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The state of me.

Has been a while. Again, OMG BUSY!

Home & Co-op stuff: on the social committee and the Board of Directors at my co-op, so there are many much meetings. We organized a Holiday Brunch and Holiday party both last weekend. As usual, I did the shopping - because I just don't trust anyone else to do it right. There used to be another gal on the committee who did the shopping and did it well, but she moved and I just don't like to leave important hospitality related things like FOOD and WINE to the minions, you know?

A few years ago when we had a party, I left Jazzy girl in charge of the kitchen stuff while I ran and errand. When I came back, she was so pissed off - certain other committee members had horned their way in and decided that the appies were taking too long, so we would just bake everything on one big cookie sheet at once.

The things that went in at 400 for 12 minutes with the things that went in at 350 for 20 minutes and the things that went in at 425 for 10 minutes.

Yeah. Oh man, I ripped into them about being morons. And I've never let any of them back in the kitchen since.

While it's true that I do more prep, and cooking work than anyone else on the committee, what they all fail to realize is that I LIKE doing it and for me, it's fun and relaxing. I am not freaking and complaining about all the work I have to do. I'm actually enjoyed myself. This is why I run hospitality suites, d-uh.

Writing: The only thing bad about the party being on the 10th, was that was the same day my sga_santa story was due. At midnight. And, of course, I had procrastinated like I always do and then was cramming to get it done. And stayed up half the night and fell asleep on the couch and didn't get it off till the next morning. While I think it's a decent story, it really needed some tightening up. *sigh* Like usual, outsideth3box helped me be giving the part I had done a going over and letting me bounce ideas off her, but honestly, it's really not been beta'ed. So I didn't credit her as a beta reader because I didn't want to embarrass her. There were a number of mistakes and repeated words and little things she would have caught if I'd actually had time to let her review it, instead of pushing the deadline. Bad writer! I just hope that the recipient likes it anyway! It was a definite change of pace for me - I really tried to give my giftee what she requested and I think I succeeded, but its not something I ever would have written if it hadn't been a request.

WORK! OMG. Black Friday may be over, but the holidays are still here and online shopping is crazy which means my bandwidth is being sucked up by tons of things that are not normally my job, so my job is not getting done. Or not well, anyway. I haven't gotten my November report completed yet, and I usually have my month end reports in by the 5th of the following month.

Also, though I love my boss 92.4% of the time, sometimes he drives me crazy. Two words - PERFORMANCE REVIEWS. OMG hate hate hate. And other words that mean dislike and despise.

So the boss? He's not so good at actually doing the goal setting and people managing part of having a team. It's more, "Hey, keep doing that stuff you do," and "Hey, tell me exactly what you've been doing," along with regular bouts of, "Stop that thing you are doing because I don't care, and you need to do this other thing that you have no experience or training for right now because it's vital, ready? Go!" He's been saying that he'll sit down with me and we'll talk about responsibilities and expectations and goals and shit one of these days. Since April. And guess what? I'm now supposed to fill out the employee portion of the review saying how I think I measured up against my goals, of which I DIDN'T HAVE ANY. So his instructions were to make up goals based on what I did and say how I measured up to them.


Oi. Boss, you are so lucky I like you, or I would kill you in your sleep. Except not, because I really do like you. He's kind of like a reverse McKay. If that even makes any sense.

KIDS: MB and GG are done school tomorrow - Jazzy is off work for three weeks, since hey, she works at a school - she's being temporarily laid off and then they get re-hired in January. So, no cash for a couple weeks, but she's saved up a few bucks for the interim.

A few weeks ago we went to get GGs grad photos done - yes, grade 12, she's graduating this year, holy crap - and she looks amazing. I got her hair done before we went and she's so lovely - and not a spec of makeup. My girl is 17 and she doesn't wear a drop, ever. No foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, blush - she has that Scottish fair and rosy skin with the the blue eyes and the blonde hair and dude. She so doesn't need it. But seriously, trying to get that girl to keep her eyes open in pictures? RAWR! Almost impossible!

MB is having trouble getting to school on time. I have to tell him repeatedly to go to bed, and he'll sneak onto his computer or play his DSi in bed - little sneak! Well, not so little at just about 5'10" now - holy crap, I was looking at pictures of him from just last summer, kid is growing like a weed!

He's been taking Python in school, and keeps telling me factoids about programming - he's been designing game levels for some time, and has totally outclassed me in terms of what he knows about computers. I sure hope that he gets into something like that, because it would suit his personality and he seems to be good at it. He also seems to be willing to work hard to get better at it, which is most important. I guess we can only wait and see what the future will bring.

HOLIDAY PLANS: I'm taking the 22nd and 23rd off. We get the 26th and 27th off - office is closed - then I'm taking the 28th off as well. I seriously thought about taking the whole week, but if I don't go back and update the spreadsheets on Thursday, the $Client team I work with most will be so swamped and behind that it would not be in the least amusing. I actually may log on during the holidays just to update the sales sheet so they have a clue WTF is going on, since these particular sales break when they come in and thus are NOT imported into Oracle (it's a feature not a BUG, don't even get me started) cuz I actually like that team. And don't want them to pull out any more hair than they have to.

The lovely pondside and solomons_pond invited us to come over for Christmas. Which I gratefully took them up on - it's lovely to have family of choice that I actually want to spend time with and who don't mind putting up with me and my clan and all our foibles. I wish I could take the car over, but money is so frickin' tight, I think we'll just drive down to Tsawwassen and park the car at ExMomOutLaw's place. She just moved out there recently, and is literally a five minute drive from the ferry. It would be over $100 just to take the car over, and about $50-$60 to park it in the lot, but if we can park it on the street at her house, that would be awesome.

ExMomOutLaw has indicated that there is a bus that we can catch to the ferry, which tells me that she is not interested in driving us. Which, eh, I'm okay with, but it would sure be more convenient to get a ride, but my legs aren't painted on and I am quite capable of getting around the city - or to the ferry - using transit. Same in Victoria, actually - I don't like making pondside schlep all the way out to Duke point Swartz Bay when there is a perfectly serviceable transit system on the Island and the #70 runs right from the ferry into the heart of downtown. If she's willing to come retrieve us at from Downtown that would be awesome. But, even if she's busy, there is a bus that goes right by her place, so it's not as if we can't get there. Now, going home on the other hand - I'm quite willing to beg and wheedle and plead for a ride back to the ferry, cuz a ride back with her means that we have that much more time together. Also, last time we left, she took the ferry across with us and we did the Pacific Buffet on the trip back, which was awesome. I like to be able to do that for the kids at least one way when we do the ferry, and I can justify it IF I don't take the car.

Also, I got 15 holiday cards mailed out today! Whoo! Go me! Knowing Canada Post, they'll likely arrive in 2012, but whatever.


New Years Drop In: I'm having a New Year's Day Drop in. And would love for you to come if you're able. So far, I've got a whole lot of "maybe" and one yes.

Well, if no one else shows up, me and u_must_b_joking will have lots of excellent food, superlative beer and make some awesome music. Don't miss out!

Conflikt:I was looking at attending Conflikt this year, but it all depends, really. I could probably secure a ride down with someone, and I'm sure I could get the time off, but it's all a matter of the $$. I'm already stretched pretty thin, and this season is always hard on the pocketbook - I'm trying really hard to be good and pay off things before incurring more debt, but so far, I've kinda just been treading water. Booking a hotel and eating out is just going to add to that. Possibly. Maybe. I might consider going down and spending time with a friend in Seattle, seeing if she's willing to let me crash with her so as to save on the hotel cost. I just don't know yet - will have to see. I would hate to miss it for the second year, but what will be, will be.

So yeah. That's what's going on.


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Dec. 16th, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
GG is GRADUATING?!?! MB is five TEN?!

Dec. 16th, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
Haw haw
And it will HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWA HA HA.
Dec. 17th, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)
Did I 'Maybe' or 'Frank Nelson'*? I forget. I plan to be there. Might bring a friend.

Congrats to GG...

(* Okay, okay; Jack Benny's nemesis, that department-store floor-walker with the slicked-down hair, pencil-thin moustache who answers "Excuse me" with his trademark squeal of "Y-e-e-esss??!!"...)
Dec. 18th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
Did I not mention that anyone over 5' 9" is banned from my house... my neck... oh my neck it is the sore from da look ups lol

I am SO looking forward to your arrival. Do you guys want to put up the tree and decorate it???? Lets talk time for arrival and what I need to buy for food annd and and.

D arrive home this afternoon so we is ready!!

Dec. 18th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)

I think that GG and Jazzy would like that. MB is pretty indifferent to decorating this year. Now if you had a server stack for him to take apart or if D could talk to him about Python or LUA, he'd be in heaven. He's a budding programmer, I swearz.

Also, Happy birthday to D!

Our crazee plan was, since we are not bringing the car, to go grocery shopping once we get over there. You and D like the whole turkey and fixings yeah? And are okay with, say, sweet potatoes over regular ones, veggies and salad and such?

I was tentatively planning on heading over Thursday morning and heading back either Monday night or early Tuesday - is Hanukkah and I have a friend coming over Tuesday for dinner.

Dec. 19th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
we are looking forward to your visit. D will chat python with MB it's not his focus but he's used it. Turkey fine. I love sweet potatoe etc .. D doesn't but he'll have salad :)

We will be fine and WANT to pick you up at the ferry!!!!!!!!!
Dec. 18th, 2011 04:10 am (UTC)
btw it's Swartz Bay -- Duke Point is just before Nanaimo (which spell check tried to change to Unanimous
Dec. 18th, 2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
d-uh. I knew that. I just kept typing Duke point, even when I was doing the google search for the bus times.

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