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Here's my first three days worth of challenge responses.

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

And Poppies for Remembrance
Fandom: SGA
This is possibly my favorite story. It's short, it's gen, it's team with glimpse into Rodney. I had been wanting to write a Remembrance Day story for several years and I finally did. I'm proud of it.

Grist for the Mill
Fandom: SGA
It's short, it's funny (or I like to think so) and it's gen. This time, it's all about John - it was written based on responses to my Fanon Poll question about how John eats.

Fandom: BtVS
This was written for doyle_sb4. The request was for a fic written in the Superstar-verse. It's written in the First Person - not something I normally write - from Spike's POV. I loved writing Spike back in the day, he was such an awesome character. Personally, I think this fic is hilarious - a bit of a theme for me? even if you don't know the universe.

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 2

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Rec 1: What Rhymes With Dark (PG-13) by Rez
Fandom: Alias.
Sarkney. Short. Sharp. Brilliant.

Rec 2 Centre of Attention by Denise.
Fandom: SG1/ThePretender
This is, primarily, a Stargate fic, but Jarod and Parker's Posse are there are well. MP has her bitch on and it's interesting to see the sparks fly between her and Major Carter. The story moves along at a nice clip. It's basically an ensemble piece with some hints of J&S thrown in. The ending made me chuckle. Enjoy!.

Rec 3 A little Something Sweet by Lenore
Fandom: The Pretender
It's been 10 years since Jarod escaped from the Centre. Miss Parker follows a lead to New York and has a strange kind of anniversary.

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 3

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before.

Left feedback/kudos for a couple authors I've never talked to/interacted with before.


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Jan. 7th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, I missed those two SGA fics of yours! (I don't know how; I'm usually more on top of things.) Thanks for pointing them out! Off to read...
Jan. 8th, 2012 12:57 am (UTC)
Hee! I am so glad!

Those two stories are very gen, but I really like them a lot. I hope that you enjoy!
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