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We have various business meetings at work. Some are actually fun and I look forward to them (like my team meeting with my Sterling team). Most are mind numbingly boring, extremely tedious, or both. Quite often, there is really no practical reasons for me to be at them at all, but I am requested and required to be in attendance.

During the vast majority of these meetings, I often give thanks to the programmers who created IM programs. Because I spend half the time IMing with my team members. Comments are sometimes innocuous like, "Hey, do you have doc X," or "Can you help me with project Y," because multitasking during meetings is a given. Boring meetings are where you get the stuff you can never find time to complete done, because no one can bother you when you're IN A MEETING.

More often, though, there are entertaining conversations. Comments like, "OMG, did he really say that out loud?!" or "Wow, so much spin doctoring on this - v. dizzy, must barf now," or, "I swear we need team t-shirts "Hello, my name is Inego Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

My favourite to date was one I got last month from KansasG33k. The BigBoss had just asked BossOfMe for something, which he immediately turned around and passed on to me. Seconds later, KG pinged me with the following message:

"Um, Shaddyr, can you do all the stuff they just asked me to do please,
1. I don't know how
2. I don't want to
That's in my BossOfMe voice."

I cracked up *so hard*. I should mention here, that I am also very grateful to the people who invented the MUTE function on phones. Because whoa. SO MANY TIMES has that saved my bacon.


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