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So, Jazzy Girl has been looking for work (sometimes half-assedly) pretty much since she finished school in June.

She got a handful of nibbles all summer, went to a couple interviews, but it was pretty dead.

I was hoping that it would pick up in the fall, and she pretty much declared she didn't know why I was being such a hard-ass about making her job hunt because she'd get hired when all the summer jobs emptied from college kids going back to school.

Heh. Cuz I like being a hard ass, and also, you don't stop looking based on assumptions.

Anyway, last Friday, she got a call for an working interview Monday morning for Motion Foods, which looked like something that would be right up her ally. Only downside is it's on the North Shore; she went for her working interview (worked there for the day) and it took her almost 2 hours each way. Yeowch. Big chunk of the day, and also, 2-zone bus fare required.

Saturday, she was out with her friend, and she gets a phone call. Another place wants her to come in for an interview on Monday. After a very positive phone interview, she explains she can't make for an interview Monday afternoon, but she can come in the morning - they say no, come Tuesday afternoon, they want her to interview with the chefs. Plural. And it turns out that the place is a hoity toity private school in the West End, where the houses all run in the 2 Million range and probably everyone who sends their kids to this school has a 6 figure income. Also, this place is only 1/2 hour away from home on the bus and a one zone fare.

Monday, on her way to the working interview, she gets a call from Save-On-Foods - they're looking for someone for the meat department to do some butchery - which Jazzy loved doing in her course, it's almost disturbing - but she couldn't make it in for an interview, which they sounded very disappointed about.

When she came home last night, she was in better spirits than she'd been for a long time - she though the Motion Food was pretty decent, and they asked her to come back today. She told them she already had an appointment, so they asked her to come back on Wednesday and she said she'd probably be back, but she didn't promise. Even though she wouldn't mind working there, it's just *such* a long trip by transit - so she decided if the school wanted her, she would totally take that just because it was so much closer.

Interview at the school today was apparently fabulous - she liked them, they liked her, she loved the kitchen, the bus trip was a breeze - and they called her back a couple hours ago and told her she was hired.

*throws confetti some more*

Heh. When she was at VCC and all her classmates were talking about wanting to start their own restaurants or work with famous chefs or get more training in France, she said she wanted to be a cafeteria Lunch lady and they looked at her like she was crazy. She can handle high demand and hard work, but she likes low key not Prima-Donna behaviours people who are full of themselves. Hell, she's always been good at working hospitality with me at VCON as long as she got to stay in the back and do prep and not contend with the few grabby-handed locust-types who grab sandwiches off the counter while you are still building them. This is her dream job (or at least she thinks it is) and I'm just so happy she's got exactly what she wanted right out the gate.

Also? M-F, 9-5 at a SCHOOL - built in holidays. With a company that apparently finds summer work for employees so they are not penniless and therefore, tempted to leave and seek other work while school is it out.

Isn't this cool?




Sep. 14th, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC)

And hey, as someone who works in a low-demand sort of job, rather than in a big firm, I approve.


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