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I decided that I was going to actually wish everyone a happy birthday for a year, no matter how tardy. I'm reeeeeally tardy. I can't even tell you why I decided to do this. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


So if you are on my FLIST and have recently have had a birthday, pay attention, there may be something here for you.


From June 19, so only 3 weeks overdue -

Happy Belated b-day to lunabee34, who was recently in Nawlins and Miss'ip - I'm glad it was a time full of fun and good food, darlin'! *eyes you speculatively* I can't offer you any Potterverse fic, but I'd be happy to write you an SGA ficlet of at least 500 words...

Happy Belated b-day to fenchurche, who was off hanging out with nmissi - did you ever manage to find a traditional, squirrel meat burgoo? On second thought, I'm not sure I want to know.

From June 20

meko00 - I hope you had a lovely birthday. As a side note, if you like seanan_mcguire's books, you should check out her music!

k_crow - Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope you did something nice for yourself!

From June 21 -

julesong - I hope that your B-day featured great food and something browncoat related!

From June 25 -

autographedcat - I totally would have come to your WALSH LIVES! viewing shin-dig if I'd been in the area! I hope that you had a fabulous birthday, m'dear!

June 29th

limerickgirl Here's hoping you had a fun and wonderful birthday!

hipapheralkus You, at least, I saw and wished a happy birthday in person! And hey! We went out for something to eat and the didn't forget your meal! The curse is broken! *grin*

rusty_halo My dear, it sounds like your life is stressful right now. I understand 50 hour work weeks - they're tough! I hope that you had a chance to do something fun and relaxing on your special day - *hugs*

June 30th

kendaer - buddy, I hope you had a great one! Happy birthday!

airawyn - Here's hoping that your day was fabulous! Also, did you watch the Game of Thrones on TV? I haven't read the book and I was curious how closely it followed.

esteefee - I had something for you! I really did! I just didn't finish it in time, and now I feel bad. *sad face* But! I finished it, so when I get home, I'll post it for you! Or, actually, maybe tomorrow since I have a jam tonight... anyway! *smurches you* Happy happy B-day!

July 1

desdemonaspace Dude. I am sorry that you got nailed by debit card scammers. That sucketh verily and forsooth. I am *really* sorry that it was someone in *MY* area. That's massively uncool - hoser indeed! *hugs you* I hope that you managed to have a decent birthday in spite of the crap.

July 4

it_aint_easy I wish you guys were closer! Or that I could come down there more! Or all of the above! [/whine] Anyway, I hope that you had a rockin' birthday - *hugs*

figmo I hope that things are going well at the new job - and one that actually believes, as you say, in work life balance is a good one indeed! I hope that you're birthday was relaxing and fun!

July 5

anghara Happy birthday to a girl who can no longer fly. You paint such lovely word pictures - I hope that your special day was fantastic!

July 6

em_kellesvig I haz a little something for you, but it's not done yet. Because, I suck. Did I mention that I am bad at birthdays? but! I will post it tomorrow, along with the one I have for esteefee!


Finally! I actually feel better now!



Jul. 9th, 2011 06:16 am (UTC)
McShep is awesome! Long live the McShep!

How about McShep in the context of the team? Maybe some down time or a mission that goes well, but everybody getting along and having a good time and John and Rodney feeling comfortable.



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