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McShep Match Interview coming up!

Ever since its inception, I have loved the mcshep_match. There's always such great fic that comes out of it. I was late to the gate to sign up until last year, when I got to participate for the very first time. I'm part of it again this year, and it's a blast to be part of a team with a bunch of fabulous authors who write such wonderful stories.

I tend to stress and worry when competition is involved, so I appreciate the fact that the competition in the Match is low key and friendly - it's in the spirit of fun and mutual encouragement.

As they do every year, the Mods have arranged interviews for the writers. Personally, I find it really cool to learn a little more more about each author. There are some preset questions, but we aren't limited to just those - audience participation questions are welcome and encouraged.

Are you curious about my writing? My inspiration? My ability to stay sane? My unhealthy obsessionlove for Rodney McKay? Ask away! My posting date is July 30th, and I'll reveal all my deep dark secrets answer all your writing/fic/SGA related questions.


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Jul. 27th, 2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
Which came first for you, fanfic or the show?

Did you watch the show from the beginning?

Did Rodney capture your heart from the beginning? What was it about him that did (does) it for you?

Can you ship/read Rodney with anyone else? Why or why not?

;D Inquiring minds...

Some of these might fit into the preset questions and that's fine... you can any or all.

*smishes you*
Jul. 28th, 2012 12:00 am (UTC)
Oh! Oh! *raises hand*

What is it that draws you to filk, and do you see a place for it in online fandoms? I ask because I only ever seem to see live performances at small sci fi cons and I was wondering if I'm missing something. :-)

What is your absolute favorite SGA ep of all time and why?
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