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Lazy long weekend

I am feeling very lazy right now. It's the BC day long weekend, so I decided to make a super looong weekend out of it and took Friday off as well. Now I keep feeling like I should be at work today and I still have another day off tomorrow!

I'd booked the Friday off to take the kids to the Biodiversity Museum out at UBC. When you walk in, the first thing you see is the skeleton of a blue whale suspended from the ceiling. It's amazing when you see it and get a sense of how massive those animals really are.

The bulk of the museum is down stairs - I'm sure it's partly for temperature regulation and partly to preserve samples from sunlight. It's set up like this underground vault with rows and rows and ROWS of storage lockers that have displays and sample and information tidbits all the way up and down them. Thousands and thousands of samples of different plants, birds, fish, animals - it was very cool. They have a Predator VS Prey thing going on right now, so there are little stations set up all everywhere with clues to a game they have out for the kids.

We didn't go on one of the organized tours, but we kept waylaying the guys who worked there an monopolizing their time with questions and discussion. They didn't look terribly put upon by this onerous task, considering how they would leap in to offer more exiting tidbits about anything we asked, and often digressed into related topics that they thought might interest us.

I asked one of the guys what he thought was the coolest thing down there, his favourite in the collection, and he lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. He led us to a section that held samples of fungus and told us all about Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, the zombie ant fungus. It is seriously like something out of a horror movie and makes me exceedingly glad that there are no macro fungi out there that can do the same thing to humans. Yet.

And, the obligatory SGA moment - the first thing that *I* think of? "Hey, I read a story once where the team was infected by a fungus that grew inside them and the hyphea replaced the dendrites in their brains, so there was no way to kill off the fungus without killing them."

Man. There are so many things down there that would be great story prompts. Hee!

Yesterday we had originally planned on going to Second Beach to watch the fireworks. We usually go at least one night of the Celebration of Lights. We go early to get parking and a good viewing spot. The only part that sucks is the almost 2 hours it takes to get home, but that is part and parcel of going to an event there are going to be 100,000 other people at.

Aside: I generally hate big crowds - I'll never be able to do a comic con, I would have a panic attack if I was crushed in with 6000 people all in line for an event - but it's okay if they're all spread around. For fireworks, as long as I stay away from the crazy places like English Bay (OMG, seriously, wall to wall, solid mass of bodies, I can feel my heart rate climbing just thinking about it) then it's all good.

Anyway - we *didn't* go - we went bowling at Rev's instead. Girly Girl and Monkey Boy were getting pretty whiny during the second game - we rarely bowl, so they aren't very good, and they were getting frustrated - but Jazzy was actually having a good time. I think in the future, one game will do it.

I had a groupon for BP, so it was pizza for supper - which is always a crowd pleaser - and then we came home and watched action movies. Ahh, Vin Diesel is pretty to look at. Also, a lot of shit tends to blow up in his movies.

Now I am being a complete lazy slug. I didn't even get up till 10:30 this morning. Left over cold pizza for breakfast (it's all Christine Lavin's fault!), surfing the net, and doing sweet bugger all.

Time for another cup of coffee.


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Aug. 5th, 2012 08:59 pm (UTC)
Happy Holiday! Good that you have had some time off to relax with the kids.
Just watched 'Battle: Los Angeles' with Aaron Eckhart last week and lurved it! The Marines lent them all their toys: weapons, tanks, helicopters, etc and the director filmed it documentary style. Excellent movie! I highly recommend it. (Please overlook the fact that Michelle Rodriguez is in it...I did)
Keep cool in this heat wave.
Aug. 6th, 2012 04:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, I think you're just pretending to be a slug. Besides, you did all that museum walking and being interactive with museum staff. Yes, I pressed that link and, though grossed out, found it fascinating. And, yay for science - because the thought of having preserved leaf fossils from 48 million years ago boggles the mind.

Sorry about the crowding issue. I guess you don't want to hear that my old church friend who moved to English Bay posted photos of the fireworks FROM HIS BALCONY. {O:O}

Could you do something like Comicon if you rented a scooter (like what they have in big stores)? Then you'd have your own personal Rodney McKay shield to keep people at a semi-respectable distance. Or you could run them down. [Just kidding. Maybe. Let me think 'bout it.]

Anyway, I'm going to do the dangerous thing and encourage the proliferation of subterranean plot bunnies. Hee and double-hee!!!
Aug. 7th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC)
Somehow I knew there would be an SGA moment in there somewhere... I hope the museum inspires something. LOL
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