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It's been busy in the world of Shad

I am SO GLAD that I am not allowed to run for the Board of Directors again next year. Dude. 10 of the last 16 years (at least? Maybe one more? I forget) I have been on the BOD and I am looking forward to a year off from the gig LEIK WHOA.

Work has been absolutely batshit the last couple weeks. My Boss was at head office back east for a week, flew home last Friday then got a call telling him to come back out, and was back there on Monday. It's pre-Black Friday madness already, and he's in the thick of it with the budgeting for different clients and forecasting for next year's sales - dude. If I ever start making any noises about how it might seem cool to be a business manager?



There have been more than a few rounds of emails back and forth here about a few things that I consider important but have been forcibly reminded are just a fraction of our business. Like .6% to be exact. Not to put too fine a point on it or anything. But see, it's the .6% of the business that I have been immersed in for a better part of a year, so I admit I might be a little myopic about it and somewhat hung up on the fact that their new, automated process is FUCKING WITH MY WELL OILED (but manual) MACHINE and it's making me CRANKY.

I have discovered that I get invested in processes that I have created and I want the other people to go the FUCK away and let me do my thing, because I am the only one who does it RIGHT dammit!

And while, yes, I do actually want to get it off my plate, I don't understand why they have to invent a process that consists of 12 steps when mine only takes 5. And also, it's going to piss customers off.

Man. Seriously. I am NOT good at this letting go thing. Even at work. It's good information about myself, but it's making me very frustrated.

On the family front, it's ess than a week before I head down to see my dad. Which means menu planning for the kids, shopping so they don't run out of groceries, and making sure all the bases are covered for when I'm not here. Thank god they are 16, 18 and 23 and pretty much able to take care of themselves. but I still worry.

I finally heard back from AlabamaBro the other night. Dad has been home from the hospital for a few days and is apparently doing better. It's good to know - I kept worrying that maybe he wasn't getting back to me because dad was worse and he didn't want to worry me. That was the logic when dad when in for surgery - he didn't want me worry. Urgh. Why doesn't he realize I worry anyway? MEN!

I am so very thankful I get to go hang out with melagan, neevebrody, sgamadison and all the other incredibly awesome ladies that I am *so* looking forward to meeting after a week with the family. OH SQUEE WEEKEND, YOU CANNOT COME QUICKLY ENOUGH!

In other news, Girly Girl has two job interviews tomorrow. Which A) GOOD FOR HER! Because she has been sitting on the couch playing video games unless I light a fire under her ass since she graduated. She is my lovely, sweet but NOT AT ALL MOTIVATED child. However, B) I am somewhat worried that this might be crappy, shit phone sales jobs, cuz she's not old enough or sophisticated enough yet to know the difference. Well. At least she'll get the experience of interviewing for a job.

Also, she needs to get her Social Insurance Number to work - she's just not gotten around to doing that yet.

I am thinking the jobs are likely holiday hiring for the Christmas season, which means no hours comes January. Which is the plan, actually, since I've got her registered for the same Trades Exploration for Women course that I took at BCIT about 10 years ago. I thought it would be a good experience for her, and you never know - she could end up discovering that she absolutely loves small engine mechanics or welding or something. Or hates them. But the lady who runs the course, she takes shit from NO ONE and I think she'll probably get her butt kicked into shape at least a little.



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Oct. 17th, 2012 01:43 am (UTC)
My Son had a job delivering pizza this summer. It was the best college motivator I have EVER SEEN HAPPEN!
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