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Here's day four through six of my Snowflake Fandom Challenge responses. Yay! Then I will be caught up, and post day seven in a separate post later today. Whoo!

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 4

Introduce yourself to someone you admire and friend/follow them on whatever platform you use - journal, Twitter, Tumblr - whatever.

Okay! Did that! Man, that was kinda awkward, but - good. *grin*

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 5

In your own space, share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends.

Oh! I can do this! I am passionate about my music! Now, as it happens, my music does cross-pollinate with my fandom through filk, BUT I love music for the sake of music and write non-fannish songs as well.

When I was about 4 years old, my mom got me a tiny little electric keyboard for Christmas. I remember getting it, and playing with it all day. I had a real ear for music and figured out how to play things very quickly. I think I was in lessons the very next month.

I took organ lessons and piano lessons off and on growing up. I even took 3 or 4 guitar lessons, but, at the time, found it very frustrating and quit. It didn't help that the guy teaching was some kid who had no idea what he was doing.

Years ago after my grandmother passed away, my mother gave me my her old guitar. Mom grew up with music in the house and she had many fond memories and listening to grandma play. Unfortunately, the guitar was actually a classical that had been strung with steel. It had no truss rod and the neck had already been broken and repaired once. I drove myself crazy trying to learn how to play it when I couldn't keep it tuned before I discovered this. Because of the damage done by being strung with steel, it would never stay in tune no matter what I did.

When I started getting together with other people on a regular basis to make music about 12 years ago, it became intolerable. This led to the purchase of my first acoustic guitar, a Yamaha F325 with a sunburst finish. Not a bad starter guitar, decent action, nice sound - and finally, a guitar that would stay in tune! My skill increased dramatically after that.

So did the number of instruments in my house - because, after that, I developed a full blown case of IAD. I have discovered this is a common affliction among the musicians I know - Instrument Acquisition Disease. There are others, more specific strains, like GAD and DAD (the Guitar and Dulcimer versions) but mine is more serious.

It really started about 23 years ago, when I bought my first mandolin, but went into remission until the guitar. Since then, I have acquired:

- a set of three tambourines
- a Moeck Flauto 1 Plus Soprano Recorder
- a Yamaha Alto YRA 28BII recorder
- a 61 key Casio CTK 480 - which is just enough of a keyboard to frustrate the ever-living crap out of me when I feel like playing it, so I never do. ARGH! NEED 88 KEYS OMG!
- an ocarina (since stolen - waaa!)
- A Celebrity Ovation (formally pondside's, donated to Jazzy for her guitar lessons and now living in my collection)
- An Art & Luthier dreadnought in Cedar Blue
- a
celtic design Bodhran (I think it's very pretty - sounds awesome, too!)
- A Yamaha APX500II Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar in Oriental Blue burst. (OMG, mere words cannot describe how much I love this guitar, and no, u_must_b_joking, you can't have it. But you can play with it Any. Time. You like)

I came very close to acquiring a portable, full-size Keyboard with 88 full-size, weighted, touch-sensitive keys when I was in Victoria. Jazzy was with me and dragged me out of the Future shop, reminding me we had no way to get the damn thing home. OMG. It was fabulous! Did I mention full size, weighted keys? Only $500! *cries*

Oh! I also have hammered dulcimer that pondside found at a sale on the island a few years ago. The problem I've been having is that it seems to be a specialty, handmade piece and I haven't been able to find a luthier who has a clue about how to restring or tune it. After calling around to a bunch of places, I found one guy who told me to bring it to his shop. Once he actually looked at it, though, he was at a loss. Closest we could figure was I need to get harp strings. It's a really neat piece though, and I love playing pondside's full-sized hammered dulcimer, so I know I would really enjoy this - if I could just get it tuned.

So. Music. Instruments. I kinda like them.

Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 6

In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) and that you ended up loving.

Man, that's HARD, cuz I rarely go outside my fandom. Hmm. Well... I could play it - yes! I know! Okay, here we go!

I am a died-in-the-wool McShepper, but I've been reading outside my pairing recently, with happy results.

The Curious Afterlife of John Sheppard
SG1/SGA - AU Vegas!Verse
Pairing: John & Vala - R
Warnings: Violence/angst? Nothing else, really

I love John. I *adore* Vala. I think enigmaticblues writing rocks. Therefore, I had to read this story. And came out convinced that, okay, I could buy this pairing. And not just grudgingly, but happily. Surprise!

What Happens in Pegasus, Stays in Pegasus
Pairing: McKay/Keller/Sheppard - NC-17
Warnings: AMTDI/drugged sex - could be dub-con

I've never been really sold on McKeller, and I was really leery about giving the three of them a try. Well, I'm glad I did. This could easily be my new OT3.

Shelrock Holmes (movie-verse)
Pairing: Holmes/John/Mary - NC-17
Warnings: Nothing really

I actually read this one for three reasons:
a) I just watched the new flick last weekend and OMG! Could you possibly pack more UST and slashy subtext into that movie? No, you couldn't! It would implode under the massive weight of not-very-subtle pining! Dear lord!
b) esteefee rocks. But this is not news to anyone who reads her fic.
c) I'd seen the day 5 challenge and though, "Okay - trying something you wouldn't normally read!"
Wow. I'm so glad I did. It's amazing. Seriously. The little touches, the set up, the speech patterns, the descriptors of what's going on in Holmes whacked-out brain, the chemistry between the characters - all awesome.

So. Go read them if you haven't already.


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Jan. 8th, 2012 02:49 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! I loved writing that fic, and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to have enough time to do the sgareversebang again this year.
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