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Oh, Boss. You're lucky I like you.

I had a one-to-one touch base, catch up session with him today. He's out so often and it's been so busy since before Black Friday and then the Holidays - bah. So, it was sit down and run through a laundry list of things.

I've been stressing over NOT having my report done. An issue came up in early December that resulted in a huge influx of unexpected emails. I had a dedicated temp for that, but his last day was Dec 30. I came back on Tuesday and started my New Year by plowing through over 600 emails. There were 230 on Wednesday, 150 on Thursday but today was down to 98. It's going to be a zoo again on Monday though.

Obviously, I've done very little of my regular work over the last few weeks. Before that, it was holiday sale stuff and Black Friday sale stuff, and really? I've barely done my job for about 6 weeks now. And my boss, he *knows* this, but he still wanted status updates on like 6 projects.

I'll give him updates...

So there were some things that I had gotten squared away when I had the temp, but for the rest of the stuff, it was basically, "Yeah, nothing got done, I've been busy."

We had a bit of a head-butt over a project that he thinks I should be comfortable taking lead on, and I basically told him he hadn't really given me permission to do that and also, did he really expect me to go tell the business manager that she needed to be providing answers to me? And apparently the answer to that is yes. Oi. I guess I'm setting up a meeting for next week.

God, I hope this email thing slows down - I have so much to do and this is not helping. At least I got a few hours yesterday and today doing SOMETHING other than email.

Speaking of email - my boss sends me a metric ton of it and is REALLY BAD about actually reading my responses. Does anyone else have this problem?

Today alone he emailed me about 3 different things, then shouted across the office, "Shad? Did you ever find out about the time line for projectA?"

I respond with, "Did you read my email?"

He smiles (bastard!) with a slightly chagrined look. "No. What's the answer?"

An hour later, we do it all over again. "Hey, Shad? What's up with the updates for projectB? Did those get done? Are there any outstanding?"

And I reply. "Did you read my email?"

"Uhm. No."

Eyebrow quirked. Mouth pursed. Attitude, engage. "Well, maybe you should," I say in the mom-voice that implies he's just asked a stupid question that he already has the answer to.

"Oh, just tell me!" is the exasperated response I get. His tone says he knows already, and would I please just answer the damn question?

An hour later? "Hey, Shad..."

I swear, it's not much different than talking to my son sometimes.

We've only been back from holiday for three days, but it's time for him to go on a business trip. And lookit that! CES is next week. how convenient.

Bye, boss. Have fun in Vegas. Maybe I can get some damn WORK done while you're away. Oi.


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Jan. 7th, 2012 04:33 am (UTC)
ARGH! This is like the new job, when the office manager called to make travel arrangements and I missed her call. I left a voice mail shortly thereafter, but then she called this morning with a, "I really need to talk to you!" message.

Lady, I called. I left a VM. NOT MY FAULT.

So, anyway, I feel your pain.
Jan. 7th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
May I suggest?
Boss: "Hey, Shad..."

Shaddyr: "Read my email!"

Boss: "I haven't told you the question yet."

Shaddyr: "Read my email first, if it doesn't answer your question then ask me."
Jan. 7th, 2012 10:42 am (UTC)
CES would be why I've just had a stupidly long week, too (without doing much of what I'd hoped to be doing this week). Boss is back into emailing me lots of side tasks that are urgent, hen telling me that the important thing is to finish the (multiple-month, multiple-person) main task as quickly as possible... You have my sympathies!</p>

(This is at least better than when I worked for a small firm whose main show was BETT. That wiped out Christmas and New Year, and tended to result in coding until 4 or 5am on the night before the show, at which point we then went to London and manned the stand...)

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