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I keep deciding I am GOING TO POST several times a week. And there will even BE CONTENT, not just declarations that Rodney is sexy! (even though he is...) Somehow, things always keep getting in the way. Bah.

I am currently in Orlando on a business trip. I am in a hotel so far above my pay grade that I literally wibbled when I walked in the door. They do the whole greet you and escort you to check-in and have a bellhop (or whatever is correct to call folks that do that) take your bags up and show you the amenities and the suite.

I felt bad because I had no cash no me and I know you are supposed to give those guys a tip. I told him I would take it down to the front desk later when I hit the ATM.

I went for dinner and just about FELL OVER when I saw the prices. DUDE. HOW DO PEOPLE AFFORD THIS?!? I know the company is paying but I don't care. I just can't do it. I cannot justify paying $46 for a steak or $32 for chicken and that's not even including sides, since you have to order those in addition at $8 - $10 each. I do understand that I am still stuck in a previous decade regarding what I think things SHOULD cost, but I have this knee jerk reaction when I prices like that. It puts my back up and I just think, "I WILL NOT PAY THAT, NO WAY, NO HOW!"

My flight was actually amazing! I told BigBoss a little bit of the horror story that was the trip home from the Nashville business trip, and he sprung for Economy plus seats. He didn't even bat an eye. It was so amazingly wonderful to sit and have room for my legs and not feel like I was loosing circulation because I didn't want to move for fear or annoying the person beside me.

The before-the-flight experience of check-in, bag drop off, security and customs was a nightmare of epic proportions. I have always been paranoid about missing a plan (having done it and almost done it a couple times in my life) so I always get to the airport 2 hours before, sometimes 3 depending on time of day. I prefer to fly in the morning because, in my previous experiences, early morning flights tend to be less crazy.


Not today.

I got to my gate at 11 minutes to take off. I really thought that I was going to miss it. If I am ever in the situation again where I see massive line ups like that and it's 90 minutes or less till take off, I am going to splurge and buy the Fast Track for $19 and skip that huge frickin line. That would have saved me at least 25 minutes. There's nothing to be done for customs except getting a Nexus pass, which I should really do one of these days.

I was thinking I would finish up my Reversebang fic while I was between conference sessions. It is looking like it's going to be INSANELY busy for the conference, but it's done by 4pm on Friday. So, that is now my plan - write write write on Friday night. Then after I come home and SLEEP most of Saturday, hopefully finish it up on Sunday. Or mostly.

Bah. Tired. Must SLEEEEEEP.


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May. 7th, 2014 07:19 am (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with many "Rodney is sexy" posts ;) Those are my favorite, since I think he's sexy too.

At least your flight had plenty of leg room and such! Oh man, those food prices, jesus. Usually $46 covers the entire meal for my family when we eat out. I probably would have eaten comfortably, since the company is paying - why not take advantage? - but yeah, I would have balked too.
May. 7th, 2014 11:41 am (UTC)
Hold on a minute...there are posts out there that don't mention Rodney is sexy?

*holds onto heart*

*deep breath*

BigBoss knows where you're staying so he knows what it costs. Eat without guilt. Think of the money you're saving by not taking cabs around the area just to find a McDonalds. BigBoss should be grateful.

I want to get to my airport early too so I completely understand. (I'm the same with layovers)

Now then, here's some Sexy Rodney, just in case you missed it first time around...

Picspam with comment Porn

May. 7th, 2014 08:35 pm (UTC)
The food prices; I assume that since it's a business trip that's all covered, as jaw-hitting-the-floor-like-a-dropped-anvil inspiring as they may be, it's Someone Else's Dime, nonethless.
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