen her. I can't wait to tease her when she gets home tonight.



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Feb. 17th, 2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
HEE! Bless her heart. I'm glad she got through it and that she has such supportive friends!
Feb. 17th, 2011 08:22 pm (UTC)
22 is a pretty good age. i've a student, 16, who has brought to hospital a few weeks ago because if alcohol poising. 16!!

a good friend of mine has anxiety attacks lately but in another way. she can go out and be with people, her biggest fear is not to wake up again, to die of something. she went to a million doctors in the last weeks and thankfully she does therapy now and takes some medication.
Feb. 18th, 2011 02:04 am (UTC)
Hunny, your daughter and I would make the best of friends xDDD
I'm 21, and have probably consumed a total of 5 alcoholic drinks since I turned 19 xD
I've yet to be drunk...scared of it, honestly.
And after all the stories I've heard from my older cousins, and the pictures I've seen...I'm not entirely sure I ever -want- to get drunk. It doesn't sound particularly pleasant xD

Hooray for supportive classmates!
Which cul school is she attending? One of my older cousins is a chef, went to VCC
Feb. 18th, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
She could have been out in worse company, at least. Did her friends know what they were doing? Probably not. Now she's had her baptism of fire - water. (MWA_HA_HA!!!)
Feb. 18th, 2011 03:00 am (UTC)
MY Girl drunk???? giggle... hugs
love you all
Feb. 19th, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
Oh Jazzy how I feel for you.

I was in that boat, uh....last Saturday. Thankfully I had the lovely mercury973 & torra there guiding me along the road to drinking.
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