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Random life dump post.

Forgive me, LJ, for I have strayed. It has been over a month since my last post. (well, except for the wee one earlier today, but that hardly counts...)

It's not like my life is amazingly busy or full to bursting, really - I'm just, by my very nature, likely to become mired in my own tangled thoughts, a prisoner of inertia. Also, I'm very lazy. It's quite sad.

I've also come to realize it takes me a lot longer to recharge than it used to. I was pretty much on empty after conflikt even though I wasn't responsible for *anything* this year. All I had to do was go. mercury973 chauffeured me around everywhere. And yet, I was still wiped out after. I must be getting old or something. What the hell, dude? I didn't sign up for that!

I've managed make music with u_must_b_joking a few times since the con. A couple times Paul was there too, and even capnblackberry once! Ah, sweet music. Heh -I'm so glad she's on a Stargate kick right now - it means I'm not the ONLY one writing Stargate filks!

Other than that, I've found myself isolating in a way I haven't in a long time. I went to one Browncoats meetup, and got together with pa_fangirl for coffee a couple times, but I've just really been shying away from people. I've had to force myself to committee meetings and GMs, board meetings I'm committed to, and I just don't want to go.I'ts a little weird. Almost disturbing, but I can't really bring myself to care enough to be worried.

I think I'm a funk. Not really depressed, but just - well, my give-a-damn is pretty close to busted, y'know? I've got a lot on my mind - the kids (good lord, how is girlygirl old enough to graduate this year, dammit?) money (there's never enough) bills (there are always too many) and the job (cuz the moment you think you're secure, things get SNAFUed)
I know worry doesn't fix anything, and there are some things I just need to get off my arse and make a plan about.

*snort* Riiiiight. And heeeeere's the internet! Oooh! Shiny distraction, how pretty you are!

On the far more fun and distracted side of my brain, OMG I FINISHED A STORY BEFORE THE DUE DATE! *dies of shock* No seriously, this never happens! My Still In Love fest fic isn't due till March 28th and IT'S DONE!

And also, I was able to re-purpose my 2010 NaNo project to dovetail perfectly with the lovely, fabulous art work I won for my sgareversebang story (by velocitygrass, and dear GOD, it's amazing, beautiful, fabulous - did I mention this is the 3rd year in a ROW that I have gotten my #1 pick for artwork? SQUEEE!) And I've already written almost 2K of new material for it as well as reworked a bunch of the old stuff - it's been sitting there for a year, and when I pulled it out and read it, I still liked it and it was perfect! So. I'm happy. And I have till JUNE to finish that, YAY! *happy dances*

Anyway. In case anyone happened to be wondering. I didn't actually fall off the planet, though it may have seemed that way. I was just - hibernating. Yeah. That's it.


Mar. 20th, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)

Blind Lemming and Proffesser Pete both do a lot of filk on the Ukelele, so yeah, there is stuff out there. i should introduce you to Pete for sure!
Mar. 20th, 2012 09:19 pm (UTC)
I do use the ukulele a lot, but I'm not so sure it's so much ukulele music as accompaniment by an instrument that, unlike the guitar, does not require six fingers on each hand.

Oh, and sometime you should record a scratch track of a song and post it so that I have something more from you to listen to than "Champion" with pondside's accompaniment (not that it's not a great recording that I can listen to over an over, but I'd like more, please).


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