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Yay! New McShep Stories posted today!

YAY! Posting begins in mcshep_match today! The first two fics are up (one from Team Sheppard, one from Team McKay) featuring the prompt, "Ground Zero".

I have to wait till I get home to read them - kinda too busy here to get distracted reading them, even though I am cheating by posting about it to share my SQUEE because YAY! New McShep fic, w00t!

Whine, whine, whine...

OMG, I hope no one thinks my fic is lame when it's posted! I know that it could have used a couple thousand more words to flesh it out, but I was (like usual) screaming in just under wire because I am the Queen of the Last Minute.

I mean, I know that it was decent, and I think it's amusing, but I know it would have benefited greatly from having a wee bit more fleshing out, and I actually feel guilty about that, cuz any last minute stuff I have done in the past was just about me, no one else. I've never been part of a team of writers before, never been rated before, never been in a position where my lack of planning might affect how my team does.

I have no right to complain, since I put it off and off and off. But. Here I am, whining anyway.

Feh. I should be working. Which I will go do now, in hopes that they like me, keep me, and continue to pay me. Course, I don't feel too bad when I think of the nights that I stay after everyone leaves and work till midnight cuz it's quiet and I like being in here alone so I can focus...


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Aug. 15th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I know just what you mean, but I'm sure your fic is wonderful.
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