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Just after Christmas last year, the company changed the HR/Payroll at my work place, which used to managed locally, to head office back east.

The biggest irritation for me is this stupid hourly punching in; I put in a fair chunk of extra hours, like a salaried employee - and, to be fair to my company, I do take my time doing things and wander off to web surf for sanity breaks when I feel like it - but I didn't have to punch in and out till head office took over. And it's a lot more annoying to work extra hours when you are actively aware that you just put in 2.4 hours that you didn't get paid for.

I've had a number of issues since this happened; the people in the US back east don't always get things punched in correctly, and they've missed Canadian stats more than once. When I went away to see my dad, they didn't have the vacation hours punched in and I didn't get paid a full paycheque. I'm willing to take some responsibility for that in that I didn't make absolutely sure that the new guy was aware, cuz the gal who did it before actually quit the week before I went.


I emailed the guy three times - on Nov 16 (which he did not respond to) on Nov 19 (when he replied to say he was busy and to chill out, he'd take care of it) and then again on Nov 26, which was pay cut off day, when I reviewed my time card and saw that there was no Stat Time PD stamp for 8 hours on Monday.

I got my pay stub in the mail last night, and guess what? You're right, I didn't get paid for the Monday - 72 hours only. Last time, they made me wait till the next paycheque - a full 2 weeks I had to go short almost $500 of vacation pay. It may be less this time, but I don't see why *I* should have to wait because HE fucked up when I reminded him three times.

This is bullshit.

I asked our former HR person who I needed to talk to because the people I talked to before referred me back to this twit who fucked up. So she emailed me with a different name and CCed my boss - who I had specifically not talked to about this because I am still pissed at him about the hourly vs salaried thing he promised to fix and hasn't - and then he caught me in the coffee room and asked me if I was having payroll issues. I just said, "It's not the first time," and breezed by him, because if I didn't, I would have said something nasty - and the payroll fuck up wasn't his fault.

He pinged me later and told me to come to his office, so I did. We chatted - he apologized (points to him, good customer service skills) and said he would escalate it (not that I think it will help, but more points) and then he checked in with me again about 20 minutes ago. And now he's out of the office, buying me lunch.

He officially wins for today.

Payroll dude, on the other hand, fails miserably. And still hasn't answered my goddamn email, even if just to say, "Hey, I'm really sorry about that!"


On a happier note...

Tonight, I will go visit u_must_b_joking and make some music with her - which I have not done in MONTHS. There will be food. And beer. I <3 her.

Tomorrow, it's a business meeting in Murder Hotel (which was a gang related hit, thank you very much, WTF GVRD, WTF???) and then on to much more fun events when pukajen comes over. There will be food. And alcohol. I was totally planning to get her drunk and take advantage of her watch movies with her all night, but alas, she has to work Sunday. Rats.

On the baking front: Cookie production has been in full swing in our house for the last two weeks, but it's been Jazzy girl (with some help from the kidlets) doing all the work. I plan to pitch in on Sunday and get some Toblerone Shortbread and a few other things made.

I feel better now. Back to reviewing customer calls for trends. *sigh* at least Client$O doesn't make me want to stab myself in the head to end the pain like Client$A does.


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Nov. 30th, 2012 10:20 pm (UTC)
Yum once you started talking cookies......

Seriously the worst thing an employer could do is mess with the employee's money......I would have a hard time not buying a ticket and visiting 'chill man' and giving him a bitch slap......

Now back to the cookies, LOL!

Dec. 5th, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)


My boss tried to get it squared away, actually, but now the story is, oh hey, you guys are in Canada, and we're the US office, there's nothing we can do to fix this.




Soooo. Waiting to the next paycheque it is.

Dec. 7th, 2012 04:35 pm (UTC)
That was some great singing
I haz a happy.

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