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Finally headed home

I started a post one night during conflikt, but I made the mistake of doing it on my Tablet. Now, I love and adore my Samsung Galaxy Tab (plug plug) but it was the first edition and the browser crashes on a fairly regular basis when I make it go on non-mobile pages. Just gives up the ghost and dies.

*poof* went my post. Grah urgh and there was much gnashing of teeth. And this stoopid new LJ version did not remember what I had typed already like the old one did, with the auto saving every 30 seconds or what not.

I know, LJ has a mobile site, but I *hate* mobile sites. I want mobile convenience and full functionality at the same time. Sue me.

ANYroad. Man, it's been a busy last 10 days and I am SO GLAD I am almost home. Currently killing time in Seatac airport because I booked the 3pm Quickshuttle - I might have been able to make the 12:30 one, but I didn't want to take a chance on missing it because of delays or bad weather. Figures that my flight actually got in 20 minutes early and I totally could have made it. Eh. Killing time is what fanfic was created for.

Conflikt was AWESOME! The only not awesome part was that it isn't 5 days long, but if it was, it would be less fun and too expensive.

The lovely and incomparable moosaic4 drove up on Thursday hang out with me. I had an waaaay early meeting Friday morning, then we did a little shopping (Clothing! BEADSTORE! BOOZE! - we got priorities, right?) and then headed across the line. We got stuck in traffic (note to self: hitting downtown Seattle after 3PM is a BAAAD idea!) and then had an errand to run, but finally made it to the hotel around 6ish (IIRC). We stayed in the cheap-ass hotel behind the con hotel (YAY CHEAP! W00T!) because three nights there was cheaper than one night in the con hilton. And seriously, I just had to sleep there, I didn't need it to be pretty.

cflute met up with us - man, a year is just too long to wait between visits - and moosaic4 went of to fetch trystel and we all went for dinner at Blue C Sushi which was very tasty, but dangerous. It is way to easy to eat 27 things and rack up a bigger bill than you meant to. But WHOA, YUMMY!

So, many things happened over the course of the weekend, and I got to see many people I see maybe one a year at best. An (incomplete) list of the people and events that are still lodged in my brain:
- admnaismith and jenrose1 were there with the ultra-adorable Miles in tow. ZOMG! CUTE ALERT! Ahh, babies. They are so wonderful - especially when they don't belong to me. SO DONE WITH THAT, THANK YOU GOD! But, still. Cute.
- runnerwolf is nuts. In a good way. She keeps coming back and working on this thing. HAHAHAHAH! CRAZY! I'm so glad she does this. I'm so glad it's not me.
- solomons_pond and pondside work tirelessly at the interfilk stuff, raising money to keep bringing filkers to cons and cross pollinating filk. They are fabulous.
- Do you know how sweet rms_butterfly is? Seriously. She's adorable.
- I MISSED motherinlawtree and capnblackberry *SO* much. Damn. *glares at the capn* You better have your papers in order by next year, dude. I'm just sayin'.
- I *really* love making music with u_must_b_joking. She is, quite possibly, the most prolific and interesting song writer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I mean, okay, there are a lot of prolific song writers, but her stuff has a depth and scope and range of topic and style that I've not often seen. I've been threatening to put together a songbook of her work lately, and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this would be a Good Thing(tm). Seriously, if you are not familiar with her work, you are really missing out. I cover her stuff every chance I get.
- trystel and tuto LIVE NEAR ME AGAIN, YAY! *cough* Not that I'm excited about that or anything. Not that it really has anything to do with Conflikt except I don't see them nearly often enough and THEY'RE BACK! Also, their children and HUGE and GORGEOUS and OMG I feel old. *sigh*

There were many other people encountered and spoken with and songs sung an things enjoyed, but my brain is sorta swiss cheesey cuz I was wrenched over the East Coast time for a week, just started to acclimate, and now I am back to West Coast time and DUDE. This is screwing me up.

I like my new head boss guy.
I like my new manager.
I like me team members.

My team consists of 5 people.

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing and neither are they, but I know a a little more than I did and it involved a crap load of meetings. How the hell any of them ever get anything done is beyond me - I must have had 7 hours of meeting in 4 days there - and that's not atypical! Overall it was a good experience.

An amusing note: there is one Business manager dude who a lot of the Vancouver folks have complained about - he's lazy, forgetful and incompetent by all accounts. I have NOT worked with him, but have talked to him a few times - he seems nice, seems to be knowledgeable, but he never gives me a straight answer and always refers me to someone else when I ask for reporting or sales info or whatever. So when I got to head office, I discovered it wasn't just my office, but my new team felt the same way. So I actually asked my manager - seriously, if no one trusts him and he doesn't do his job, why is he still working here?

She didn't seem to know either.

I can only hope that if HE can keep his job, when he is apparently lazy and incompetent, that means that I will not be judged too harshly if I have a bit of a learning curve with the new work that comes my way.

Also, I might be going to Nashville in the next few months. Or back to DC. Or not. It's up in the air.

Last night after work, wolfshark and her hubby picked me up from my hotel and we went out for dinner. I last saw her at Writercon 2009 in Minneapolis. It was lovely to hang out and talk fandom and cons and everything else that came up. They are really great people.

Time to find a washroom, buy a snack and get ready for the QuickShuttle - almost home!



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Feb. 3rd, 2013 04:42 pm (UTC)
You are FAR 2 COMPLIMENTARY to me. That said, I have two new songs for you to hear.

And yes, I share the glary shaky fisty at the 'Villains, who should have been there, but weren't and so gave us the chance to MISS THEM MUCHLY.

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