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Man, it's been a while since I blabbered on about my life, hasn't it? Time to rectify that.

I alternate between feeling like a lazy slob and feeling like I have no time for anything. Have I ever mentioned that procrastination and me are like this? Maybe I never got around to it.

Anyway, summer has been - I'd say crazy, but really, life always is crazy, it's just a matter of degrees and how we we're coping with it at any given time, right?

Work has been good, if busy - I'm feeling somewhat confident and competent at the moment, which is nice. I'm juggling various reporting dashboard for multiple clients and finally starting to get a handle on where to find the data I need in a timely fashion. The nerve wracking thing is that my boss actually sends these dashboard to various account managers and BOMs and I've been getting requests from people that I don't personally know back in head office asking I CC them when I send out the reports.

Gah. That means I really can't afford to make any mistakes! No pressure or anything...

On the family side of things, Jazzy is off work for the summer but going strong on her lunch order service at my office. It's nothing big - she just takes lunch order on M-W-F for anyone interested and I bring it in to the office with me and put everything in the fridge for people to pick up. She's not going to get rich, but:
a) she'll make a few bucks
b) it's a good experience and will look good on a resume
c) it gives her something to do other than play Skyrim all day.

Girly Girl just got back from YES!Camp on Sunday. She was gone for a week. MonkeyBoy is going at the end of the summer, last week before school starts again. The two of them would succumb to the weight of inertia and never move from in front of their computers all summer if I didn't use a virtual crowbar to pry them away. I've got a couple things lined up for them to do that will get them out of the house and off their butts.

And if the weather keeps up like it has been it's not like they'll be able to complain about the heat as an excuse not to go out - it's another liquid sunshine day in Vancouver and I actually had to sleep with my down comforter last night because I was getting chilly. Personally, I'm totally good with that - I'll take cool and rainy of Heat Wave of Death any day. But it'll mean no beach adventures.

One very awesome thing about my summer so far? Well, in Mid-June, u_must_b_joking had a housefilk/summer solstice party. It was fabulous, so I said, "Hey, I'm gong to have a filk/BBQ!" and I did. And then motherinlawtree and capnblackberry jumped on the bandwagon and hosted back to back housefilks for the next two weeks. This past weekend, we were back at u_must_b_joking's place, so it's my turn next. July 28th is out for me - already have plans as it turns out - but Aug 4th or 5th would work. The added bonus is that, in Canada at least, the 6th is a civic holiday. Yay!

On the writing front - finished my McShep match fic on time - early even! It's with outsideth3box for beta and on schedule to be sent to the mods before midnight tonight. I agonized over the prompt for weeks and got absolutely NOTHING, but then last week, the niggling of inspiration appeared and I think I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope that everyone else likes it, too.

On Deck this week:
- BOD meeting at the co-op on Wednesday (damn, I need to type up some stuff, I totally forgot about that till right now - crap!)
- paperwork that I have been putting off for a year now (probably longer actually)

There are lots of other things that I should be doing BUUUUT... yeah. I'll probably just go read fanfic instead.


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