Shaddyr (shaddyr) wrote,

I'm really tired of losing people I love...

I found out this morning that my dear friend Andrew (who went by breklor on LJ) just died.

I've known Andrew forever. He's been a friend - and more - over the years. He was actively poly and pagan, so we didn't often run in the same circles, but we had been very casually dating for years. More important than that, though, is we'd been friends for a very long time, even if our busy lives and children meant we didn't get to actually see each other very often. We usually managed to snag some time together at various conventions or filk gatherings, and he's been my main squeeze/date for all my work Christmas parties for the last 4 years.

There is a massive outpouring of grief on Facebook from everyone who knew him, but I absolutely hate Facebook with the passion of 10 thousand fiery suns, and I loath posting there. But I needed to say something about him; he was an amazing man, funny and punny, sweet and intense, playful and silly, intelligent and articulate. We could talk about everything from children to politics to religion to sci-fi to co-ops to music, and more. He had an amazing voice. He was sexy as all get out, and made me feel like I was too. He made me laugh.

The last time I saw him was Conflikt - he made a point of coming all the way out to see me before he headed off to Portland, just so we could spend a couple hours together.

Oh my god, I'm going to miss him so much.
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